Sacred Relationship Update Thursday 24 June 2021

Sacred Relationship 24 June 2021: The Episode starts with Abir hurting his hand. Mishti worries. Abir says its okay, I m fine. They come to Ketki. Kuhu hears them. Ketki disconnects. Abir says sorry Varun. Kuhu says whose number can this be. Abir says I will manage, sorry, the plan spoiled because of me. Ketki asks Varun to call the doctor. Abir says Mishti and I will go to the doctor, you guys stay. Mishti says yes. Abir says Varun will drop Ketki after lunch. Mishti says we can come and pick. Abir says he will drop Ketki. Varun says I will take you to doctor, Mishti can stay here with Ketki. Mishti asks them not to worry, they will leave.

Jugnu calls Abir. He says I didn’t learn to use laptop. He sees Nidhi. Nidhi scolds him. She calls Parul and Kuhu there. She says Jugnu was using the laptop. Jugnu says I was just cleaning the place, don’t you trust me, call Abir and ask. Nidhi says don’t disturb him, he went to Varun’s house. She asks Kuhu to check the laptop. Kuhu says yes. She checks the laptop. Nidhi sees the girl’s lahenga pics. Nidhi says Jugnu was seeing this. Jugnu says no, I was doing my work. Parul asks Nidhi to end the matter. She asks him to never touch Abir’s laptop and just clean the room. She asks him to come and help. They go. Nidhi says Abir is buying beautiful lahenga for Mishti, I will ask Ketki to have it. She goes. Kuhu thinks.

Mishti says you said we will go to the doctor. Abir says yes, I have called the doctor here. They enter the NGO office. She finds him worried. He says its tough for me to say this, as tough as its for you to hear this. Nidhi says I want that lahenga, everyone is chanting Mishti’s name, Abir can give lahenga for Ketki, he doesn’t love Ketki. Varun and Ketki come. Varun says he doesn’t. He laughs and says its a joke, sorry, it was a perfect opportunity. Kuhu asks about Abir and Mishti. Varun says they had some urgent work, Abir loves Ketki and you all. Kuhu says correct, Mishti is more imp for him, Ketki is most imp to me, I will design Ketki’s lahenga. Varun says fine, I will go now. He goes. Mishti asks what happened.

Abir says everything was going fine and… She says I spoiled it like always, tell me what is it. He says I don’t think you should meet that guy’s family, we can’t help them now, if they don’t believe you and go to police then. She says I will just meet them, let me see them well, I forgot to live a normal life. Abir says even then you want to talk to them. She says I always think of that family, I ruined them, I have to face them once. He says the result can be worse. She says I always told you, I will do as you said. He says you shouldn’t meet them, no, you aren’t ready to meet that guy’s family, that’s it. He goes and thinks I can bear your annoyance, but none can bear the truth. Meenakshi asks did Abir come. Parul says no. She gets Mrs. Soni’s call. Mrs. Soni says you can call me Nirmala.

Meenakshi says fine. Nirmala says nothing is fine, its because of Ketki. Meenakshi asks why. Nirmala says Ketki is lucky for Varun, he got a new deal, he has to go to America next month, we wanted him to marry Ketki and take him along, the mahurat is after two months. Meenakshi says I will talk to Nidhi and Kaushal and call back. She says Nirmala ji called, she wants the marriage to happen in two weeks, so that she can also go to US. Abir says if Ketki is happy then I m with you, those who love us won’t take wrong decision for us. Meenakshi says Kunal can’t attend the marriage, we have to keep the marriage in two weeks, I want to ask you, Kunal can’t come, are you with me. Abir says yes, I always fulfill my responsibilities, I m with you. Mishti says congrats and goes. Nidhi says she said congrats and left, Abir won’t you go after her. Kaushal asks what are you saying. Nidhi says Abir and Mishti made the house so dull, everyone was happy for Abir’s marriage, we didn’t like Mishti, we like Varun, even then everyone has upset face. Kaushal apologizes to Abir. Abir asks him not to say sorry, she has a right to scold.

Kaushal says Nidhi has much pressure on her, I also got to know it now, I can’t make a mistake here, its about my daughter’s life, you spent time with Varun, if you feel anything is wrong, then you would have told me, is Varun a right life partner for Ketki. Abir says he is a great guy, I feel he will keep Ketki happy, Mishti and I are happy and with you.Abir thinks Mishti can’t know that the guy was Varun’s brother. Meenakshi asks Abir not to go anywhere. Ketki asks is the marriage date fixed. Abir jokes. He says I will try my best that Kunal comes home. Mishti asks why isn’t Abir listening to me, is he upset on me. She sees Kuhu in the room. Kuhu says I m finding the reason, what has happened to you, you are not answering me, I will find out. Mishti stops her.

Kuhu scolds her. He says everyone was doubting Abir because of you, you make excuse of illness and fill Abir’s ears, what’s your problem. Mishti asks why do you care. Kuhu says no one has a problem that Kunal isn’t here, you were selfish, you got more selfish, I will find out. Mishti asks her to get out, she can’t talk to her rudely. She pushes Kuhu out and shuts the door. She cries. Abir is with the family. He smiles seeing them. He thinks of Varun. Parul asks him to have juice. Kaushal says you didn’t make the guest list, I will help you. He says we will ask Kuhu to call Jasmeet. Nidhi asks what. She scolds him. Abir smiles. Ketki says I have to ask something, Varun was close to his brother, why don’t we keep a puja for them. Abir shouts no. They look on.

