Sacred Relationship Update Wednesday 2 June 2021

Sacred Relationship 2 June 2021: Vishwamber asking Mishti to think. He goes to meet Jasmeet. Abir goes. Mishti turns and says Abir. He calls her out. He jokes. She hugs him. They have a talk. They hear Jasmeet. Mishti asks Abir to just go. Abir and Mishti apologize to Mishti. Jasmeet says I have to go. Abir says I have something that your son has, which I can never get. Jasmeet asks what. He says a loving mother, I don’t know how it feels to have a loving mum, he is very lucky, forgive me and Mishti, sorry. Jasmeet says I don’t want to talk to anyone. She goes.
Mishti says Meenakshi is ready to accept me. He asks can you trust her, I will go, good night. She hugs him. He says we will meet tomorrow, think about living separately from family. He goes.

Meenakshi asks about the mahurat. Pandit says 15th. Nidhi asks how so soon, Mishti’s third marriage got cancelled, so fast. Kunal says why not, its best date. He calls Parul as Maa. Parul says Kunal is talking yo you. She goes. Kunal says I was saying that 15th feb mahurat is good. Meenakshi says really, I also think so, I don’t want any delay now. Kunal asks shall I call them. She says yes. He asks Kuhu to come. Abir comes. Parul asks Abir are you happy. Kunal asks him to enjoy the freedom. Nanu says this marriage should be different. Nidhi says Kuhu will make it well. Nanu says I will challenge her Kuhuness, marriage will be different. Meenakshi says yes, it will be very different. Abir thinks they love me a lot, they can’t stay without me, but Mishti and Maa…. He recalls Vishwamber’s words.
Kuhu thinks Kunal, talk about me, not about Mishti and Abir. Kunal says Nanu was right, Abir’s function should be amazing, it depends on you, think well, we don’t have time. She asks what else is there.

She checks the calendar. Mishti gets roses for Jasmeet. Varsha asks Jasmeet did she want this marriage to happen. Jasmeet says no, Mishti broke this marriage, Vishwamber and Rajshri lost Akshara, and got Mishti here, what did we get, we thought so much for her, what did she do, she broke relation with Nannu and broke this house, she is going to become Kuhu’s Jethani, think about Kuhu, Mishti breaks the house in which she goes, worry for Kuhu now, not me. Mishti gets hurt.
Kuhu sees Kunal gone. She says he doesn’t remember this date’s meaning, does he want to celebrate. Kunal says thanks for reminding, I had an imp meeting, I got that cancelled. Kuhu thinks Kunal didn’t want to marry me, why will he remember the marriage’s end, I will be alone always.

Nidhicomes. She says your family is coming, come with me for puja arrangements, Meenakshi said marriage should be lavish. Kunal says we will do as Kuhu says. Mishti gets Abir’s video call. She says Ajeev rajvansh. Nanu says I m not so strange. She says sorry, I didn’t know its you. He says I have called to see your face. She asks are you still awake. He says yes, youngsters life starts at night. Abir is changing. Nanu comes to Abir’s room. He asks Abir to talk to Mishti, his fiancee is on line. He goes. Abir talks to Mishti. They smile. She recalls Jasmeet’s words. She says I left this dream, when its going to complete, I feel scared. He says I will make your every dream true. She says if there is any problem this time. He says then we will run away, tell me, how did you like the view. She says shut up. She ends call. Abir says finally, its happening. Its morning, Mishti talks to Kanha ji and says if Abir and I are so wrong, then why do I feel everything right with him. Rajshri comes. She compliments. She says Nannu sent a letter for you. Mishti gets it. Rajshri says we have to leave soon, don’t delay. Mishti asks shouldn’t two sisters get married in same house. Rajshri asks did Kuhu say anything. Mishti says no, people say so, is it really bad. Abir comes home. Nanu asks what’s up. Abir says nothing, I don’t know how is this happening. Nanu says you didn’t lose, that’s why this day has come, Meenu has agreed.

Abir says Meenakshi agreed for this relation, I don’t know if she is really ready to accept Mishti or not. Nanu says of course not, but she has no choice, she loves you a lot, I can either trust her or doubt my upbringing, I want to trust her. Abir asks what about Vishwamber who is trusting me, what shall I do. Meenakshi says give me a chance to win your trust, give me a chance to rectify my mistakes. He asks what will you do, you used to hate Mishti. She says yes, but you love her, and I love you, I could have lost you forever in that accident, I want to tell you a truth. He asks which truth. She says Nannu has acted drunk in front of his family, it was my idea. Nanu asks what. She says yes, I accept this truth, it was my last try to snatch Mishti from you.

