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Iqbal tells the manager that he won’t spare Haider now. Dua hears that and thinks she won’t let him hurt Haider. Hina calls her and asks if she found Haider or Gazal? Dua tells her everything and how Gazal cursed Haider. Hina says we became Gazal’s sinners again.

Dua says what do you mean? Hina says nothing and ends the call. Dadi comes there and says you can’t destroy your kids’ lives because of a past sin you did, don’t do another sin because of that. Gulnaz hides and hears all that. She thinks I have to find out what Hina did years ago.

Haider comes back to the office, Dadi calls him and says you shouldn’t have gone behind Gazal. Haider says who told you that? Dadi says Dua told me. Haider says it means she was there too. He ends the call and calls Dua. He says why do you keep going against me these days? I am worried about you.

Dua says I know that but I have to rectify your mistake, you took away someone’s bread and butter so I am rectifying that. Dua locks Iqbal in a room, he shouts at her to open the lock and I will not spare Haider. Haider is on the call and says go away from there, he is dangerous. Dua says I won’t spare him, he is trying to harm you so I will get him punished. Her phone dies.

Haider calls Ruhaan and says Dua is at the office where Iqbal is, I am going there with Ravi. Ruhaan calls Gazal and tells her that too.

Haider is in the car with Ravi, he says I am so angry with Dua, why is she putting us all in danger because of that cheap girl.

The manager comes to Dua and asks her to open the door. Dua says this man is a criminal so I will wait for the police, if you try to open it then I will complain about you all too. Iqbal says I won’t spare you once I am come out of here. Dua says you messed with my husband so I won’t spare you. Iqbal says I won’t do anything against your family so just let me go. Dua opens the door and is about to attack her but the police arrive there and arrest him.

Dua says you will be put in the right place now, you are not a man enough for torturing an innocent girl, you will see a woman’s real power now, you kidnapped me, tried to touch me with your filthy hands, beat my brother in law and threatened to kill my husband..

I am their daughter in laww and I don’t need a man to protect my family. Iqbal says I won’t spare you once I am come out of jail. Dua says you will always need to fight me when you try to harm my family. The inspector takes Iqbal away. Haider rushes her and asks Dua if she is okay? I can’t live without you, what if anything had happened with you? Dua hugs him and smiles. Haider says you shouldn’t have confronted him alone.

Dua says he threated to attack you so I had to put him in place. Haider kisses her hands and says you are incredible. He hugs her tightly. The inspector comes there and praises Dua’s guts. Iqbal runs out of the van and tries to attack Dua but Haider stops him. Iqbal grabs Dus’s dupatta and throws it away. The media takes Dua’s pictures. The police take Iqbal away. Haider puts his coat around Dua and takes her from there.

Haider and Dua are leaving the office when Ruhaan and Gazal come there. Haider glares at Gazal and leaves from there with dua.

Haider and Dua are in the car. Dua says I have put Iqbal in place now. She says you saved Gazal’s house unconsciously, you can never be wrong. Haider looks away.

Dua and Haider come back, the family welcomes them with clapping. Rahat says Dua is one brave woman, Ruhaan says she is our hero for the day. Haider is angry recalling the incident. Dadi gifts her some gold ring and says I should give the house keys to you but I shouldn’t be that emotional. Gulnaz is angry hearing that.

She recalls Hina slapping her and says I will take revenge for that soon. Hina tells Dua that you fulfilled my duty so I can’t thank you enough. Haider asks what duty? Dadi gets worried. Rahat says its our duty to help others in need. Gulnaz thinks Rahat knows about their secret. Bano tells Dua that you have given me strength too. Haider starts leaving, Hina says we will eat sweets so stay back. Haider says I have a headache, Dua asks what happened? He says I am okay, I will go and rest. He leaves. Rahat sits with Hina and says I know we can’t forget what happened years ago, its good that Dua saved Gazal and helped us lessen our pain.

Dua comes to her room and sees Haider sleeping, she says I know you are angry with me but I had to help Gazal. Shes lies on the bed with him and says you gave me strength to fight. She gets Gazal’s call, Dua says just sleep, we will talk tomorrow, she ends the call before Gazal can say anything. Dua goes to sleep. Haider wakes up and thinks I have to keep Gazal away from Dua, Dua can’t get in trouble because of her.

Gazal says I am worried about Dua, that Haider must have scolded her. She calls Ruhaan and asks if Haider scolded Dua? Ruhaan says everyone was praising Dua, don’t worry about her. Ruhaan says I can’t sleep after listening to your voice now. Gazal ends the call.

Rahat is sleeping and dreams about some riot, he screams and wakes up. Gulnaz is sleeping so he leaves from there.

Rahat comes to Hina’s room, she asks what happened? Rahat sits in her room, she asks what happened? Rahat says I heard those screams again. Hina says I shouldn’t have brought that day up again, I did a mistake and we are still bearing the pain. Rahat says stop blaming yourself. Hina says Dua keeps meeting Gazal and Haider keeps fighting with her, I don’t want my kids to pay for my deeds. Gulnaz hides outside their room and thinks I have to find out this secret.

In the morning, Bano comes home and tells Dua that you are becoming famous. There is a photo of you in the newspaper. Dua says I will go and see it with Haider.

Haider is in the garden when he hears Gulnaz talking with her neighbors. All are looking at the newspaper, one neighbor says Dua is modern, she got her photo without a dupatta in front of all men. Haider gets angry hearing that. He glares at the neighbors so they all leave. Haider looks at Dua’s photo in the newspaper and is angry.

Dua comes there and says I thought I would show you my photo, I am a star now. Haider is angry, she asks what happened? did someone say anything? Haider says I feel bad. Dua asks why? Haider says I protected my honor for years and now its in newspaper. He says no one ever saw you without a dupatta except me but now everyone is seeing you like this, people are gossiping about your character.

I am in pain that my wife’s photo is printed like this, you have destroyed this family’s honor. Dua says I don’t care what others say about me, look at the photo and see if you don’t see a brave woman? I feel proud of you for making me brave against injustice. I was a poor, uneducated woman but you have made me a brave wife now. Haider looks on.

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