Sacred Relationship Update Thursday 8 July 2021


Sacred Relationship 8 July 2021: The Episode starts with Mishti speaking to Abir. She asks why did you leave the house, come back, I miss you. He says I miss you too, I want a house where there is no fights. She says I promise I won’t fight. He asks did you try to talk to Kuhu. She says I know, I should sort this out, I have to bend in front of her, I m talking to you, don’t force me. He says fine, you don’t force me to come back home. He disconnects. Mishti asks Kuhu to listen to her. She says Meenakshi spoke rudely to Vishwamber due to our fights, we need to sort this out.

Kunal calls Meenakshi and asks what are you doing. She says I m waiting for my sons. Kunal says we will return home. She says if you are waiting for Kuhu and Mishti’s fight to end, then we will be just waiting. He says it was Abir’s idea. She says I have tried it, they are still fighting, my family was together when I ran the house my way. Kunal says I guess, I will talk to Abir. Abir takes the phone and says they have to realize why we are away, they have to solve this. Kunal says I will call you back.Abir says its not about mum, she can run the house, but we can decide about our wives. Parul goes to help Mishti. Meenakshi asks Parul to give her medicines. Mishti asks Kuhu to help. Kuhu comes to help Mishti. Parul asks did they patch up. Meenakshi asks her to see. Mishti says I was thinking to make khichdi in dinner. Kuhu says we can have veg soup. Meenakshi says Kunal doesn’t like vegetables. Kuhu says everyone likes it. Meenakshi says but Abir and Kunal aren’t here. Mishti says we are going to get them. Kuhu says together. Meenakshi asks them to listen to her, if they are lying, then it will be worse. Kuhu says now there is no option. Mishti says I know you have a problem with me, I can do anything.

Abir does tilak to Kunal. Kunal says listen to me, I don’t feel good after talking to Maa. Abir jokes. Vishwamber waits for Mishti and Kuhu. Lights go. Mishti and Kuhu come home, with the doll house and saying poetry. Lights come. Mishti and Kuhu act together. Mishti says sorry and hugs Vishwamber. Jasmeet says Kuhu fixed everything. Kunal says Kuhu and Mishti are intelligent. Rajshri says they fight and then win everyone’s heart. She hugs Kuhu. Yeh rishtey…plays… Mishti hugs Abir. Kunal hugs Kuhu. Everyone smiles. Abir thinks if they are repeating the childhood drama, it means Mishti is lying to me. Rajshri says I will get some food. Kuhu says yes. Mishti says we will make it. Abir says relax, you rest. Mishti asks Kunal shall I help in packing your stuff. Kunal says yes. Abir says you said sorry to Mishti. Kuhu says it was our mistake. Abir says Mishti said its your mistake.

She thinks to do drama. Kunal asks are you both doing drama to take us home. Mishti says Abir does much drama, don’t come in his words. He says don’t come between us. She says never, just come back with us. He says I will call mum, she would be waiting.

Rajshri comes and says you did good to end the fight, promise, you won’t fight now, you will stay well with Kuhu and keep everyone happy. Mishti says promise. Rajshri says promise to think about future with Abir, what he has thought. Mishti asks did he tell you, I will talk to him, do you think I can start my family. Rajshri says you are my and Vishwamber’s daughter also, a girl becomes mum if she gets motherly emotions in hand, talk to Abir. Abir says you have sorted out, else you would have got blamed for breaking the family like the doll house. Kuhu gets angry.

Abir asks her to stop. Kunal calls Meenakshi and says be ready to have dinner with us, we are coming. Meenakshi and Parul get happy. She says come home soon. She says Parul, they are returning home. Kuhu shouts on Mishti and scolds her in front of everyone. Rajshri asks what happened now. Kuhu says she told Abir about doll house. Mishti says I didn’t tell him anything, seriously. Varsha asks did you tell her. Kunal says no. Rajshri says I have told Abir about it.

Abir says you did good, we would have believed their drama. Kunal asks were you doing a drama. Mishti says we had no other option. Abir says you had an option if you really tried to sort this out, you chose to lie to us. Vishwamber feels bad. Kunal says we will handle him. Vishwamber says you both are ready to risk everything, Abir and Kunal can stay here, but there is no place for your hatred. Mishti goes to Abir and asks why did you provoke Kuhu. Abir says to make her say truth. They argue.Mishti says relations are made by heart, not force, you can’t change our relation by giving an ultimatum. He says you aren’t understanding me, truth will come out, anyone can be involved in this, our children will be involved, will we fight in front of them, I m not asking you and Kuhu to become best friends, I don’t want to pass on this stress, you remember what I asked you. She says yes, then you left me and came here. He says you think I will leave you, Rajshri and Vishwamber are doing a favor on you, I m wrong to expect you to become a parent, you are a kid yourself, I don’t think we should plan anything.

