Sacred Relationship Update Tuesday 2 March 2021


Sacred Relationship 2 March 2021: starts with Mishti crying and wishing to talk to Kunal. She says girls’ family gets insulted when an alliance breaks. Rajshri looks on and goes. Kuhu comes to argue. Kunal says you would ask me to change. Abir says no, decision should be yours for your life, this applies to Mishti also, she should decide for her life, I worry for you, this alliance… Kunal says this alliance will also break. Kuhu says I lost the alliance, peace and job because of you. Mishti says Kunal refused to come for engagement, you are thinking of yourself. Kuhu and Mishti argue.

Sacred Relationship 1 March 2021

Kuhu says your dad has ruined our lives, you care for Rajshri, take your complications with you and leave this house, you leave your guilt here, my dad isn’t cheap like your dad, he loves me and will find nice alliance for me. Kunal says mistake is mine, Shweta left me and now Mishti will leave me, I do everything for everyone, I keep some hope and then people leave me, people think girls get hurt when alliance break, truth is even guys get hurt the same way, I failed once, I don’t want to fail again. Abir cries and hugs him.
Meenakshi talks to Rajshri on call and asks her not to worry. Rajshri says I m worried for children. Meenakshi says I will get Kunal for engagement. Rajshri thanks her.

Meenakshi says Mishti is lucky to get Badimaa like you. She ends call and says when Mishti calls tomorrow, she will need your shoulder to weep. She calls Laxman and asks him to do as she says. Parul asks will Naman come tomorrow. Rajshri says Kunal will come in engagement today. Rajshri says I m upset as I couldn’t become your friend and win your trust, you didn’t call me from the hospital. Mishti says Kunal thinks I will need Abir or Meenakshi to take decisions, I told him that I can take my own decisions. Rajshri says you are going to get bound by a relation, you are a good daughter, you have to become better bahu and wife, Kunal will have first right on you.

Nanu asks what happened. Abir says Kunal is sleeping, he is worried to fail again. Nanu says its a relation, not exams, just you and Mishti are right. Abir says I can’t see Kunal worried. Nanu says you are losing strength. Meenakshi says I will end this story today. Nidhi comes with green tea. She asks why are the women making matkis. Meenakshi says Mishti’s family is Marwadi, we know Gujarati’s rituals. Nidhi says but this rasam is done by girl’s dad. Meenakshi says I m here to manage everything, go and give tea to dad. Nidhi says sorry and goes. Meenakshi calls Laxman and asks for her parcel. Laxman says yes its reaching you soon. He sees Naman in the car. Kuhu wears the chunri and smiles. She thinks of Kunal. Varsha says this is Mishti’s dupatta, I will get a nice guy for you. Kuhu asks what if I like a guy. Varsha asks how can you say this. Kuhu says if I like any guy then…. Varsha asks do you like anyone, tell us when you like someone. Kuhu says promise me you will fight with the world when I like someone. Rajshri and Mishti come and promise her. Kuhu asks Mishti to think again. Mishti says I have thought about it. Abir says its better if I leave. He signs Jugnu.

He sees Vishwamber and Shaurya at the door. Shaurya says we have come for rituals. Vishwamber says we don’t know much about the ritual. Meenakshi asks Nidhi to get juice for everyone. Vishwamber says we came for ritual, but we don’t know it. Abir says bride’s family gifts the groom in silver pot, Kunal can take it any time. Nanu says Abir doesn’t accept what belongs to him. Abir says I got a gift for Kunal. Nanu says come back on time. He says Abir delays in everything, don’t delay today. He signs Abir. Mishti sits solving a crossword. Jasmeet talks to her. Kuhu reads the horoscope and smiles.

Mishti says don’t trouble me Kuhu. Kuhu shows her pic and says your face is very sad, you aren’t excited. She goes. Mishti says yes, why am I not excited. Kunal comes to talk to Meenakshi. She asks him to talk in front of Parul. He says I want to talk in private. Parul goes out. He says I feel awkward seeing the gifts. Meenakshi says I want to talk to you, do you want to go for engagement. He says I have no choice. She says it will happen by your wish, I will not force you, you are annoyed with Mishti, do you also think she is hiding something from us, we don’t know everything about her, tell me if you don’t trust her, pre-marital courtship happened so that you both know each other, tell me if you aren’t happy. She says I m so sorry Kunal, I got to say this, I have a mum’s heart get ready. He says sure. Abir says I m going to get a surprise for Kunal, take care of everyone until I return. Jugnu asks why are you saying so. Abir says stop watching movies. He leaves.

