Sacred Relationship Update Wednesday 7 July 2021

Sacred Relationship 7 July 2021:  The Episode starts with Mishti and Abir arguing about Kuhu. She asks him not to blame her and expect wrong thing from her. She says the fight will end when Kuhu apologizes to me, that’s final. He says fine and leaves. Kunal and Kuhu argue. She makes him out of the room. Abir says they can fight a lot. Kunal says I can’t take it more. Abir says even I can’t. Its morning, Mishti looks for Abir. She gets his message, Kunal is stressed due to your and Kuhu’s fight, I m helping him. Kuhu reads… Mishti isn’t ready to call publishing house. Mishti reads… we can’t stay in the house in tension. Kuhu reads…. so we are leaving the house.

Sacred Relationship 6 July 2021

Meenakshi asks where is Kunal, we have an imp video call with client. Kuhu worries.Mishti says actually, they went together. Kuhu says they might have forgot. Meenakshi asks why did Abir go. Mishti says they went to NGO. Kuhu says Abir said he also has a video call with clients. Meenakshi says Nidhi and I are going to temple, you also come along, you will get peace. They leave. Kuhu says Kunal messaged. Mishti says congrats. Kuhu says Kunal and Abir aren’t at home. Mishti says you help yourself, you wanted the spotlight. Kuhu says fine.Meenakshi, Nidhi, Mishti and Kuhu see Abir and Kunal with Rajshri, shopping vegetables. Rajshri says let me pay. Abir says payment is done. The man blesses that every mum gets such sons. Rajshri says they are my sons-in-law, but better than sons. Nidhi asks did they become Ghar jamai. Meenakshi gets angry and says you both lied to me. Kuhu says I didn’t know, Mishti lied. Mishti says lying is your fav passtime. Meenakshi says enough, you are fighting even here.

She sends Nidhi. She asks Kuhu and Mishti to sit in the car fast. She says I have to find out what are my sons doing.Abir drives the car. Rajshri asks how did you miss me today. Kunal says if mum asked Mishti and Kuhu to visit market, would they refuse. Rajshri says yes, but when did I ask you. Meenakshi drives her car and scolds Kuhu. She asks Mishti who is she calling. Mishti says we had no idea. Rajshri says you both came without your wives. Abir and Kunal do a drama. Rajshri says I know you both are naughty, tell me the matter. She gets a call.Varsha asks Vishwamber to hold the aarti plate and runs to kitchen.

Vishwamber opens the door and sees Abir and Kunal. Abir says we didn’t know you will welcome us this way, we like it. Vishwamber asks Varsha to keep rice down. Abir asks him to do their aarti. Kunal says everyone thinks I m boring, I will change my image. Vishwamber does their aarti. Abir and Kunal hit the rice bowl and come in. Vishwamber welcomes them. Varsha asks are they joking. Rajshri says don’t know. Vishwamber asks Abir and Kunal to answer him, what are they hiding. Meenakshi reaches there. Mishti says I will ask why is this happening. Meenakshi says its happening because of you and Kuhu.Mishti says Abir messaged, he said he is with Kunal. Kuhu says yes, Kunal messaged the same. Meenakshi says tell the truth, there is still time. She gets a message. She says someone has seen Abir and Kunal with Rajshri, they are asking me if they have become ghar jamais. They get down the car. Mishti says Abir isn’t answering. Kuhu says even Kunal isn’t answering. Abir and Kunal do the work.

