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Ruhaan is about to shoot Dua but she screams for Haider and tries to run away but he grabs her, Dua grabs his gun and tries to stop him, he says I will kill you today. Dua throws away the gun.

Gulnaz comes to Dadi and says I am hearing noises from Ruhaan’s room. They both go to check. Haider hears it too and goes to check.

Dua takes the gun and runs away from Ruhaan’s room, he sees Gulnaz and Dadi coming there. All family members come there, Gazal thinks Ruhaan has started the plan to kill Dua. dadi asks what happened? Dua comes there too. Ruhaan says there was a thief here, Dadi says we should call the police. Haider asks if he is okay? we will call the police, Gulnaz hugs him and asks if he is okay? did he have a gun? he says no, don’t worry it was just a small robbery so let me be. Hina says Ruhaan will sleep in my room. Gulnaz says I will stay with him, Hina says okay and leaves with the family. Ruhaan is worried that Dua will expose him.

Dua looks at the gun and recalls Ruhaan trying to kill her, she cries and says how can he try to kill me? he has gone crazy because of Gazal. I have to hide this gun, she goes to the garden and buries the gun in the mud. Haider comes there and asks what is she doing here? what was she buring here? Dua says I was just cleaning the garden. She covers the dig while Haider helps her. He says you still care for the family, you keep putting me in debt with your care. He cleans her hands and says I feel something is wrong, there was a thief in Ruhaan’s room, did you see him? what if he had hurt you? I can’t let anyone hurt you, he hugs her and says you are my life. He takes Dua from there.

Ruhaan tells Gulnaz that Dua was looking something in my room, she shouldn’t find something, I think she is upto something, she wants this house in her name too. I don’t feel good about it. Gulnaz says don’t worry, I will talk to Dua, she leaves. Ruhaan says I won’t spare Dua. Dua comes there and says I am here to face you. He tries to go to her but Dua says if you try to kill me then I will call the family here, what if I tell them that you tried to kill me. Ruhaan says I am not scared of you. Dua says you should be otherwise I can expose you.

You are still my brother, stop being blinded by Gazal otherwise.. Ruhaan says I will kill you and your husband. Dua shouts to not even dare to try to harm Haider. Ruhaan says I am not scared of your threats, he pushes her away and she falls down. Dua says you are being so selfish, stop being blinded by Gazal. Ruhaan says stop playing with my emotions, he throws her out of the room and Dua leaves. Ruhaan sees mud on his shirt and says where did it come from? He sees mud on the floor and recalls how Dua came to his room.

Dua cries and recalls Ruhaan threatening to kill her. Gazal comes there and smirks, she says I feel sad for your condition, are you happy to see the reality? you won’t be saved for long, I will snatch everything from you. She turns to see Hamida coming there and she tells her to stay in her limits. Hamida sees Dua crying and glares at Gazal, she says Dua has her mother with her to protect her. Gazal says no one can save Dua from me, I will snatch haider from her and you won’t be able to do anything.

Gazal tells Hamida that she will snatch Haider from Dua. Hamida says I am going to marry you to that donkey soon, the girls like you just deserve donkeys. She calls the donkey there and asks him to take Gazal away from there. Gazal says stop all this, you have left this donkey behind me, she leaves from there. The donkey goes behind her. Hamida asks Dua why isn’t she answering Gazal back? you will lose your family. Dua says she already took away my family. Hamida says she took the house from you? Dua says no.. she has taken my brother Ruhaan from me, he is threatening to kill Haider. She tells her everything. Hamida is shocked and says this has crossed all limits, you have to go to the police against Ruhaan. Dua says I can’t do that, if I do that then the relationships will

end for life. He is not my enemy, he is my brother and I can’t send him to jail. Haider will be hurt for life. Hamida says if you can’t send him to jail then how will you save Haider and this house? Dua says Gazal is behind all this, we have to send her away from this house. We have to do something to throw her out of the house. Before she does something, I have to play my game and throw her out before 24 hours.

Gazal is angry at the donkey. Hina comes there and says he loves you so much. Gazal says I am tired of that animal. Hina asks if her work is done? Gazal says I have plotted in such a way that Dua will be thrown out of the house. Hina says I just doubt that your plan will work. Gazal shouts at her to shut up. Hina shouts back. Gazal calms down and hugs her, she says I am sorry but trust me that Dua will be thrown out of the house tomorrow.

