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Gazal says to herself that she will make Ruhaan kill Dua and go to jail, then she will live happily with Haider. She hears someone coming there and is angry seeing the donkey there, she says this donkey just doesn’t leave me. She calls someone and says we need to keep things under control, she leaves. Hamida hides and hears all that. She says I need to tell this to Dua.

Dua is hugging Haider tightly and cries, she says what if something happens to you? Haider smiles and says nothing will happen to me till you are with me. Dua says I won’t let anything happen to you. Haider says don’t be scared, I am just happy to see you care for me. He wipes her tears and asks if there is any trouble? she shakes her head. Haider kisses her forehead and is about to kiss her but she asks him to leave her, you keep taking advantage. Haider says I just want to talk. He runs behind her but she runs away from him and leaves. Haider laughs.

Gulnaz is cleaning Ruhaan’s room and says don’t know what Dua was doing here. Ruhaan comes there and is shocked to see her cleaning his cupboard. He thinks she can’t see the gun. He asks why are you touching my things? Gulnaz says Dua was cleaning your room but didn’t clean it. Ruhaan stops her and says Dua asked me to sign some papers, I thought they were insurance papers but then I saw they were property papers. Gulnaz gets worried and asks if he signed it? Ruhaan says no, Dua already got the share in the business and now she is eyeing the house, I don’t know what she is upto but I don’t to beg her to let my family stay in the house. I trusted her a lot but I can’t anymore, I just know you won’t let any injustice happen with me. Gulnaz nods and leaves from there.

Ruhaan says I had to lie to her because she needs to come out of Dua’s trap. he takes his gun and says Haider won’t be alive next time. Gazal comes there and asks him to hide the gun, she says you shouldn’t have shot at Haider, she shows him the vase and says Dua found this and blamed me for trying to kill Haider. He is shocked. Gazal says she took it to Hina but I denied it, you would have gone to jail if she finds the truth. Ruhaan says I don’t care but Haider has to die, I will kill him at any cost. Gazal says that will be injustice, the real enemy is Dua, Haider was not a bad man but it was Dua who made him do all this. If Dua is removed from the path then Haider would happily let us live together, we need to remove Dua from our path, she cries and says Dua has destroyed my life, she leaves from there and smirks. She thinks I just want him to kill Dua and go to jail.

Scene 2

Dua comes to Gazal and slaps her hard, she asks if she is going crazy? Dua says yes and you should stop this drama before you get killed. Gazal asks what did she do? Dua says yes you didn’t shoot Haider but it was you who gave the gun to Ruhaan and made him shoot at Haider. You are playing with my Haider’s life. Gazal says he is my life, I hate this house and this family except Haider, he is my love, life and craziness. Dua says you are a liar as you keep using Ruhaan. Gazal says because this is a war for me and Ruhaan is just a collatoral damage as he is a crazy psycho lover so if he dies for me then I don’t care. Dua tries to slap her again but Gazal stops her and tells her to stop it. Dua says you broke your back but still showing ego. Gazal says you threatened to throw me out in 15 days but it will end tomorrow and its you who will leave the house. I promise to make you cry blood tears and take Haider away from you. I am suggesting you to start looking at the time as she is giving her 24 hours, her life is going to change and soon she will lose everything to Gazal. She leaves from there. Dua is angry and thinks she is upto a big plan, I have to stop her.

Scene 1

Dua recalls Gazal challenging her and thinks she is upto something, she has to stop her. Haider comes there and asks where is she lost? Dua says I am sorry, I didn’t see you coming. He asks what happened? Dua says Gazal.. she recalls him not trusting her before and marrying Gazal. She thinks he won’t trust me. Dua says its nothing, she tries to leave but he stops her and asks what did Gazal say to you? Dua says leave it. Haider says I can’t see you worried, you can tell me anything you want. Dua thinks I wish I could take his help. She says Ruhaan.. She sees Gulnaz coming there and moves away. Gulnaz asks why does she look stressed? Dua says nothing and leaves. Haider says I don’t understand her. Gulnaz laughs and says men can never understand women. Haider laughs and goes from there.

Gazal is eating food when the donkey comes there, she asks him to leave her alone. She says Dua cooks so well, I can’t deny that. She gets a call and says we don’t have much time, I will get the signature from Haider, nobody should find out that I talk to you. She ends the call and says tomorrow will be the end of Dua. She goes to sleep but Hamida is hiding under her bed and heard everything. Hamida silently leaves the room.

Scene 2

Hamida comes to Dua and says I heard Gazal saying she would take Haider’s signature on the property papers. Dua says I need to take care of something, she leaves. Hamida’s feet are hurting so she calls out to Hafeez but Kaynaat comes there and says I will bring salt water for you, Hamida says I don’t want it from you but Kaynaat goes to bring it. She brings it but Hamida throws it away and asks her to get lost, you must be plotting with Hina too. Kaynaat says I am just trying to help. Hamida asks her to get lost. Hafeez comes there and says please don’t talk to her like this. Hamida says she and her mother deserve this only. Kaynaat cries and leaves. Hafeez says Kaynaat is not bad. Hamida says you are going against your mother because of her? what is going on between you both? I left you here to take care of Dua, stop trying to fall in love in this house.

Dua comes to Ruhaan’s room and searches for the gun but can’t find it in the cupboard, she recalls Gulnaz coming there before and says where did the gun go? She hears the click and turns to see Ruhaan standing there with the gun. He says you were looking for this right? Dua says what is this? he points the gun at her. He says you are my biggest enemy that I want to end. Dua says what are you doing? Ruhaan grabs her and says I will not spare you. She tries to run but he grabs her and says I will take my revenge by killing you. He is about to shoot her and says you should repent for your crimes, why did you hurt me and make Gazal touch your feet? she is my love. You even took over the business, what else do you want? Dua says this is all Gazal’s plot. Ruhaan laughs and says don’t take her name, you have to pay for your crimes along with your husband. He is about to shoot her, Dua screams for Haider. He turns to see if Haider is here.

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