Varsha asks them to sit. Jasmeet says I will call Kuhu. Flour falls on Kunal. Abir jokes. Rajshri says we will clean it. Jasmeet says sorry. Abir says its okay. Meenakshi, Mishti and Kuhu come in. Abir and Kunal say we are sorry. Rajshri gets angry. Meenakshi looks on and shouts Abir. Rajshri greets her. Meenakshi says I didn’t know that both my sons will do kitchen work in their Sasural, else I would have not educated them, I don’t know why you were scolding them, I m sorry. Rajshri says no.Vishwamber says we got Kuhu and Mishti educated too, but we taught them to manage home, like Varsha, Rajshri and you, daughters are such, they manage everything. Meenakshi cleans Kunal’s face. He says not all daughters are the same, when such daughters become bahus, they become a reason to break the house. He says you are mistaken, Rajshri was scolding Jasmeet, not Abir and Kunal. Meenakshi says oh really, tell me, why were my sons roaming like coolie in market. Kunal says we wanted to help. Mishti and Kuhu ask what are you two doing here.

Kunal says we don’t need permission to visit in-laws. Abir says we were troubled by your fights. Kunal says that’s why we came here. Mishti says you couldn’t tolerate us. Abir says we couldn’t tolerate your fights. Kunal says even I was upset, but didn’t fight with Abir. Abir says sorry, Kuhu and Mishti didn’t do it, so we are here. Kunal says this is also our house, so we came here.Vishwamber says sorry, I didn’t know the tension in your house because of our daughters. Abir says we will stay here until their fight gets over. Meenakshi asks will you stay in their Maayka. Abir says I m serious, we won’t come until they sort out the problem, till then we will stay here. Meenakshi goes. Rajshri asks Mishti and Kuhu to stop her. Abir says sorry, we didn’t tell you about it. Varsha says I m sorry from Kuhu’s side. Jasmeet says its Mishti’s mistake also. Meenakshi says its my mistake, Bahus should change before Saas. Kuhu and Mishti rush to stop her.

Khu says its because of Mishti, I will fix everything. Meenakshi says enough, come home when Abir and Kunal come along. She leaves. Rajshri and Varsha come to scold them. Mishti says sorry. Kuhu says she didn’t say sorry to me. Mishti says relax, we will talk to Abir and Kunal. Rajshri says no need, handle your Saas’ anger first. Varsha says yes, end the matter here, else it will be too late.Meenakshi coming home in anger. Nidhi says I didn’t do anything. Parul asks what happened. Meenakshi asks what will happen, my sons left my house and became ghar jamai. Nidhi says Kuhu and Mishti were fighting again. Abir says we came to stay happy here but we made you all sad. Jasmeet says but Big ben left. Abir says Kunal didn’t wish to come, I forced him to come. Vishwamber says its not wrong to wish for peace in the family. Varsha says Meenakshi got upset. Abir says I will explain her that its because of Mishti and Kuhu. Jasmeet says I m going to get some cold drinks. Abir says extra ice for me. Jasmeet says I will call Nidhi and find out what’s happening there, I m with you and Kuhu. Meenakshi asks Parul why didn’t you tell me. Parul says I thought matter will get worse. Meenakshi says what will be more worse than this.

The phone rings. Meenakshi asks Nidhi to answer. Nidhi answers the call. Jasmeet hears Meenakshi asking Parul to handle Kuhu and Kunal at least. Nidhi ends call. Jasmeet says you support Kuhu in front of everyone. Varsha sees Abir cheering up Rajshri. Abir asks Rajshri to smile.Abir says everything will be fine. Jasmeet says Abir will support Mishti, Kunal stays busy, who will support Kuhu, that Parul. Varsha gets the drinks. Rajshri asks her to explain Kuhu not to fight. Mishti and Kuhu come home. Meenakshi sees them. Mishti says we will fix everything, forgive us, we are sorry. Meenakshi says its my house, I will run it my way. Rajshri and Varsha call Mishti and Kuhu. Varsha says convince Kunal to return home. Rajshri says Meenakshi gets angry soon, she is right. Mishti says she is much annoyed that Abir and Kunal left the house. Rajshri says its not their mistake, its not your mistake, stop thinking of Kuhu’s words, think of Abir and Meenakshi. Mishti understands and says I shouldn’t feel bad of Meenakshi’s words. Rajshri says yes, go and talk to her.

