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Haider tells Dua that I thought Gazal wouldn’t enter our lives after yesterday’s incident but you are still thinking about her, do you even care about me or not? Why don’t you call her here and let her stay here, we can shift to a hotel.

Dua says I just requested to give her a job, why did you call her here? Haider says you care for her so much so I called her here, when she comes here only then you will see her real face.

Ruhaan brings Gazal to their house. She gets angry and says why did you bring me here? I don’t want to get insulted by your brother again, I don’t want to see his face. Dua comes there and says I know Haider will never misbehave with a woman. Gazal says I respect you a lot, you have done a lot for me, I don’t know why I am called here but I will come inside for you.

Dadi tells Dua why did you bring Gazal here? You know Haider doesn’t like her. Haider comes there and says I called her here. He glares at Gazal, she says I don’t know what you are up to but I don’t want to get insulted. Dua says its not like that. Gazal says let me speak today, he must be happy after taking away my job, he doesn’t know how I am living in poverty, he showed his power but he will never understand how a girl lives alone, he took away my hope too, what was my mistake? that I came in your life? I just came to thank Dadi that day but Iqbal kidnapped Dua which was not my mistake. I came back to this house after that because Dua wanted to help me but you questioned my upbringing, I might be in trouble but I am not weak, don’t try to insult me again. Haider asks if she is finished? Gazal says you want to insult me again? Dua says you are blaming him without listening to him. Gazal says he doesn’t know how to respect a girl so I don’t want to hear anything. Haider says I want to give a job to you at my store. All are shocked. Dadi whispers to Hina if she works with him then our secret will come out. Haider tells Gazal that you have a fashion designing diploma right? I need a person in my store and Dua wanted you to get hired so I thought to call you here.

Gazal claps and says wow, you took away my job and now offering me this job? You want to become my boss so you can insult me easily? I don’t need your charity. Haider tells Dua that I told you I will show her real face to you. Gazal says you should look in the mirror. Dua says do you know Haider saved your house. They wanted you to sign the property papers when you were signing the job letter but Haider tore those papers. Haider stopped Iqbal from getting your house. Gazal says but his intentions were not saving me.

Dua says enough, I won’t hear another word against Haider. I know he helped you unintentionally but you should thank him for saving your father’s house, you are blinded by your anger and can’t see his goodness, he doesn’t want to fight with you for no reason. His wife got kidnapped so think about his situation also. I know he was angry but think about his fear of losing his wife. I know you are not wrong but my husband is not wrong either.

He did a mistake by taking away your job opportunity and Haider can never be cruel to anyone, Haider can go to any extent to protect his family and he wants to rectify his mistake byt giving you a job. Its your choice if you want to accept it or not. Our family respects you and your father a lot. Gazal says you have done a lot for me. Dua says I am your friend for some days but I am this house’s daughter in law first. We have done everything for you but for this house, I want to end my friendship with you. All look on. Dua says if I have to choose between my family and my friendship with you then I would choose my family.

She hugs her and says I am sorry if you felt bad about my words, I will pray for your happiness. She tells Haider that now you should know nothing is bigger than this house and family for me. Gazal tells Dua that I desperately need a job but I can’t accept this as I can’t let anyone take advantage of my worries and break my self-respect, I pray for your happiness. She leaves from there. Gulnaz thinks this Dua is speaking up too much. Hina thanks God that their friendship has ended.

Dadi tells Hina and Rahat that its good now Gazal will stay away from them. Hina says I wanted to help Gazal but its good. Dadi says we can’t destroy our peace for Gazal’s happiness. Rahat says till when we will hide this secret from Haider? I think we should tell him everything. Hina looks on.

Haider tells Dua I knew we wouldn’t get a better daughter-in-law for this family than you, you would always take a stand for our honor. Dua nods. He says you did everything for Gazal but if she doesn’t need help then we can’t do much. Dua nods. Haider smiles and says I have become your fan, you are so strong. Dua smiles and blushes, she says I have never heard so many compliments from you, I always see compliments in your eyes which are enough for me. Haider smiles and kisses her hands. Dua becomes shy.

Rahat tells Hina and Dadi that we should tell the truth to Haider before he finds out and gets angry. Hina says I am Gazal’s sinner, we shouldn’t bring Haider into this. Dadi says we don’t need to tell Haider about this secret, we just have to be careful of Gulnaz, she can’t find the truth.

