Sacred Relationship Update Thursday 25 March 2021


Sacred Relationship 25 March 2021: starts with Nidhi saying Rajvansh family is ready. Jasmeet says we are not scared of you. Nidhi says then we shall start. Abir plays guitar. Kunal sings Dil kya kare…. and comes to Kuhu. He holds ears. Kuhu smiles. Kuhu and Kunal dance. Everyone dances around them. Meenakshi smiles. Nidhi asks did you lose or shall we show up something else. Jasmeet stops Mishti. Mishti says I have work. Kunal asks did you feel bad. Mishti says no, you did this for Kuhu, she is lucky. He says I want Kuhu to stay happy. Mishti says your relation didn’t break, I m happy. Nanu and Abir smile. Nanu says Kunal has shown that he has grown up, if this miracle can happen then Mishti will also do some magic. Abir says Mishti won’t do anything. Meenakshi says well done Kunal, keep Mishti busy,
so that I keep Abir away. Kunal says I m sorry. Kuhu says its okay.

Kaushal presents the next performance. Jugnu starts dancing. Abir joins him. Dholi taro dhol baaje….. Everyone smiles. Kunal, Kaushal, Nidhi, Ketki and others dance. Jasmeet makes a sad face. Varsha claps for them. Abir sees Mishti and sings. Meenakshi looks for Mishti. Everyone gets busy in dance. Kaushal calls Meenakshi for dance. Meenakshi signs Kunal. Atul stops Kunal and makes him dance. Nidhi asks Jasmeet how did she like their preparations, did she just come like this. Meenakshi asks Nidhi to stop it, Sangeet is to have fun. She asks where is Mishti. Jasmeet says it doesn’t matter, wherever she stays. She goes to Ketki and asks for Varsha. Ketki says she went to washroom. Abir says where is Mishti. Jasmeet says everyone is asking me about Mishti. Nanu says we were asking to know your plan. Abir says I told you Mishti won’t do anything.

Lights get dim. Mishti makes an announcement and says our families are same from heart, be ready, maybe someone confesses love today. Abir thinks I didn’t know she can do this. Jasmeet says Mishti’s surprise. Varsha, Rajshri and other women perform on Ghoomar. Abir clicks their pics. Mishti comes there. Abir smiles seeing her. Mishti dances with the women. Kuhu and Meenakshi look on. Kuhu says I m used to it, Mishti always does this, she managed to get all the attention again. Kunal says it will all be over after the wedding. He holds her hand.
Mishti messages to call Kuhu. Kuhu goes. Meenakshi comes to Kunal. Kuhu asks did you call me here to give Sangeet gift. Mishti says I didn’t call you to fight, hear them. Jasmeet says Garba and Ghoomar happened, no one cares about me Anshuman, no one did any Bhangra, does Sangeet happen like this, why did I come here. Kuhu says I haven’t danced yet. Mishti says we shall have a song for family.

Kuhu says yes. She asks Abir was he listening their talks, we were talking about our family. Abir says your family is my family too. Kuhu says Mishti’s ghoomar took all the attention, Nidhi is feeling bad. Abir says I will also do it, I love punjabi songs. Kunal says me too. Abir says great, it can be better than this, we four together. Mishti tells this to everyone. Abir says I have an announcement, we all have won today. Jasmeet says give prize to your family, we lost, none cares for me. Abir says you don’t cry, else I will cry, just see this. He shows the family performing on Gucci armani…. Everyone claps. Jasmeet and Nidhi also join them. Mishti falls in Abir’s arms. Music plays…. They have an eyelock. Mishti goes smiling and signs him. He gets a note in his pocket. He reads it. Janiya….plays…. Abir smiles.

Mishti buying balloons. She pays the man. She thinks of Abir and smiles. She goes on the bus top and says I kept marital courtship condition before marriage, I didn’t know Lord agreed to this, my courtship started the day I met Abir, you were worried for Ketki, we used to argue and didn’t know that we are same, we know family’s imp, you always used to tease me and convince me, that’s why you always defended me, you understood my fears and problems, Abir remember the day when you told me to give life a chance, you always gave me courage and made me smile, I find difficult to understand your poetry, but I understand what you mean to say, I can’t get a better life partner than you, you are ready to accept me, you don’t want to change me, I want to tell you I love you. She gets shocked seeing Meenakshi. Nidhi says everyone went fine for them. Jasmeet says yes, punjabi song played in the end.