Kunal finishes the call. He says my work is over, Uma is forwarding all mails to mum. Meenakshi says Kunal did work so soon. Parul says Kunal kept his responsibility. Meenakshi says he would have been here if Kuhu did his responsibility. Abir says award goes to Kunal. Kunal says I played semi final, now its your turn to play final. Abir says very funny. He calls Meenakshi. She asks when are you coming home. He says we are not coming now, its not because of you, its because of Mishti and Kuhu to explain them. She asks is it necessary to stay in your Sasural. He says it doesn’t matter where we are, they should realize we aren’t at home, think your bahus’ husbands have gone out, you don’t need to get into this. She asks are you coming home or not. He says no, try and understand. She ends call.

Abir says she didn’t say much. Kunal says its good. Abir says no, its silence before the storm, she will come in her real avatar. Meenakshi asks Vishwamber to send her sons home. He says I m trying to talk to them. She says try harder. He says they have come by their wish, I can’t make them out if they don’t want to go. She says fine, if you can’t send them back, then I can kick out your daughters from my house. Mishti looks on.

Mishti cries and says I have to fix this, why did I fight with Kuhu. She feels some pain in her stomach. She takes water. She sees Abir and her pic. She sees baby pics. She cries and says he was planning a baby, he went away because of this incident, I have to make everything fine. Vishwamber calls her and says I want to meet you outside your house. She says sure. Abir says why didn’t Mishti call me. He says I got the clothes, since it would rain soon. Rajshri says its not your work. He says I m the son of this house. She says yes. He says you will do Kunal and my bidaai soon. She says I can see your worries. He says everything will be fine when you are with me.

He asks were Kuhu and Mishti never friends. She says no, they had hidden it, their truth was in front of us, we didn’t believe it, they fought for a doll house. Varsha says Bau ji got the doll house for Mishti, Kuhu got adamant that she also wants it, he went to get it, but didn’t get the same doll house, Kuhu cried at night and slept, we found the doll house broken. Kunal says it means Kuhu broke it. Jasmeet says everyone thought so, Kuhu didn’t break it. Rajshri says Vishwamber had seen Kuhu breaking it, he wanted to explain her, I thought she will understand with time, but I was wrong. Abir asks didn’t Mishti say anything. Rajshri says children are scared of darkness and scolding, but she was scared of one thing. Abir says losing loved ones. She says her heart broke, she didn’t say anything, Kuhu used to fight thinking she has right on us, Mishti never felt the right on us and took our love as favor, Kuhu repaired the doll house and gave to Mishti, Varsha loves her a lot, she doesn’t think Kuhu is wrong, we all ignored to see the mistake, we saw the girls happy.

He says you didn’t understand their drama. Abir says Kuhu has helped Mishti, she does mistake, when she realizes, she helps Mishti, there is love between them.Varsha says no, Kuhu and Mishti never became sisters. Jasmeet says no, Mishti doesn’t regard Kuhu as her sister. Kunal says please, I m not interested in Mishti bashing. Varsha says don’t spoil your and Kuhu’s future. He says its future of entire family, Abir also thinks so. Varsha says Meenakshi is much upset. Kunal says Abir spoke to her. Varsha says your relation with Meenakshi is different, she is habitual to you, please return. Abir says we didn’t leave house because of mum, I spoke to Mishti about our family, I don’t know if there is some actual big problem. Vishwamber says I have to fold hands this way and apologize to Meenakshi, you were my pride, it broke today. Mishti says forgive me.

She asks her to apologize to Meenakshi and her sons. He says you and Kuhu will calm for few days and then fight again, Abir’s duty is to support you, not sort these kiddish rights, I would have done the same thing like him. She says I promise I will fix this mistake. He asks can you control your anger if Kuhu says something, think and promise. She says I thought of it, we will come home and get Abir and Kunal back, my ego isn’t big, I can’t let you bow down, never. He says fine, I will wait for you two. He goes.

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