Nidhi saying I like Ketki’s idea, we will keep the puja. Abir says we can do this later, we shall concentrate on happiness. Meenakshi and Parul agree. Nidhi says when groom’s family wants the puja, who is he to decide. Kaushal says Ketki’s brother, he loves Ketki a lot, he advised this for her good. Parul asks what happened. He asks did you see Jugnu. She says no, you can tell me what’s the matter, you look worried. Abir says no, I had to get a letter from NGO. Parul says I had got letters from the letter box, check in these letters. He gets it and thanks her. She asks why are you worried. He says I have some work and Mishti’s health related stress. She goes. He says who is sending the letters, Jugnu didn’t get anything in the cctv footage. Kaushal and Nidhi make the guest list. Nidhi writes Abir’s name. Meenakshi asks why did you write his name in guest list. Nidhi says he has no time for us, I feel he will come as a guest. Meenakshi asks her not to worry, Abir will be part of the marriage, Abir may refuse, but Mishti won’t, I will talk to Mishti. Parul looks on.

Abir reads, you don’t have much time Mishti, everyone will know the truth. Abir says how can this happen, who was there that night, if I hide this from Mishti, then I have to break the promise, if this truth comes out, then Ketki’s marriage will break, do I have to hide it from Mishti that the guy was Varun’s brother. The letter flies to Mishti. Abir says I need to talk. She says sorry for what happened at the NGO, we were together and still far, you found a way, rope of hope. He asks won’t you do this for me. She says I don’t know if I can be so selfless, I fought with you. He says its your right to fight with me. She asks are you not upset. He says no. She says thank God, I was so worried, I will not ask about that family. He says I thought a lot, you can find about the family if you feel better, I found them, they stay in US, that guy came here for some time, it will be best that you write a letter for that family, don’t write your name. She says yes, thanks Abir for understanding that its imp to do this. He say write a letter for them, I will post, give me this letter.

He asks her to stop. She asks what’s in this letter. He says I will tell you, give it to me. He takes the letter. She says I trust you, why are you lying now, you can’t hide anything from me, you can’t hide from me, I got your shayari diary, this letter has the shayari right. He smiles and nods. He does shayari while seeing the letter. She thanks him. Jasmeet comes and meets Kuhu. Kuhu cries. Jasmeet asks what happened, stop crying, Nidhi is coming. Nidhi and Kaushal greet Jasmeet. They say Abir and Mishti are busy. Jasmeet says Kuhu will manage everything, I have come to help her, you are our fav, we will work in Ketki’s marriage. Kaushal says so sweet but Nidhi doesn’t need your help. Nidhi says he is funny, she has come to help, say sorry. Jasmeet says you make world’s best tea. Kaushal says it means you have to make it. They go. Kuhu says I cried on seeing you after many days. Jasmeet asks her to say it. Kuhu says Mishti asked me to get out from her room. Jasmeet says don’t worry, we will expose Mishti’s truth. Kuhu nods. Mishti writes a letter…. I got to know family’s importance later, I know I can’t understand your pain, I know the pain of losing family, I m sorry. Parul says computer isn’t working fine. Abir checks the laptop. He fixes it. She says sit here for some time. He says fine. The lady asks Parul to tell the story.

Parul says we will tell the story of Kanha ji, Lord Shri Krishna. She says its not true that Mahabharat war happened because of Kanha ji, he took the peace proposal to unite Kauravas and Pandavas, but it didn’t happen. Abir smiles hearing her. Parul continues the story. She says Krishna said war is a reason for destruction, war is a sign of ego, not wisdom, he had got his people and left Mathura, the enemies made fun of him that he has run away, he wasn’t a coward, he got a new name Ranchod, he was much sensible, those we love, we should save them, and take them away from evil, its a sign of maturity. Abir gets an idea. Parul asks how do you feel now. She says I lied and made you sit here, this lie will be forgiven to lessen the pain. Abir recalls his lie. He thanks her and says you are the best.

Meenakshi comes to Mishti. She says since you came, this house and Abir aren’t the same, if you are unwell, then I can get you treated by the best doctors, talk to Rajshri about the problem, free Abir from it, if Ketki’s marriage gets any problem… Mishti says sorry, Abir will do all the arrangements, I promise, trust me. Meenakshi says sorry, I can’t trust you. Mishti says fine, but give me a chance. Abir calls out Meenakshi.

Everyone gets busy in preparations. They dance. Yeh rishte….plays….. Abir thinks no one knows which moment comes in the life and what it brings, I will celebrate with my family. Parul nods to him. He smiles and claps for the family. Mishti looks at him. Jasmeet says I think they are upto something. She asks Mishti how is she. Mishti says better since you have come. Abir says its good you came. Meenakshi says now it looks like we have a marriage happening here. Kaushal says Abir, we have to make the guest list. Meenakshi says I will send the cards to Nirmala. Mishti asks shall I take the cards. Jasmeet says Mishti surely spoils things. Nidhi laughs. Meenakshi asks Nidhi to take the cards herself. Nidhi says sorry. Mishti asks shall I give it to Abir. Meenakshi says okay. Mishti asks shall I make lunch for everyone. Parul asks her to make it. Kuhu says everyone was upset, they got normal, they forgot what she did, typical Mishti. Mishti gets the food. Abir sees a letter for him. He sees Mishti. Meenakshi says Jasmeet and Kuhu are deciding food menu, they will need time. Meenakshi asks whose letter is that. Abir worries when she takes it.

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