Bitter sweet love update Thursday 11 July 2024

The Episode starts with Mrunal saying Kunal and Vandu have decided to marry. Sonia is shocked. Mrunal says Kunal and Vandu will get married, and Tara will stay with her dad forever, Vandu will become her mumma, she will become Kunal’s wife, Tara is just an excuse, Kunal and Vandu love each other. She smiles and thinks I have played the game. She asks Sonia to do her work, bail out Vaibhav.

Sonia asks how much do you hate Vandu, tell me Mrunal. Mrunal says more hatred than love, everyone used to compare me with Vandu since childhood, like Vandu can never be wrong, its my victory to defeat her. Sonia smiles and says then you have to do my work, see I will make her cry, I have a plan. Mrunal asks what plan, I will do anything to defeat her. Sonia and Mrunal shake hands.

Pammi shouts and argues with the family. Tara gets an idea and drops a fake lizard at Pammi. Pammi screams. Tara laughs. Everyone controls laughter. Pammi runs after Tara. Tara says don’t say wrong about Vandu. She runs. Pammi gets tired and sits. Tara says I will throw real lizard if you say anything against her. Pammi says get lost, Kuldeep will come and insult Vandu, then I will laugh. She laughs and says it will be fun.

Sonia meets Vandu. She scolds her for snatching Kunal and Tara. She says he loves me, he will never forget me, he won’t love you ever, refuse for this marriage else… Vandu twists Sonia’s hand. Vandu asks else what, do you have courage to say. She scolds back Sonia. She says this is my life, I will decide what to do, I have decided to marry Kunal, now you see what you want to.

She leaves her hand and asks her to apply coconut oil to her hand, else her pain and bruise won’t go. She goes. Sonia says I will give you such a wound whose pain and bruise won’t go. Its morning, Bobby sees something on mobile and is shocked. He drops the phone down. Vedika asks what happened. Guneet laughs and asks what’s this. Vedika and Guneet are also shocked seeing the morphed pics of Vandu. He asks how did this happen. Bobby says its fake pics, its easy to do morphing. Vedika says yes, she isn’t Vandu. Bobby says someone did a cheap thing. Pammi comes and asks how did this happen, what did I see. Vedika says its fake.

Pammi says Vandu did such sincerity drama, she can’t become our bahu. They all get calls. Pammi says everyone knows that Kunal is going to marry her. Vedika says you know Vandu can’t do this. Bobby says we won’t tell anyone about it, we got insulted. Vedika thinks don’t know what is happening in Vandu’s house. Mrunal calls everyone and says it’s a breaking news. She asks them to see the pics. Everyone is shocked. Mrunal says its Vandu’s truth, everyone is seeing the pics and giving her bad names.

She insults Vandu. Vijay says I can’t believe this, shut up, don’t dare to say a word against her, Vandu is getting defamed, the truth will come out. Mrunal recalls Sonia and her plan to defame Vandu. She smiles. Vijay says don’t know what will Vandu do when she knows this. Vandu goes to buy apples. The people see her and taunt her.

Nirmala Kaki scolds Vandu. Vandu asks what happened, tell me. Nirmala asks how did you get so shameless. Vandu asks but what did I do. She sees the people staring at her. The people show her the mobile. They scold her for the bad pics. Vandu cries. Mrunal and Sonia look on.

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