They cry. Saathiya mere….plays….She goes.Meenakshi saying the house will get the discipline back, I know Abir well, whatever he says, I just wish that Abir and Kunal return home. Parul smiles. She sees the window open. She gets tensed and asks Meenakshi to come and see. They see Mishti and Kuhu coming. Meenakshi looks for Abir and Kunal. Mishti says I didn’t feel so alone in my life. Kuhu worries. Parul opens the door. She asks did Kunal and Abir not come. Meenakshi shouts don’t come in. Meenakshi gets angry and throws their bags towards the door. She says a wife should be with her husband, your husbands don’t stay here, I didn’t get done, wait Kuhu, I give you 12 hours to convince them, else you understand that my doors got shut for you both.


Vishwamber says everything changes soon, I used to smile seeing this doll house, I m ashamed now, what shall I say, the girls have won my trust, it was my mistake, I couldn’t win their trust, my upbringing failed. Rajshri says no, its not like that. He says they have lied to us, I regret that I couldn’t teach them to stay united, its too late now. She says I can’t explain my heart, what shall I tell you, don’t know what happens to them, they stay happy when they are together. He says everything gets ruined when they are together, does love spoil children, we tried to be friendly with kids, we failed, the mum who was strict towards her sons has won, look at Abir and Kunal, they are an example of love and unity. Abir and Kunal come. Vishwamber says I feel like Meenakshi’s ways are right. Meenakshi says I was right about both of you, both of you aren’t right for my sons and this house. Mishti and Kuhu say we are trying to get them. Meenakshi says Kuhu always taunts and Mishti can’t stay silent, just think what will they do if they have to do something like us, this storm will ruin my house, its my promise, I will not my house get ruined.

Mishti says I promise to get them back. Meenakshi says there is less time, end this drama, else I will end this drama.Abir says don’t worry, Mishti and Kuhu always fought. Vishwamber says matter isn’t little, else you both would have not come here. Kunal says things can get fine if we return home. Abir says yes, Vishwamber could have hidden the matter behind his charming smile, I know there is some third reason that’s worrying him. Vishwamber says you understand me well, whatever anyone says anything, I always regarded you my son, you can stay here but Meenakshi is much upset, she told me on call that if you both don’t return home, then she will kick out Mishti and Kuhu. Abir says I should have known this. Vishwamber says she would be worried. Kunal says we should go back, Kuhu is wrong mostly, if she does something, I will say sorry to you and manage mum’s mood, lets go home.

Vishwamber says maybe we did something good to get such sons-in-law, we should support them. Rajshri nods. Vishwamber says Kunal, its not a solution to go home without solving anything. Abir says yes, we have no options, to return home or solve the problem with patience, its not because of Meenakshi, we are your sons and can stay here, I will talk to Meenakshi, I have your blessing. Kunal says don’t worry, I can say Abir has an idea to manage mum.Abir says we will manage mum, Kuhu, Mishti. Vishwamber says fine and goes. Rajshri thanks Abir. He says just pray that my way works. She says you are a good son and will become a good dad, I will wish that you and Mishti get a child. Varsha smiles.

Jasmeet says Kuhu will become next Parul, Mishti will get pampered by getting a child soon. Varsha stops her. Jasmeet says Kunal isn’t listening, Kuhu will listen to us. Kuhu says I will be out of this house if Abir and Kunal don’t come back. Jasmeet asks why didn’t you act in front of Abir, maybe Mishti provoked you. Kuhu says either help me or don’t talk. Varsha asks do you have work than fighting with Mishti, think about Kunal and your future, its right time to think of having a family. Kuhu says ask Jasmeet not to say this, Kunal and I should be in same house for this. Varsha says its not time to joke. Kuhu sees Mishti.

Mishti misses Abir. She says why aren’t you here. She wears her black costume and goes to sneak in Maheshwari house. Kunal works on his laptop. He gets Kuhu’s message and smiles. He replies its a crime to threaten someone, if I report to police, then you will go to jail. Kuhu chats with him. She writes its not funny, come back. He asks her to put efforts with Mishti. Mishti enters her room and says Abir. She sees the pillows in his place. Abir comes and asks what are you doing here. She says I came to fight with you, I wish I waited for you there. He says so that Meenakshi doesn’t make you and Kuhu out. She gets sad. He says you know I can’t let Meenakshi do this with Kuhu and you. Mishti says this room was hotspot for Kuhu and my fights, I don’t want to fight, I can’t claim to end the problems, I understand it now, I don’t want to pass on this negativity to our children, I can tolerate Kuhu, but I can’t bear annoyance of you all.

He says before our marriage, we were best friends, one team. She recalls their moments. Saathiya…plays… They cry. She says I have made everyone upset, I m sorry. He says I don’t want to come home being helpless, I m sure you also want this, I will believe that you can solve every problem. She says I promise I will not let our marriage come between our friendship. He says we will know this tomorrow.

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