Sacred Relationship Update Wednesday 24 March 2021

Sacred Relationship 24 March 2021: starts with Kuhu thinking of Kunal’s words. Mishti calls Kuhu as a reporter. She says we got to know that Kunal was hugging his ex on the day of his engagement. Kuhu says what nonsense, Kunal didn’t hug her. She says we called your sister and she said she didn’t mail pics, we asked her to check mail’s timestamp by which we can know who had sent the pics. Kuhu worries and checks the password to login. She says how to change this stupid timestamp. She calls Kunal and says I need your help. Meenakshi answers. Kuhu asks how to change email timestamp. Mishti comes and says so you did all this. She says I called you just now, I knew none knows where I write my passwords, I didn’t know you can do this, why did you trap me, answer me.

Meenakshi wears bluetooth and goes
out. Mishti says we are sisters, sisters fight, but don’t backstab. Meenakshi goes to Kunal and says its imp that you hear this. Kuhu says you answer me, didn’t you get any other guy than Abir. Mishti asks how do you know. Kuhu says I m not blind, you just see him and talk about him, you even went out in storm. Meenakshi says Kunal, Kuhu will ruin the plan. He says don’t worry. Kuhu says Kunal and his mom are sensible and they hate you, they will never let Abir and your relation happen, they don’t hate me, they are tolerating you. Mishti asks did you try to convince them. Kuhu asks why, I m getting rid of you, you are excess baggage, you are a burden on me. Mishti says a burden, I m the reason you and Kunal are together, Abir and I tried, else you would have crying for Kunal.

Kuhu asks what shall I do, shall I break my marriage for you, why did you call off the engagement. Mishti says that’s why you are with Kunal. Kuhu says you are great, you insulted Kunal and his mom. Mishti says you sent pics from my email and blamed me, the truth isn’t pretty at all, what else have you done, tell me, you changed the party dates so that I apologize to Meenakshi. Kuhu says you created these problems. Mishti says lie. Kuhu says don’t follow me to Rajvansh house, back off, else I will never let you and Abir unite, never ever. Mishti says do anything, Abir and I will be united. Kunal and Meenakshi worry hearing this. Mishti says thanks, I got to know how much Abir trusts me, he will always be with me, you like to challenge, I challenge you, try as hard as you can, you will never be able to separate me and Abir, I will tell him what I feel for him. Meenakshi says that means Abir doesn’t know this.

Mishti says I will tell him how much I love him, I was silent until now, because I didn’t want to create complications in your life, but now I won’t be quiet. Kuhu says if anything happens to my relation… Mishti says if your relation is so weak, then its useless, Abir and my relation is strong, he trusts me a lot. Kuhu says he won’t go against his brother. Mishti says its not a college debate, Abir and I will unite both the families. Kuhu says I won’t let this happen. Mishti says you think what will I do for my love if I did so much for your love to work, no one can separate Abir and me, I won’t let anyone come between us, its my promise. Jasmeet comes. Mishti says sorry. Jasmeet says Kunal has come downstairs. Kuhu goes. Jasmeet says something is fishy. Mishti cries. She says why did you do this Kuhu, I have never let Abir finish saying it for your sake Kuhu, but it will complete now, Abir has the right to know about my feelings, its late, but I will let him have this right. She gets her phone.

Abir clicks pics. He sees Parul sad. Abir goes to Nanu. Nanu says not Nanu, a terminator. Abir asks him not to play such games, it can induce a heart attack. Nanu says they may have heart, my heart is with Madhuri Dixit. Abir smiles and says Parul looks tense, I m sure Meenakshi and Parul have some tension going on. Nanu says there is no secret. Abir says I said tension. Nanu says you told me, take my help in romantic issues, what’s happening in your and Mishti’s story. Abir says Mishti is facing a lot, someone is creating these situations, its Meenakshi. Parul hears him.
Kunal says I m very sorry, I was shocked knowing about pics and email. Vishwamber says Mishti can never do anything that spoils the family name. Kunal says I know, sorry to react like that. He says Mishti, our love for Kuhu is common, I m sure you won’t do anything to hurt Kuhu, I m sorry. Vishwamber says you just need to understand Mishti. Kunal says mum booked spa appointment for Kuhu and me, shall I take Kuhu. Varsha asks them to go but come back before Sangeet.

Abir says Mishti didn’t send email, when Shweta came, Mishti was with me, she didn’t click pics, I have no proof that Meenakshi did this, but its an intuition. Nanu asks why would she do this. Abir says to break Kuhu and Kunal’s marriage, I won’t let this happen. Parul says Abir….
Nidhi comes and says its Sangeet night, doesn’t anyone want to practice, every moment is precious, Jasmeet has sent me their practice video, what do you want, you have to listen to me. She takes Abir with her. Meenakshi looks on and signs Nidhi. She recalls asking Nidhi to make them win in Sangeet. Nidhi says we will win. Meenakshi says Abir has to do the rehearsals too. FB ends. Meenakshi thinks I won’t let Mishti talk to Abir now. Jasmeet says I m a good choreographer, you have to follow my steps. Mishti says I have to make a call. Jasmeet stops her. She says we should do Bhangra to defeat Garba.

