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The Pethewalas are a close-knit family of 10, Snatched therefore mirrors their life as they go through hassles facing drama around every corner while trying to keep the family bond stronger. Snatched started 13th February 2020 and replaced Lady luck on zee world

Snatched zee world full story:

Snatched revolves around the Pethewala family. Bhushan is the second son of the family and he is in love with Shreya. Before he can tell his family, they pretend to have fixed his marriage elsewhere but the girl turns out to be Shreya. The lovers get happily married.

Ajay is the youngest son of the Pethewala family. His best friend Ajju is in love with Sanjana. Ajju gets a job in USA and he and Sanjana decide to marry in the court given Sanjana’s father’s objections. Being just under 21 years of age, Ajju cannot get married. To stop Sanjana’s father from getting her married forcibly to someone else, Ajju requests Ajay to marry her till he returns from the US.

The Pethewalas, Snatch Zee World
The Pethewalas

Ajay marries Sanjana. Unknown to their families is that their marriage is a contract for a few months. The Pethewala family takes time to accept Sanjana. Meanwhile, Shreya, after getting brain washed by her mother, wants to divide the house and gain control over it. Sanjana comes to know of Shreya’s true colours and tries to expose her. But Shreya exposes the truth behind Ajay’s marriage. This creates huge problems in the family and Sanjana is thrown out of the house.


Trilokchand asks Ajay to go for a divorce. But Sanjana’s father, who has already accepted the marriage makes her realise her love for Ajay. Ajay likes Sanjana but hides his feelings as he does not want to hurt Ajju. Sanjana tries to win Ajay’s love. Meanwhile, Dadi comes to know Shreya’s true face. She brings back Sanjana to the house as a negative person. Sanjana tortures the family so the torn apart family will come together to fight against her. She finally succeeds in exposing Shreya who is thrown out by Bhushan.

Shreya tries to commit suicide by jumping off from the cliff. Bhushan saves her but she loses her vision and becomes blind. Shreya regrets her mistakes and asks forgiveness from the family. Everyone forgives her except Bhushan.

At the same time Ajju returns from USA. Ajju comes to know of Sanjana’s love for Ajay. He tries to drag her out of the house but Ajay stops him and confesses his love for her. This creates a huge fight between the friends. Ajju tries to rape Sanjana, when Ajay’s sister Mishri saves her by hitting Ajju on his head with a vase. Ajju dies and Mishri gets scared. Ajay and Sanjana hide Ajju’s body. The cops come by and tell Trilokchand that they’ve discovered Ajju’s body and that the entire Pethewala family are suspects in the murder, but Ajay and Sanjana are the main suspects.

In college, Mishri notices that she is being followed. It is actually Ajju in disguise. Ajju’s sister Shaina, Ajju and even Shreya try and manipulate Mishri into thinking she’s going mad but Ajay and Sanjana protect her. In the meantime, Shreya has faked a pregnancy to stay in the family but Bhushan suspects her and finds out her lies.

Ajay and Mishri catch another man, Anuj, who claims to have fallen in love with Mishri at first sight. Anuj’s family asks for Mishri’s hand in marriage. On the day of the wedding, Sanjana is arrested for Ajju’s murder. Sanjana confesses and the only way Ajay can save her is to get married to Shaina.

Finally bhushan enters and exposes all the villains and made Sanjana and Ajay Married. Shreya, Ajay and shaina are arrested. sanjana requests bhushan to bring back Shreya and Bhushan agrees. shreya gets happy to learn that Sanjana forgives her. The story ends with whole family dancing.

Snatched Zee world Review.

The concept is sweet and show good hearted joint families, where everyone is treated and loved equally. They respect their bahu Shreya as their daughter Avni. Th show brings non partiality towards daughter and daughter in law into light. The actors in the show do justice with their roles. Everyone has their own niche and connect with the audience on their levels. The title score of the show is moderate.

The chemistry between the lead couple Shreya and Bhushan is good and worth watching in the show. Neil Bhatt and Sreejita De are the real stars of the show, who make their scenes rocking by their talented acts. The supporting cast is effective and justifies well, which makes the show look a neighboring home story. The show brings strong relations and how people treat close relations as their blood relations. It highlights the importance of joint families and also the merits. One can watch this simple homely show, if they are fed up by the evil schemes seen in all shows these days. It is a fair entertainment show and Zee Channel gives it a lift. The show is worth watching for those who like to see revenge free family dramas.

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Full Casts Snatched Zee World 

Chandni Bhagwanani as Sanjana

At first she is in love with Ajju but while pretending to be married to Ajay, she finds herself falling in love with him. What this causes for her is a viscous circle between two friends.

Kabeer Kumar as Ajay

Ajay is meant to help his friend preserve his girlfriend because of parental consent. However he falls in love with her along the line and sets off a time bomb.

Neil Bhatt as Bhushan

He is Trilokchand’s son and is most loved by everyone. He wants his mum to love him more than his siblings. He is a romantic guy by heart and has given the Taj Mahal surprise to Shreya after they got married. Bhushan loves Shreya a lot and is supportive= e of her. He has accepted all his cousins as his own siblings. He believes in joint family and helps Shreya to be part of his family and adjust with them.

Sreejita De as Shreya

Shreya gets married to Bhushan and gets a big joint family, which she never thought of before. She is from a nuclear family and only child of her parents. She is most pampered by them and got everything before she wanted. She wants to get attention by everyone and is a gem at heart. She did not get used to share things, being the only child to her parents. She is not comfortable with joint family and her test starts after she stays in Pethawala family. She wants to live independent life and is possessive of her things.

Dimple Jhangiani as Avni
Lavina Tandon as Shaina
  • Madhu Malti Kapoor as Dadi
Madhu Malti Kapoor as Dadi

She is the eldest and the most life experienced member in the family. She is not strict and rude grandma like others. She is humble and a lovely lady. She aims to live happily and let others live happily. She keeps her late husband’s memories alive in everyone’s heart by her presence and good talk. She finds a great friend in Elaichi and does everything with her support. Dadi gives freedom to the young generation and does not pressure her mindset on them, making them enjoy their lives and go with their thoughts.

Tushar Dalvi as Trilokchand

Vineet Raina as Amar

Amar is Bhushan’s cousin. He is the eldest child of the family and is most mature. He tackles every problem with his maturity and skills. He is also fun loving and considers Trilokchand as his idol. He is successful in his profession and has all strong skills of a good businessman. He does not rest till he solves the problem by the root. He is Vinati’s husband and helps her in realizing her mistakes by explaining her in his cute humble way.


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