Sacred Relationship Update Wednesday 3 March 2021


Sacred Relationship 3 March 2021: Kunal coming to Meenakshi. Nanu asks Kaushal to just do what’s told to him. Kaushal says location isn’t tracked. Nanu says I don’t know what is it. Kaushal says we can take Kunal and Ketki’s help. Nanu says no, they won’t keep this a secret. Jugnu says we can call on your number, so that it gets tracked. Nanu asks Kaushal to give the phone. He calls on the phone. Kunal asks why is Nanu behaving strange. Meenakshi says its good. He asks what, Abir is missing. She says Vishwamber came and Abir said he is planning a surprise, we will go to his room. He says he isn’t opening the door. She calls him. Kaushal says why isn’t Abir answering. Kaushal tracks the phone and says Abir is at bus stop.

Kaushal slaps Jugnu and goes. Meenakshi says dad isn’t
answering, we will go to his room. Jugnu murmurs. Kunal asks where is Nanu. Jugnu says he left. She says you didn’t tell us. She gets a call. Laxman says I have reached here to meet Naman. She says Parul is reaching there, you drop Naman to Maheshwaris and then message me. Varsha shows the ring. Rajshri says I need to talk. Vishwamber asks the matter. Mishti says everything will be fine. She looks for her diary. She gets Kunal’s pic. Rajshri says we should tell the truth to Kunal, truth will come out. Varsha says Mishti is very strong. Rajshri says we have hidden this truth from her for years, none will tell this truth to her. Mishti reads Kunal and Shweta’s engagement. She gets shocked and says Kunal didn’t tell me.
Abir sees a wedding decoration board and thinks to write shayari in Mishti’s diary. The bus comes. He goes to sit on the top. Nanu asks Kaushal to drive car fast. Mishti says Kunal has hid a big thing from me. Nanu shouts Abir…. Kaushal says the car broke down. Nanu says the bus left. Kaushal says yes, where is Abir going, why are we following him. Nanu says its none of your business.

Abir does shayari. He reads Mishti’s diary. She writes I met Kunal for the first time and didn’t know what to ask him. He smiles reading it. He says she likes Kunal, but that Kunal is Abir… He happily cries. Varsha welcomes Meenakshi’s family. Jasmeet compliments Meenakshi. Jasmeet teases Kunal. He says Abir is better than you, he praises me. Varsha asks him to come for engagement. Kunal sees Kuhu and gets sad. Kuhu says I will get Mishti. She goes. Meenakshi signs Parul. She says I will find Abir. Kuhu doesn’t see Mishti. Jasmeet comes and gets too dramatic like a daily soap. Kuhu says stop it, don’t tell this to everyone, go, I will get Mishti. Mishti recalls Kunal’s words. Kuhu asks her to run away if she wants, she doesn’t value Kunal, she doesn’t deserve him. Mishti says you know what happened, just go. Kuhu says everyone pushed me to make you ready, so I came to you. Mishti says I m not running away. Kuhu asks do you love Kunal or not. Nanu comes and looks on. Kuhu asks do you want to marry Kunal. Mishti thinks does Kunal still love Shweta. Mishti says I m going in.

Nanu thinks Mishti doesn’t love Kunal, I have to save Mishti, Kunal and Abir, I have to stop this engagement. Abir says Mishti loves me, she likes me. He gets excited and says I m not scared to fall now, I will go back and tell Kunal that Mishti isn’t right for him, but me, she likes me. The girl says like Kuch kuch hota hai movie. Abir says Mishti will understand, I should go back. He gets down the bus. The girl says you are hero of this story, you have to make villain Kunal lose. Abir gets sad. He says Kunal isn’t a villain, he is my dear brother.
Meenakshi asks why is he late. Parul says don’t know, Naman didn’t come yet. Varsha says we will tell the truth after tilak rasam. Shaurya asks her to be strong, everyone is happy, stay happy. Kuhu gets Mishti there. Everyone compliments Mishti. Nidhi taunts Kuhu. Mishti sees Kunal and asks how are you. He says better, and you? She thinks of the pic.