Kaushal says right. Jasmeet says thanks.
Jasmeet says we didn’t come prepared as we are so good. Nidhi says my family supported you all. Abir says Mishti would be waiting. Kunal says I will just come. Kuhu says we got alone time, I will help you. Kunal says I don’t want anything to go wrong. Mishti says sorry, I thought its Abir. Meenakshi says even I couldn’t see you. She leaves the balloons in the air. She asks how did all this happen, so many things were happening and I was clueless. Mishti says I didn’t wish you to know this way. Meenakshi says no, you rejected Kunal, he was hurt, and now you love my other son Abir, enough, you won’t tell anything to Abir, just forget Abir, I beg you. Mishti says please don’t do this.


Meenakshi says you have to forget Abir, if Abir starts liking you then Kunal will feel bad, he will be heartbroken, the brothers will have a conflict, my family will be divided, please forget Abir. Kunal says I vented my anger on Kuhu, I don’t want her to break the alliance, help me. Abir says fine, I will just come. Kunal thinks I know you are calling Mishti, mum went after Mishti. He recalls Meenakshi asking him to stop Abir from going out of the house. Mishti gets Abir’s call. Meenakshi says don’t answer the call, I agreed for Kuhu and Kunal’s alliance, can’t you step back for my family. Mishti says you know Abir better than I do, you think he will forget this soon. Meenakshi says no. She recalls telling Kunal that she will do anything but not give up. Meenakshi says Abir will leave me, he will not listen to me, but do you think that if I ask Kunal not to be at the wedding, will he come there. Mishti gets shocked. Abir messages Mishti to wait for him. Mishti asks why will you tell this. Meenakshi says for my family, my sons will fight because of you. Mishti says I don’t want this, listen to me.

Meenakshi says you are trapping Abir, this isn’t because of Vishwamber and Rajshri’s upbringing, but your blood, you can’t become my bahu, how shall I trust you, you put condition of courtship and then you said you had a courtship with my other son Abir. Mishti says I didn’t want this matter to come out this way. Meenakshi says listen to me, I will never let my family fall apart, you will help me, if you don’t do this, then Kunal won’t come in mandap, its a decree.
Abir says you didn’t tell me that Kuhu fought with you. Kunal signs Kuhu and says sorry. Kuhu says he is apologizing now. Abir says I m your protector now. Kuhu says Abir and I are in same team. Kunal says Abir is the best. Abir says you are not so smart, its small thing. Kuhu says no, problem was serious. Mishti says he might hate me but he loves Kuhu. Meenakshi says Kunal loves Abir the most, if Kunal is asked to choose between Abir and Kuhu, he would choose his brother.

Kuhu asks what’s going on. Kunal asks Kuhu to stop Abir. Nidhi says we shall play antakshari, lets play. They all sit and play antakshari. Kunal asks Abir to spend time with them. Jasmeet sings. Abir thinks how shall I go out now. Meenakshi says you were waiting for Abir, why didn’t he come, he loves Kunal more than you, he must be with Kunal. Mishti says I know, I respect it. Meenakshi says you know but you don’t agree, you can never come in between both the brothers. Nanu sings and dances. Abir messages, don’t get angry, I m reaching, please wait for me. Rajshri calls Mishti.

Mishti says why would I do that. She answers. Rajshri asks where are you, come soon. Meenakshi makes video call to Nidhi.
Nidhi says everyone is playing antakshari. Abir, Shaurya and Jugnu sing Banno tera swagger and dance. Mishti and Meenakshi see them on video call. Meenakshi stumbles by the wire. She turns and sees the smoke. She says you did many things to impress Abir. Mishti says I want to go to my family. Meenakshi says even I want to go to my family, if I ask Kunal then he won’t marry Kuhu, if you want to test my belief, then be my guest, you are most welcome.

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