Varsha says do this for Kuhu’s sake. Rajshri says Mishti wants to say that we should go ghoomar instead Bhangra. Vishwamber and Shaurya ask Rajshri to dance. She smiles. He says there is no age to express happiness. Rajshri agrees. Abir and everyone dance. Meenakshi worries and goes. Parul thinks Meenakshi did many things to break Kunal and Mishti’s relation, Abir was right, she is trying to break Kuhu and Kunal’s relation also. Abir gets Mishti’s call. She says I have to tell you something imp about the painting. He asks what, I have to talk about photo. She says not photo, the painting…. She smiles. Naata mera….plays…. She says about the painting girl, where are you, in market. He says no, at more dangerous place, you got blamed for the pics. She says you didn’t blame me, that matters. He asks really. She says yes, nothing is more imp to me than our friendship, don’t distract me now, I have to talk something imp. He asks imp than pics. She says yes, albums is more imp than pics, video…., films….., life…., family is more imp than life and love is more imp than family. He asks love?

Abir asking Mishti did you say love, are you fine. Mishti says I will leave everything for the person I love, my stubbornness, my ego. He asks did you get hit on your head. She says be serious, listen to me, I know the girl in the painting is me, I know you love me a lot, its expected that girls don’t say it first, I m blushing but I want to say I love you too Abir. Abir doesn’t hear her. He says I will call you back. He asks Parul to say. Parul says Meenakshi is doing all this, she had called Naman in engagement, Kuhu is a nice girl, I don’t want this alliance to break. Abir says now Meenakshi has to answer me. She says no, she will make me out of this house, I have to stay here. She shouts and her dream ends. She thinks I can’t tell him anything. Meenakshi
asks what’s the matter. Abir says you can tell me. Nanu looks on. Parul says practice… Abir says I will dance if Parul dances with me. Meenakshi says sorry Abir, Parul has to come and make special dish for guests, she always supported me, I m sure she will come with me. Parul says I will be back.

Kunal asks Uma to make sure that no one disturbs him. Kuhu asks will we date in office. He asks how did Mishti catch you so soon. Mishti says Abir didn’t hear me. She asks Jugnu to go and call Abir. Jugnu says you are from enemy camp, Nidhi said you will steal our steps. Mishti says no, just call Abir. Kuhu says sorry. Kunal says I heard everything on the call, I begged mom not to end the alliance, back off, don’t help me, I will do the needful. Kuhu cries. He says I will save my brother without your help, take this voucher and go to spa, none should doubt, calm down. Mishti smiles seeing Abir. He asks her to say, is it about the pics. She says no, about the painting. Jugnu leaves some balloons in the air. Kunal catches the string. He says balloons are silly, let them fly off. Abir says I like balloons.

Kunal says trust me, you are better without the balloons. Mishti says you had gone to spa right. Kunal says Kuhu went to spa. Abir says Mishti and Kuhu love each other a lot. Meenakshi comes and says I m glad to see Mishti, can you come with me, you know Kuhu’s choice. Mishti goes to her. Varsha asks Kuhu to carry the bags. Jasmeet says go home, we will have icecream and come. Meenakshi asks Mishti do you like music. Mishti says yes, I like to play instruments, I learnt to live without those who wanted to live without me, I got the best family. Meenakshi says great, these are the few photos of mandap, tell me which one Kuhu will like. Mishti says you can ask her. Meenakshi says no, I want to surprise her, so I m asking you, you are her sister. Mishti says Kuhu would want to look like a bright bride, this white and gold mandap would be good. Meenakshi says thanks, send Kunal while you go.
Jasmeet asks what happened. Kuhu says a little fight, its between Kunal and me.

Jasmeet says plan something good for Kunal, I will help you. Abir says we dance together, that’s why we dance well. Mishti looks on and thinks how to tell my feelings to Abir. Abir says if I was in his place, I would have told my feelings in Sangeet. Mishti thinks you solved my problem again, I can’t do poetry like you, but I will do something which you haven’t thought about. She greets them. She says Kunal Meenakshi is calling you. Kunal goes. Mishti says we will meet tonight. She goes. Abir says she came here to talk about the painting, what did she want to say. Meenakshi asks Kunal did you fight with Kuhu, Uma told me, you promised me that you won’t get emotional. Kunal asks what if we got caught because of Kuhu. She says what if we get caught now. He says I don’t know what to do.

He says just do what I say, Mishti was thinking why I was talking to her sweetly, she didn’t realize that this mandap will burn because of her, if you want the enemy to become your puppet, we should talk with love, we don’t need Kuhu, we need Mishti. She burns mandap’s design. Kunal says Kuhu and I won’t get married, Mishti will be responsible for it. She says this function is your first test, Mishti shouldn’t go to Abir, Mishti has to go away from Abir, its about my family’s unity. Nanu welcomes Maheshwaris.Jasmeet asks did you choose the song. Kuhu says I don’t know how to convince Kunal. Nidhi compliments Jasmeet. They challenge each other for sangeet performances.

Jasmeet takes Varsha with her. She says the groom’s family has prepared well, we didn’t do anything, we will lose. Parul says we are celebrating together, there is no winning or losing, didn’t Mishti come. Varsha says she wants to do something special, she will be coming. Mishti comes. Jasmeet says just girl’s family will win. Mishti asks what. Jasmeet says we will win. Abir gets ready. Jugnu says you look like a hero. Abir asks did everyone come. Jugnu says yes, just Mishti didn’t come, you better get dressed well until she comes, you and Nanu talk so loudly that I heard it. Abir catches him and asks who else knows it. Jugnu says no one. Kunal comes and asks them what’s happening, come fast. Nanu comes dancing and jokes on Abir. Abir asks are you jealous. Nanu says I m a wise man, I know your hair is a problem in your love story, but I feel the problems will end today, Mishti will tell you something. Abir says no, Mishti doesn’t want to see the painting. Nanu says she will end her silence today. Meenakshi asks Kuhu why is she upset, did Kunal say anything. Kuhu asks isn’t he at home. Meenakshi says he is here, I will scold him and get him here.

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