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Hamida is about to slap Hina but Dua stops her and says stop it. Hamida shouts Hina has been poisoned in her mind by Gazal. Hina says she is crazy. Gazal says Hamida is crossing a line. Dua asks her to shut up. Hina says God will punish them. Hamida argues with her. Haider shouts stop all this. You all are arguing but I want to know what’s the matter.

Dua says I will tell you. She snatches the bag from Malika. Hina says there is nothing inside. Dua opens the bag and finds papers, she is confused. Dua asks why does she have a law book and a lawyer’s coat? What are these papers? Gazal tries to take them but Dua says let us all read if these are hospital papers. Dua checks the papers and Gazal thinks Haider won’t spare her this time. She tries to snatch papers from Dua but Dua slaps

her hard. She says I knew you are a criminal and have crossed all limits. Hina says how dare you raise hand on my daughter in law? She is about to slap her but dadi holds her hand and pushes her away, she slaps Hina hard while all are shocked. Haider says what are you double? Dadi shouts at them to shut up and says Hina should be ashamed for selling herself. Hina says I can’t believe she raised hand on me. Haider says that’s wrong. Dua says Dadi did the right thing as Hina has crossed all limits today. Haider asks what limit? What is going on? Dua says they lied to you and made you sign the property papers. She gives the papers to him, he checks them and recalls Hina lying to him and making him sign the papers.

He looks at the property papers and gets dizzy. Dua cries seeing his condition. Dua tells Hina that her son is broken because of Gazal, can’t you see this girl has broken our family completely. Hina says this is all a lie, Dua is trapping me. Dua says then how did Malika get the property papers? Maybe we should ask her only. She drags Malika and asks her to start speaking otherwise I will call the police. Malika gets scared and stops her. She says I will tell you the truth, I am a lawyer and my name is Neeta, Gazal called me here to get the property papers from Haider without him knowing and how Hina helped them.

Haider is hurt hearing all that. He tells Hina that she can keep the papers if that’s what she wants, you could have just asked me and I would have done it but you have cheated me. Hina says no my love but he stops her. He says you lied to me and I took you as my God, I did everything for you but what did you do in return? Gazal says this is not the truth. Haider says dont you dare say a word, you are such a cheap and cheat woman. Gazal says what about Dua then? Haider says shut up otherwise.. she says why? Dua got the business in her name but if I take the house then I am characterless? What about my rights? If Dua has business then this house should be in my name. In fact its already in my name, you have already signed the papers which says that I own this house now. Haider glares at her.

Scene 1

Gazal tells Haider that she has a right on this house and she is the owner of the house now. Haider shows her the papers but then tears them on her face. He says these papers mean nothing. This house is of all family members. Gazal says I have a right on this house. Dua asks which right? We gave you shelter but you think its your house. It will never be your house. She says I will end this now. She asks Haider to give the house in her name only. Right now and then this Gazal will be thrown out of the house. She asks Haider to make her the owner so she can protect them from Gazal. Hina says wow, she made Gazal a winner but she wants to snatch our house, she and her mother are just greedy for wealth, these are just shameless. Hamida asks her to stay in her limits, we are not greedy as God has given us a lot.

You and your cheap daughter in law are shameless to steal from your own house. I will not let you succeed. This house will be given to Dua today. Gulnaz says not at all, I won’t let Dua become the owner of this house. Dua says what? She says I am with Hina in this matter, if Dua gets this house then what about my kids? Where will they go? Dadi says Dua is our own. Gulnaz says Dua just want to get everything in her name. I can’t trust her and she wants us all to beg her for money. Dadi asks Malika to get lost.

Ruhaan tells Gulnaz that I am happy to see that you can see Dua’s greed, this woman is just a thief. Haider says talk with respect. Ruhaan says she has no respect in my eyes. Hafeez charges at him and shouts to not say a word against Dua. They start hitting each other. Haider pushes them apart and asks them to stop it. Hina says take this cheap goon away from us. Hamida says Ruhaan deserves the punches for being a majnu. Gulnaz says dont you dare say a word against my son. Dadi says you are going crazy. Gulnaz cries and says I cant let Dua snatch my kids’ rights. Noor says Dua is not being fair. Kaynaat says she is a fool. All family members are fighting. Dua and Haider sadly look at each other. Haider tries to stop them. Gazal tells Dua that I broke your family and you couldn’t even do anything.

You challenged to throw me out of the house but soon I will make this house my heaven with Haider. Dua thinks she can’t let Gazal win. She shouts at the family to stop fighting and says you want to know what right I have to take this house right? He has to pay for his infidelity, I loved him dearly but I want a prize for being loyal to him. I took care of his family, I took care of them but what did I get in return? I just asked for love but my husband brought another wife. I lost everything so I want this house to protect my future. Gulnaz says then what about my kids? Please don’t do this. Dua says I will talk to you later but this house will be in my name. She asks Haider if he will give her the house? Haider looks on.

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