Strange Love update Friday 29 October 2021

Strange Love 29 October 2021: Purnima’s friends come and praise the decorations Ballu comes she insults him to go and get food fast as her friend have already arrived. S goes to kitchen and comes to know about salty food both panic A tells she will make salad and asks him to go and serve meanwhile. S is also very panicky and both decide to order food. The bill comes to Rs 5000 and A thinks how she will pay.A goes to IS room and an FB of him keeping the money there and Ahilya scolding and warning him saying all servants are here and not to be careless shown. IS just placates her is shown. A takes 5000 and prays to Bappa and finds a woman’s picture in the drawer she takes it on her mobile closes the door and quickly goes.

Purnima is talking and about S telling her friend that she will insults him again saying she will show him his place .Rude Purnima again finds fault with S and when she tries to serve her salad saying if food is bad she will throw him out and asks him to bring food. Mama and Mami pleased that now Purnima will throw Ballu out. They go to Ahilya saying and complaining against Ballu and that they should food from a good hotel and complain against him. TM thinks he told me lies and then she will throw him out if he does not know to cook food.

A is waiting for food anxiously thinking how Purnima will scold S if it does not come on time. All her friends talk about food and say they want different type of food and Purnima says this servant is new . S brings juice and when she asks he says you wanted some juice she herself drops the glass on her sandals and scolds S to immediately clean her new sandals or get out of the house. Her friend smile and S is very angry but gets FB of NA saying all his hard work is wasted and him promising he will set it right. TM comes and scolds Ballu A is listening saying they won’t take any insult on Purnima as she is her and IS pet and food should be good not just salad and where is Ballu with the food .She sends a reluctant A to get him. A sees him cleaning sandals of Purnima and is shocked . Purnima is smiling. A wipes her tears says go TM is calling you I will clean.

but Purnima asks them to go feels pleased with her insult. TM scolds Ballu saying she hates lies and whether he cooked the food properly or not. A says its good she tasted. Just then the order comes and all shocked As TM goes to find out A asks S to ring up the telephone and TM goes to pick it up she asks Sapna to see. As TM speaks it gets cut and A takes the parcels and jumps over the kitchen window loudly telling the person he came to wrong address and disturbed them TM goes.Astha acting and saying we did not order food, and sends the man by taking the food. Astha unpacks the food parcels before anyone sees her. Poornima’s friends ask her about the delay to get food and why did she call them at home if she can’t arrange food. Poornima says I will see and goes to see Ballu. Ahilya tells Ballu that Poornima is her life, if her friends taunt her, she will fire him.

Poornima comes and scolds Shlok for not bringing food and serving salad in starters, and her friends are insulting her, he is useless. Ahilya says you go, he will bring food. Poornima says she will check the food else her insult will happen again.Poornima comes to kitchen and Astha hides. Poornima tastes the dishes and stops seeing a shadow. She goes ahead to see who is there and Ballu comes in between. Poornima says whats your problem, why did you come in kitchen in hurry, do you have manners. He says yes, so I listen to you, if you go, I can serve food in time, else your friends will go without having food and defame you. She leaves. Astha says she made the food ready. He thanks and kisses her. Khuda……………plays………….

Shlok serves the food and says sorry for the delay, I m sure you won’t mind the delay when you have food. Poornima asks him to take the used plates and serve food to everyone, and insults him. Shlok says I have more manners than you. She says just shut up, serve the food and get lost. Shlok keeps clean plates and serves her. Her friends like the food and say we could wait for one more hour for such food, thanks. They give a tip to him, and he refuses to take it, saying this is my work and I get salary for this.Poornima asks is he glad haring the praise, and promises him that she will kick him out one day. He says you can do anything you want, but this can’t happen as you are not a Lord. Astha says she will throw the food parcel boxes else if anyone sees it, they will create a big issue. She misses the food bill in bin. She comes to her room and thanks Bappa Shlok comes to her and says you said I did not thank you well. He kisses and hugs her, saying thanks.

He says but our fate can’t support us always. She says but I will always support you. Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon………..plays……………She shows him a pic of a woman saying I got this pic from Indrajeet’s room, maybe she is his wife, and someone stays in Niranjan’s room, its some mystery they have hiding and there is something in his cupboard. He says I will check it. She says fine, I will go and see, I can make any excuse if I m caught. She keeps pillows and covers it, asking him to keep an eye and call her if Indrajeet comes. They go out to his room.She asks him to stand in living hall and see if anyone comes. She checks the cupboard and its locked. She says where to find its keys and looks around. She says its nowhere and sees the keys. She says I got it and opens the cupboard. She gets a diary and says we can get clues by these things, and takes pics of it. She says power of attorney papers are more important now, and checks some files.

Shlok wishes she gets the POA papers, then they won’t need to stay here. He sees Indrajeet coming and is shocked. He calls Astha and her phone is kept on the bed, and she does not see the call. Indrajeet goes towards his room. She gets the tape recorder and says I will go before anyone comes, I will take this. She locks the cupboard and keeps keys back. She comes out and Shlok breaks a vase to divert Indrajeet. Astha sees him and stops.Indrajeet asks who is there and goes to see. Shlok and Astha hide. Indrajeet goes upstairs again. She thinks she has to show tape recorder to Shlok soon, as it will have something related to Indrajeet.

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