Rajshri showing Meenakshi’s gifted necklace to Mishti. Kuhu jokes that its loud like Meenakshi. Kunal calls Mishri and asks are you hiding something about your past from me, is there anything that I should know. Mishti says nothing. He says actually, I feel I couldn’t know you, I feel I know you and you are exactly the girl I want, sometimes I feel I don’t know you, I hope you don’t mind. She says its good you asked me. He says thanks, I m coming for rituals. Mishti smiles and tells Rajshri what Kunal asked. Rajshri worries. Varsha says you told him everything. Mishti asks Rajshri is there anything about my past that I should know. Rajshri says no. She drops the necklace. It breaks down. Rajshri worries. Mishti says its fine, we will fix it. Mishti thinks Kunal behaves cold sometimes, like he isn’t right for me. Kuhu comes to Jasmeet. They talk of the new show Hostages.


Abir does shayari and gets sad. Meenakshi says Laxman, we can’t trust him, what if he doesn’t reach there on time, how will I win this game. Abir sees the ring. He turns and sees Jasmeet. He calls her Katrina. She asks him to flirt less with her. He says I came to meet Mishti. She asks did you get Kunal’s love letter, come with me. Kuhu says I fixed your necklace, Meenakshi won’t know that it broke. Mishti says wow, you did this for me, why aren’t you ready. Kuhu says Dadi asked me to make you ready. Mishti asks will you do my makeup, don’t make me Chudail. Kuhu says yes, come fast. They take the shagun dress. Mishti asks Kuhu to be careful. Kuhu argues with her. Kuhu makes Mishti ready. She doesn’t see the fallen pic. Mishti asks where did your bracelet go, you had thrown it in the garden. Kuhu asks don’t I have a personal life, you can fix your dupatta yourself. She throws the dupatta and goes. Mishti asks for her dupatta. Abir comes there and picks the dupatta. He steps inside the room. He sees Mishti. She says you…. and runs behind the curtain. He says sorry I didn’t know you are getting ready. He turns away. He steps back and hands over the dupatta to Mishti. Dheere dheere…..plays….. She wears her dupatta.

She asks are you mehendi artist, parlor artist or my friend to come to my room on tilak day. He says I came to meet my friend for the last time, are you fine. She says yes. He asks sure. She says yes, I m bit nervous. He says I will leave. She says listen, are you fine. He says what will happen to me. She says don’t hide. He turns to her. She says I m your friend, I know you are worried since few days. He says you couldn’t help me. She says you think you will become less macho when you share your problem. She asks him to write his feelings in that diary. She says I want to know what’s going on in your heart. He picks her earring. She says friends have right on each other’s problems. He takes her diary and goes. She says listen, write in it for sure. He smiles and nods. Dheere dheere….plays… She says listen, if there is anything about some girl, you will tell me first, you remember your promise, I can’t see you worried. He says I know. He leaves.

Kunal gets ready and asks where is Abir. Nanu says we are planning a surprise for you, go with Meenakshi, we will meet you there. Kunal asks what are they doing inside. Kaushal asks what are we doing here. Nanu asks did you keep phone in Abir’s bag. Jugnu says yes, I swear on Kaushal, I kept the phone. Nanu says good, we will track Abir by his app now. Kaushal asks how will we use this laptop. Nanu asks didn’t you learn this, find Abir. Kaushal asks why do you give this work to me. Nanu says its none of your business. Vishwamber surprises Mishti with a cute pot. He tells about the ritual where father in law gives gifts to son in law. He says why can’t I gift my daughter, this has my blessing and promise, I will always be with you. Mishti cries. He asks are you fine. She says I m fine.

He says we respect the rules of society, but everything is less imp than your love and happiness. She says I won’t do anything that hurts your happiness. He asks her to remember her promise, he is always with her. Rajshri looks on and says me too…. They hug. Meenakshi says Naman isn’t with Laxman, what if Naman doesn’t reach on right time. Parul says I will go and find her. Meenakshi says I can call him and buy him with money, Naman doesn’t know that I called him, he shouldn’t know, then I will make Naman admit that he has attempted to kill Naitik, then I will how this rasam happens. Parul asks about Shweta and Kunal’s pic, maybe Mishti has seen it. Meenakshi says its my second plan, she didn’t see it, I know Kunal will be hurt, I m his mum, this pain is necessary to save him from wrong alliance.

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