Simply Maria Tlnovela Full story, casts


Simply Maria full story Tlnovela.

María is a beautiful, strong, and resolute woman who lives in a small town in Mexico. She has a simple life without any luxuries and she doesn’t need any. She enjoys being around her family.

Don Juan attends a party in the town, determined to make some money with his gamecock. He places a bet on it, but he loses before Isauro. He gets a debt that he can’t afford to pay, but Isauro takes advantage on the situation and offers him to call off his debt in exchange for his older daughter, María… and Don Juan takes his offer.

When she learns that she must move in with a man she doesn’t want to live with, María decides to leave her life behind and escape to the capital city. All she has there is her friend Pina, who helps her get a job as maid.

María works very hard, thus, when her birthday comes, Pina practically yanks her out to get distracted and celebrate her arrival to adulthood in Xochimilco. Alejandro meets her there; he gets mesmerized by her beauty and starts courting her.

Pina acknowledges her friend is falling in love with Alejandro and she introduces her to a young man whom she considers to be a better catch for her: Professor Cristóbal. He is a good-hearted man who teaches her how to read and write and, over time, he grows fond of her.

Meanwhile, Alejandro uses of promises that he is not planning to keep to take advantage of María’s innocence. She never had a boyfriend before, so she surrenders to him. She hopes to marry him when she learns she is pregnant, but Alejandro refuses to do so, arguing that he must finish his studies. Angry, María decides to raise her child on her own.

When her baby is born, María is jobless and homeless as well, but she finds a home in Doña Felicitas’ tenement; she is Cristóbal’s mother. There, she starts studying tailoring and dressmaking, a trade that will build her future.

María also comes across with Vanessa’s hostility. She is Alejandro’s sister, who will do anything in her power to prevent them from being together.
María and Alejandro share a son and a love they can’t leave behind, but he always prefers to please his father. Cristóbal reproaches Alejandro for fooling María…but he doesn’t dare to confess his own love for her.

Despite all hardships, María is not a submissive woman, she is ready to face all the obstacles in her life and, even though it won’t be so easy, she will find the way to overcome them, get ahead with her son, and be happy. She is a strong girl with a pure heart, she is a role model woman, she is Simply María.

A date hasn’t provided as mentioned earlier in the month. The likelihood is that the series will be available around the same period as Keeping My Family Together and Overcoming Fear.

Simply Maria Tlnovela Full casts

  • Claudia Álvarez is María Flores
    She is a humble and beautiful young woman. She loves her hometown and her family, but she moves to the city escaping from Isauro. She is very talented and a fast learner; she is very good at tailoring. Alejandro is the first man in her life, which is why she falls for him and never stops loving him. She is simple and good-hearted. She really cares for Cristobal, but she only sees him as a friend. Her son Juan Pablo is her biggest motivation to keep on going.
  • José Ron is Alejandro Rivapalacio
    Ever since he was born, he has had everything he wants and that has made him a capricious man. He is passionate about horses, but he lacks the courage to challenge his father and he prefers to study medicine in order to please him and one day inherit his family’s fortune. Despite falling in love with María, he denies it and disowns his son. After a while he marries Diana. He hates Cristóbal because he is always with María.
  • Ferdinando Valencia is Cristóbal Cervantes
    Destiny compels him to grow fast. At his father’s death, he had to become the man of the house and support his mother and his two siblings. He has a big heart; he is honest, generous, and good-looking. He is a model teacher who is always trying to help everyone. When he meets María, he is seduced by her virtues and supports her unconditionally, but he is aware that she loves Alejandro instead and resigns himself to just being near her. He accepts marrying Ilse when he accepts María doesn’t love him.
  • Michelle Ramaglia as Crispina Jaramillo de Calleja “Pina”
  • Francisco Rubio as Marco Arenti Serrano
  • Carmen Becerra as Karina Pineda Hurtado 
  • Claudia Troyo as Estela Lozano
  • Beatriz Moreno as Hortensia Miranda
  • Carlos Bonavides as Inocencio Buenrostro Falcón
  • Norma Herrera as Carmina
  • Héctor Sáez as Zacarias Sánchez Mena
  • Miguel Martínez as Fabián Garza Treviño 
  • Daniela Basso as Yolanda Bustos de Garza
  • Erik Díaz as Fausto Garza Treviño
  • Mónica Sánchez Navarro as Georgina Landa Mendizábal de Rivapalacio 
  • Silvia Manríquez as Marcela Arriaga
  • Fernando Robles as Don Juan Flores
  • Ricardo Barona as Luis
  • Óscar Ferreti as Profesor Jiménez
  • Josué Arévalo as Isauro Correa
  • Benjamín Islas as Director
  • Humberto Elizondo as Adolfo Rivapalacio Balaguer
  • Ricardo Franco as Laureano Calleija
  • Cinthia Aparicio as Coral Moreno Sánchez
  • Roberto Romano as Gustavo “Tavo” Cervantes Núñez
  • Jessica Diaz as Nayeli Cervantes Núñez
  • Norma Lazareno as Olivia Aparicio Vda. de Bazaine
  • Tania Lizardo as Magdalena Flores Ríos
  • Vanessa Terkes as Sonia Aspíllaga 
  • Claudia Ortega as Belén Sánchez
  • Jonnathan Kuri as Conrado Ricalde
  • Carlos Athié as Ulises Mérida
  • Lore Graniewicz as Claudia Lascuráin
  • Estefanía Romero as Dolores Serna
  • Eduardo Shacklett as Eugenio Galindo
  • Hugo Aceves as Tomás Flores Ríos
  • Juan Pablo Rocha as Raúl
  • Rebeca Gucón as Paloma Montesinos
  • Pietro Vannucci as Dr. Horacio De La Fuente
  • Marychuy Aramburo as Zoé Garza Bustos
  • Julio Vallado as Iván Sarabia
  • Javier Ruán as Heriberto Rojas
  • Arsenio Campos as Eugenio Ceniceros
  • Eva Cedeño as Bertha de Mérida



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