Ruhaan tells Gulnaz that Gazal won’t agree to this job, she didn’t even take money when I offered it to her. Gulnaz says she needs this job so make her accept it. Ruhaan says why are you worrying for her so much? Gulnaz says she is a needy person and I don’t want Haider to be cursed because of her. Ruhaan asks since when did she care about Haider so much? Gulnaz says even my own son doubts my intentions, Haider is my son so lets just go and talk to Gazal. He nods.

Gazal finds a letter at her doorstep, she finds a cheque of 10 lacs from Haider. She is confused. Gulnaz arrive at Gazal’s house. Gazal asks what’s her business? Gulnaz says I am a housewife. Gazal says I have never seen you work at that house but you are living a lavish life on Haider’s money, you even gave me charity using Haider’s money. I don’t need your charity. Gulnaz says I am just paying you back, you have done a favor on us and this 10 lacs is nothing for that.

Gazal says what are you talking about? Gulnaz says some secrets should remain secrets but we are indebted to you, why do you think Dua is always ready to help you? Gazal sighs and says I have already seen your real face, you can use anyone for your advantage so you can leave. Gulnaz says how will you live without money? I know you won’t take this cheque but please don’t say no to the job, he is not doing charity, you will work and earn money. Think about it, it will change your conditions. Gulnaz smirks and leaves from there. She tears the cheque and says thank God she didn’t accept the cheque otherwise she would find out that I forged Haider’s signatures.

Scene 2

Haider brings Dua to his shop and tells Ravi that some important people are coming so I thought I would make Dua meet them. Dua is surprised and recalls how Haider would never involve her in his business meetings. Haider tells Dua that I am just trying to rectify my mistakes. Dua says there is no need, I am happy at home only. Haider says not at all, infact you will interview the girls today. We need a female employee at the store so you help me hire a girl. Gazal arrives there and asks if the job offer is still on the table? Haider says weren’t you talking about self-respect? Dua stops him and says if you still want the job then we won’t back down on our promise. She tells Haider that you won’t go back on your words. Haider sighs and says fine. Dua tells Gazal that you can start the job from today.

Gazal is about to hug her but Dua stops her and says I told you I am just doing my duty and not being a friend. Gazal says you are my angel, people should learn how to be a friend from you. Dua says this friendship has come to an end now. Now you don’t need protection from Iqbal and you have a job so my heart and house’s doors are closed for you from now on, hope you don’t mind my words. Gazal smiles and says we meet a lot of people in life but you make strong connections with only some people and my connection with you is from my heart. I am sad that I will lose it because of some people, she glances at Haider.

Dua says we have to lose some things for our duty, I have to sacrifice our friendship for my duty as a daughter in law. Haider smirks and thinks she might have gotten the job using Dua’s friendship but I won’t let her stay here for long. Haider calls Ravi and asks him to show the shop to this girl and make sure she doesn’t mess up as we have worked for years to make our reputation, you should be careful of some people as they try to act oversmart. Dua takes Haider from there.

Dua tells Haider that we are helping a girl in need but we don’t have to find ways to get rid of her. Please promise me that you will give a fair chance to Gazal to prove her capabilities. Haider says okay I promise but I won’t bear any mishaps when it comes to work. Dua says I know that, thank you for giving her a chance. Haider asks Dua if there is any secret that she didn’t share with him? Dua recalls Hina’s words. Gazal is outside the room and says they are talking about a secret too, what if Gulnaz was right?

Haider tells Dua that for the first time, you are doing something which I don’t like it and for this girl? why is it so important to help this girl? what secret are you hiding? Dua says you think I can keep a secret from you? There is one secret which is that I have got the best husband, we trust each other which is enough, I have to leave now. She opens the door and finds Gazal standing there. Gazal mistakenly drops a bos so Dua is about to help her but Haider says its staff work so you can leave Dua. Gazal thinks I need this job and I have to find out if there is any secret which they are hiding.

Scene 1

Hina asks Dua how did Gazal agree for the job? Dua says it’s good, now you don’t have to worry about your debt. She goes from there. Dadi tells Hina that we are in bigger trouble now.

