Strange Love update Thursday 28 October 2021

Strange Love 28 October 2021: The Episode starts with everyone talking about kids on the breakfast table. The kids come and join them. Rashmi serves them food. Shantanu gets his anger on the bread. Indrajeet scolds him and asks him to leave if he does not want to have food. Shantanu says I don’t want to have food, you got that caretaker, tell him not to scold us, I have 100 ways to trouble him, come Mishti. Indrajeet shouts and they leave. Ahilya asks him to calm down his anger. Rashmi says I will make them have food by my hands and goes. Astha looks on. Indrajeet says Ahilya is expecting a lot from Balla, lets send him out, there is no change on kids. Poornima says I agree, he is torturing kids and they are becoming more rebellious.

Pradeep tells Indrajeet about Ballu putting paint on kids. Ahilya says no, kids have put paint on him, Ballu is good for kids, he can change them. Indrajeet says I don’t want to take risk for him. Astha comes and greets Indrajeet, asking did he take his morning medicines. Poornima asks how can she question him, she should get medicines and give him. Poornima says Ballu and Sapna are low class. Ahilya says calm down, and don’t worry, first have food. Astha goes and says I wish to seal Poornima’s mouth, once I get power of attorney, I won’t leave her.She sees Shonto giving puja plate to Kavita, and asks him who stays in that room. Before he could say, Ahilya says Shonto and stops him. She sends him and asks Astha to do her work, she did not give her right to question about anything, go and get medicines. Astha says sorry, I did not ask by wrong motives. Kavita does the puja. Astha hears the aarti sound, and thinks who stays there who is different from them. Poornima bumps into Shlok and scolds him. He says as usual, you are always wrong and scolds her. She asks him to apologize.

Shlok refuses and says I m not Sapna to say sorry on your saying, if you want to fire me, fine, I don’t care, but think about Shantanu and Mishti, till you don’t get anyone to replace me, don’t think to fire me. She thinks what does he think of himself and leaves angrily. Jyoti and Sid come to meet Anjali. Niranjan folds hands and apologizes to her. Jyoti says its fine Baba, you are elder, don’t say this, I m glad I got you all. She hugs him. Sojal says she has also understood the meaning of family. Varad comes and is ashamed as his family is in problem because of him, forgive me.

Jyoti says she has no complaints with him, and wishes Riya’s marriage to happen soon. Anjali asks did her relation broke. Jyoti says yes, many problems came one after another and tells them everything. Niranjan says don’t worry, I will come with you to guy’s family and talk to them, I will handle it, talks can make things fine, trust me, I will take this responsibility, I will talk and explain Riya’s to be inlaws, relations are precious and should not be broken.Sid asks about Shlok and Astha. Jyoti says yes, they are not seen here. Anjali says they went for work. Sid says did he get job so soon, great. Niranjan says yes, they go for work together at Indrajeet Sarkar’s place. They are shocked. Indrajeet hears something and gets upset. He sees someone coming and keeps it back in cupboard. He wipes his tears. Astha comes and asks will he have hot coffee of cold coffee. He says cold coffee.

She says fine and goes out, thinking what was he keeping in cupboard in hurry, was it POA papers, no, it wasn’t that, what was he hiding, I have to tell Shlok.Indrajeet thinks past memories does not leave him, but its reason for him to move on. Jyoti asks till when will they work there and why. Niranjan says they are bearing punishment for my deeds. He says once we get POA, they will leave the job, we will know their motives. Varad blames himself and Anjali pacifies him. Sid offers help and Niranjan says its enough you said this. Ahilya calls a hotel to order food.Poornima stops her and says Balla will cook dinner, I will tell him what to make, as he may know every type of food. She says we will know can you cook good food for kids or not.

Ahilya says yes and asks Ballu to cook food. She leaves. Poornima asks him to make everything, if he makes anything bad, he is finished. Shlok says but I…. Poornima asks is there any problem, he knows to cook everything, and asks him to decorate home too, in elite class. She says you don’t say you are kept here for kids, you said you will obey Ahilya as she is elder, now you do all this. She says I m just loving this.
Anjali giving some shagun money to Jyoti. Jyoti says your blessings are enough. Shlok gets the items and thinks to make it, I know Poornima is going this to trouble me. He thinks to check online. Shlok smells haldi and sneezes. The box falls. Astha comes and smiles seeing him. He says he is experimenting, he is seeing online recipes. She says I will help you, you just keep an eye there. They are shocked seeing Ahilya behind them and staring at them. Astha starts scolding Shlok infront of Ahilya and he also argues. Ahilya stops Sapna and asks her to lower her tone.

Ahilya says he does not work for you, and no one talks in high tone in our house. She asks Ballu to start cooking and clean everything, and reminds him to prepare kids for interview. Shlok promises they will pass in interview. She says fine, cook fast and clean this. She leaves. He asks Astha why did she scold so much, he is Ballu, not Lallu. She laughs and says I scolded you so that Ahilya should not doubt on us. He asks don’t you have to go to Indrajeet. She says I will manage, keep an eye on door. Astha makes everything quickly.She takes coffee for Indrajeet. Indrajeet thanks her and asks for financial files. She gives him. He says sit, tell me today’s schedule. She tells the schedule and gets busy in work. She thinks to message Shlok. She messages Shlok to follow instructions and cook. Shlok gets her message and works accordingly. Indrajeet sees the file is different and asks Sapna what is this. She says I m sorry, and goes to get right file. He sees its also nor correct one and asks whats wrong with you. She says sorry Sir, I have head ache, shall I take medicines and come. He says yes, quick. She goes to kitchen to help Shlok .

Astha comes to Shlok and sees him cutting vegs with a big knife making salad. He says I just know this. She says I will do, you sit. She makes the rest of dishes and asks him to learn. He says did you let me see, when should I learn. The kids wait for juice. Shantanu says let Ballu come, we will see him. Mishti says we should trouble him. He says yes, its time for plan B.

Shlok brings juice for them. Shantanu argues wit Shlok and messes the room. Shlok keeps juice glasses.He throws their clothes from cupboard and says I won’t go from here, got it? he asks them to have juice. Shantanu throws the juice glasses. Shlok gets angry and breaks the cupboard mirror.

Shantanu gets scared. Shlok says if you make me angry, you can’t think what else will I break, go and study for 3 hours, you both have interview and have to pass it, else I will show, you have insulted Saraswati by tearing the books, this should not happen again. Indrajeet comes and asks who did this. Shantanu says Ballu did, indrajeet says I love my children and can’t see any scratch on them.Shlok says I m doing my work to bring your kids on right path and make them better human beings. The kids leave with Shlok. Rashmi and Pradeep see kids studying. They talk to kids and make plan to use the kids. Rashmi asks them to treat Ballu as he is treating them. Shantanu asks how. Pradeep says I will say what to do. Shlok makes all dish ready and says he will do decorations, as Poorrnima’s friends will come. Rashmi asks the kids to put salt in all dishes. She stops Pradeep.The kids spoil the dishes. Rashmi and Pradeep leave. Astha comes and sees the kids leaving. She says what were they doing here and sees salt. She tastes all dishes and says kids have done this, what to do now. She adds lemon and worries saying all the food is spoiled.

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