Scene 2

Dua offers prayers and tells God that I am scared of Gazal, she threatened to take everything from me but please give me strength to save my husband, this house and my brother from her. She comes out of her room and finds Haider sleeping there. She cries recalling Ruhaan’s threats. She thinks I can’t let anything happen with him. She hugs him and goes to sleep. Haider wakes up and smiles, he thinks she is my everything. He sees tears on her face and thinks I am responsible for this. Haider screams and Dua wakes up. She asks what happened? Haider says I got blinded by your beauty, I don’t even care if I die today. Dua gets angry and says stop talking about death. Haider says where is your sense of humor?

Dua says don’t talk about death again, she hugs him and cries. Haider asks if someone said anything to her? Dua thinks I can’t tell him about Ruhaan, She weeps but he tries to calm her down. She says don’t talk about death again. Haider says nothing will happen to me till you are with me. He kisses her hand and says even death can separate us. Dua says we already got separated because of another woman and that is Gazal but I won’t let her separate forever, I don’t want us to separate. Haider says we will never separate, plesae come back to me and end this fight. Dua says don’t you recognize me? its the same Dua who loved you very much, I am back to you and I want my husband back tonight. Haider smiles at her. Dua holds his hand and caresses his face. They both lie down in each other’s arms. Haider thinks she is hiding something. Dua thinks I feel something wrong is going to happen, like we will be separated. Haider goes to sleep, Dua kisses him lightly and goes to sleep.

Dua brings food to the family, she serves Haider while all look on. Gazal comes there and starts crying in pain, she tells Hina that I have severe back pain. Hina says you should take steam, she makes her sit down. Hamida says she is getting punished by the donkey, he comes there behind Gazal. Hina glares at her. Hamida says that donkey is in love with her but she doesn’t give him attention so he must have kicked her. Not everyone is like Ruhaan that would blindly follow his love. Gazal says don’t cross your limits. Hina asks her to calm down and says I have called a physiotherapist for you today. Dua looks on and goes to the kitchen. She makes raita but Ruhaan comes there and grabs her. She says what are you doing? he asks where is my gun? Dua asks him to shut up and pushes him away, she says I won’t let you hurt Haider. Ruhaan says you think you can save your husband? I will kill him. Dua says you have already killed my heart many times by your words but I won’t let you hurt Haider. Ruhaan says what will you do then? Dua throws chilies in his eyes and he whimpers in pain, Dua says you can’t even scream. Ruhaan thinks to kill her and her husband soon. Dua goes back to the lounge and sadly looks at Haider. Ruhaan glares at him and thinks he will die soon.

Hina calls physiotherapist to the house and her name is Malika. Gazal tells her that we have to take care of Dua soon. She says don’t worry, I am prepared. Hamida comes there and asks what preparation? Hina says she is here to treat Gazal, why are you guarding here? Hamida says I am here for my treatment. Hafeez tells Malika that Hamida has knee pain so can you check what’s wrong? Hamida says please check. Malika gets scared and says I.. Hamida says come and treat me, Malika looks Gazal. Hamida tries dragging her, her bag falls down and Hamida is shocked to see papers inside. Hamida says let me check these but Hina stops her and says stop being shameless, she is a doctor so stop irritating her. You can go to a hospital for your treatment, she takes Malika from there. Hamida recalls Gazal calling someone to prepare the property papers. Hafeez says something is wrong. Hamida says everything is wrong here.

Hamida tells Dua and Dadi that doctor is fake, I am sure Gazal brought her here to get the house. I know they are plotting something, she asks Dadi to think something otherwise they will lose the house soon. She asks Gulnaz why are you silent? Dua says Gazal has totally trapped Hina, she doesn’t even know what she is doing, we have to do something and stop Gazal.

Haider is driving and recalls Dua being worried and crying for him. He says I don’t know what’s bothering Dua. He gets Hina’s call, she cries and says please come back home. She ends the call and Haider gets worried. Gazal praises Hina’s acting. Hina says I just hope your friend acts well too. Gazal says just see how we get this house in my name. Malika says we just need to get Haider’s sign on these papers and then Gazal will have the house. She makes Hina sign the papers. Haider comes there and asks what’s going on?

Dua tells the family that Gazal wants to snatch the house but why did she call the doctor here? Hafeez says Haider came back home and he was worried about Hina. Dua says why was he worried? I think Gazal is using Hina to play some game.

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