Haider gives a broom to Gazal and says lets see your skills, clean this place nicely. Gazal shows her CV and says I didn’t do these diplomas to mop a place. Haider tears her CV and says you know nothing about fashion designing, these degrees are useless if you can’t respect any work. I have no degrees like these but I have built all this because no work is small for me, I have done everything to be on this position. Ravi comes there and says I will clean it up. Haider says no, this girl talks big about hard work but let’s give her a chance to work hard. Gazal looks on.

Dadi tells Hina that Gazal working with Haider is not good. Rahat says what if the secret comes out? Dadi says Gazal is smart, if she finds out that we are her sinners then she won’t spare us. Hina says I will talk to Dua to find another job for Gazal. They turn to see Gulnaz standing there but she is wearing headphones. Dadi sighs and says thank God she didn’t hear anything, they leave from there. Gulnaz smirks and says I did the right thing by getting Gazal hired at Haider’s store.

Gazal thinks Haider wants to teach me a lesson. She asks Haider to ask his driver to make tea for her. Haider says he is my driver, he doesn’t do all that. She asks Ravi to bring some groceries for her. Haider says he is my manager, he doesn’t do all that. Gazal says all your employees do what they are qualified for but you want me to mop this place? mopping is not below me but I have worked hard to study and reach a place in my life and mopping is not my job profile. Haider says I decide what anyone will do here, I gave you a chance to work but seems like you don’t want to work at all. He says I want your resignation letter now. Gazal says I am not resigning, you want me to leave this job so you can write a termination letter and give it to me. Haider says that’s okay with me. Gazal says you must have a reason to throw me out of the job right? what will you write? that you wanted a girl to mop because of your ego but she denied so you terminated her. And Dua will also know that you think women can succeed only with men’s permission only and you think women are good for mopping only. Please write a detailed letter so I can show your reality to Dua too. Haider gets angry and says you want a letter right? He drags her from there.

Haider brings Gazal to his office and says you have no respect and shame. No one has ever talked to me like that, when you come back tomorrow then come with some respect for your boss. Gazal says don’t talk about respect, I just want that termination letter so I can show your reality to everyone.

Scene 2

Dua tells Hina that I was worried about Gazal so I got her the job. Hina says I don’t like Haider and Gazal working together, we can help her with money till she finds another job. Dua says you know Gazal and she would never take any charity. Hina says I don’t know but Gazal can’t work at Haider’s store anymore. Dua is confused and says you wanted me to help Gazal. Gazal lost her job becuase of Haider and she cursed him, I want to protect Haider and I know Gazal is qualified so I can’t just throw her out of the job. She says I think we should tell the truth to Haider and then he won’t fight with Gazal anymore. Hina says don’t even think about it, if Haider finds out that Rahmani saved his life then he would try to find everything and he might find the real truth. Dua is confused. Hina recalls the riots and people beating up a man. Dua asks which real truth? Hina says nothing, she asks her to think about keeping Haider and Gazal apart. She blesses her and leaves. Dua says there is something she is hiding from me.

Haider asks Gazal to stop crossing her limits. Gazal says crossing a limit is not respecting your employees. Ravi knocks on the door and says our client is coming. Haider tells Gazal that you can apologize and we can end this matter, you can continue this job then. Gazal thinks he still wants to keep me on the job after all this, I am sure there is a secret he is hiding. Gazal says let me ask my slipper but that doesn’t want to apologize to me. She tries to leave but Haider stops her and says you have to apologize if you want to leave from here. Gazal tries to run away but he stops her. She goes to the window. Haider says you want to jump? try it.

Gulnaz comes to Rahat and says I accepted you even when you were already married but that doesn’t mean I can bear anything. Rahat asks what happened? Gulnaz says why did you go to Hina’s room in the middle of the night? Rahat says its not like that, I just wanted to talk to her. We have some secrets that others don’t need to know. Gulnaz says I am your wife and I should know everything. Rahat says its related to Hina so I can’t tell you. Gulnaz shouts that this is insulting for me, I can’t bear this Rahat so I will leave for Lucknow with Ruhaan and Noor. She tries to leave but he stops her and says you have taken my name for the first time, that secret killed my first marriage and will destroy my 2nd marriage. You want to know the truth so listen.

Gazal tries to jump from the window. She tries to unlock is and is about to fall down but Haider catches her. They fall in each other’s arms.

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