Rajshri asking Mishti did Kunal ask something. Mishti asks where is Abir. Parul says maybe Mishti didn’t see the pic. Meenakshi says so what, once Naman comes, I will win the move. Abir says Kunal’s heart will break if I tell this to Mishti, if I keep quiet, they will be tied up in loveless relation, I lost control on my emotions and fell in love with Mishti. He kicks his bag and sees a phone fallen out. He gets Kaushal’s call. He answers. Nanu says come back home. Abir says I m not needed there. Nanu says come fast, I saw Mishti, she isn’t happy, she doesn’t want this relation or engagement. Abir sees some kids. Nanu says come back fast. Abir asks are you sure. Nanu says I love Kunal more than you do, I m doing this for both of you, this alliance is right for you, not Kunal, Kuhu asked Mishti if she loves Kunal, Mishti didn’t answer. Abir recalls Kunal’s words. Nanu says you must return to save your brother from a wrong decision, just come. Abir sees the kids with some trophy, chanting Jai shri Ram. Abir says yes, I m coming.


Nanu says Kaushal you have to do my work. Meenakshi says Kaushal you have to do my work. Kaushal asks what is it. He goes and says Meenakshi is like a Devi, a special performance is going to take place, I won’t perform today, why don’t we share our engagement stories. Abir thinks I m coming to fix the wrong, Mishti. Meenakshi says its much fun when my dad narrates a story. Kunal sees Mishti and thinks what’s wrong with her. Mishti thinks where are you Abir, shall I talk to Kunal or not. Abir says I have to talk to Kunal first. He runs on the road. Naman is also there. He leaves in an auto. Abir says I have to reach Mishti. Meenakshi says Naman is taking too long to come. Nanu says my marriage with Suchita happened, Suchita’s alliance was fixed with someone, her heart didn’t agree and she ran from the mandap, she told me everything, I trusted her. Mishti sees Kunal and thinks I will trust you Kunal. Naman comes and greets everyone.

They get shocked. Abir gives his watch and gets a bike from the man. Naman says Kunal, I m your would be father in law, I had to come for Mishti’s rasam. Vishwamber says we did this rasam already. Naman says you are great, you raised Mishti, I m her real father, I have a right. He sees Meenakshi and thinks she looks very rich. Abir is on the way. Naman says I want your permission to do this rasam, I did very wrong with her, I will go far far after this rasam. Rajshri stops Mishti. Meenakshi says you are Mishti’s dad, I have no right to stop you. She asks Rajshti to allow Naman. She thinks all is going as per my plan, I hope Parul does her work well. Parul gets Laxman inside and says I have brought you by back door, so that no one knows, you can’t get caught, Naman shouldn’t know that you got him on Meenakshi’s orders. Laxman says none will know that I work for Meenakshi, Naman thinks I m connected to Maheshwaris and got him here by pity. She says fine, start your work.

Naman says you are rich people. Kaushal praises Naman. Nanu says idiot, why didn’t Abir come. Naman asks Kunal to accept the gift. Rajshri says what if he tries to do something to Kunal. Vishwamber asks him not to worry. Naman gives the idol to Kunal. Mishti stops him. Kunal asks what are you doing. She says my dad has completed the ritual, only the one who did a father’s duty gets the right, I m proud to be Vishwamber’s daughter. Shaurya says she is right. Mishti says Vishwamber will give this idol to Kunal. Vishwamber blesses and hugs her. Naman says she is my daughter, she could get upset with me, at least keep these sweets, keep my daughter happy. Meenakshi nods. Vishwamber says we will give the sweets, you keep it.

Parul signs Meenakshi. Naman says I thought to go, I feel like watching the entire rasam, I m a father. Rajshri asks Shaurya to send him out. Meenakshi thinks no one can stop me now. Abir thinks I have to be there before it gets too late. Nanu asks Atul to remember the dance he has done in the birthday party. Atul says I m an expert in dance. Nanu says engage everyone until Abir comes. Jasmeet jokes on Nidhi. Nidhi taunts her back.

Meenakshi tells something to Atul. Atul dances on Mast kalandar…. Everyone dances with him. Naman asks Rajshri to give him money for the acting, else he can do better drama. She worries. Shaurya comes there. Laxman messages Meenakshi that he found the chandelier lever, he is waiting for her signal. Kunal and Mishti dance with everyone. Kuhu sees Kunal. Meenakshi signs Parul. Parul goes. Laxman tries to pull down the level. Naman gets Parul’s call and goes out. Nanu collides with him. Naman’s phone falls. Meenakshi picks it. Someone steps on her hand. She asks Parul to give phone to Naman. Naman goes. Abir comes. Nanu sees him coming and whistles. Mishti dances and falls in Abir’s arms. They have an eyelock. She smiles seeing him



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