Rajshri says every relation gets own problems along, you are going to marry in a house where everyone loves Kuhu, and few people love you, your relation with Nannu was of friendship, we made it complicated by talking about marriage. Mishti asks is it in our hand to keep it simple. Rajshri says yes. Meenakshi says I love my sons a lot, I can do anything to protect them. Abir says if Mishti’s family knows this, they will break the relation. She says I won’t hide anything, I want to win your trust, I won’t do wrong and won’t let anyone do wrong with Mishti, please give me a chance.Mishti removing her engagement ring. She reads Nannu’s letter and smiles. He writes… You and Abir are right, its not your mistake, you saw me getting drunk, I promise, I will never do this, you have to promise, that you will marry Abir and always stay happy. Mishti says I have to promise and be happy now, Nannu made a big sacrifice for me, I won’t disappoint him. Rajshri calls her. Meenakshi says Abir is marrying, so he will marry in his way, the sarees will go from your NGO. She asks Nidhi and Parul to select sarees, where is Parul. Kunal says she is with Abir. Meenakshi thinks will she ask Abir not to trust me. Nidhi asks Kunal to take a saree for Kuhu.

Kunal thinks what colour shall I choose, Kuhu is a rainbow. Kunal gets the lawyer’s call. Vishwamber asks Mishti are you ready. Rajshri asks Jasmeet not to get sad. Jasmeet says my heart is broken, but I won’t let this house break. Rajshri hugs her. Vishwamber thanks her. He says I trusted my family, I m proud of my family, you proved that our family is not like Rajvansh family. Shaurya says Rajvansh family will break. They leave. The lawyer gives the divorce notice. He says I came to give this to you, this doesn’t matter if you don’t sign, if you don’t want to take divorce. Kunal asks can this happen. Shaurya gets the notice. Mishti says I will keep it in my purse.

Parul does Abir’s aarti. Nanu asks Abir to have shots, why is he drinking jalamrit. Abir says you prepared me for puja. Parul says nothing will go wrong. Abir says anything can happen, I told you what mum made Nishant do. Parul says she told you the truth, she took a big risk. Nanu says yes, but matter got worse, Vishwamber and his family are coming today, but I m not happy, but afraid, many relations broke. Abir looks on. Nidhi calls them.Mishti messages Abir for a meet. Kunal comes to Kuhu and calls her out. She says I m getting ready, you go. He takes her dress and keeps the saree. He goes. He counts down. She asks where is my dress. Abir comes to Mishti and hides his face. She jokes. He says I don’t know I should see you or not. She says its not our marriage today, you can see me. He asks if she thought of living nuclear. She says I don’t want to think, I want to stay happy today. He says we will be forever happy. She asks did your mom say anything, I felt she maybe angry, she doesn’t like me. He asks does these talks make you happy. She says fine, I won’t talk, I need some time, maybe this decision is right for Kuhu, Kunal and your mom, but how will the family live without you. He asks her to think well, they will decide it together. He holds her hand.

Kunal asks didn’t you like it, I selected it, I wanted to give you a gift, I got this from Abir’s Ngo. She says I don’t know wearing sarees. He says I will make you wear it by following internet. She asks him to go. He thinks please wear the saree. She thinks why is he gifting me saree. Meenakshi thanks Vishwamber for coming. She says Nannu did a good thing, Jasmeet proved she is a nice mum and really good bahu. She apologizes to her. Kunal greets them. Varsha asks for Kuhu. Nidhi says she is getting ready, her work is pending, she has to get decorations from Mishti’s other marriage. Kunal says Nidhi has to make everyone awkward once. Nanu says there is a joker in every family, Nidhi is the joker here. Jasmeet says Nannu was the joker in our family, he used to make us laugh, he left.

Kuhu comes and says I m looking combo of hot and cool, right. Kunal thinks to ignore. He asks why didn’t you wear the saree. She says we are going to end this marriage, you don’t remember the date. He says I forgot. She says I forgot to wear the saree. Abir and Mishti come. Abir says I have given you this fear, I promised to keep Mishti happy, I want to make another promise, I will keep you all happy, Jasmeet you shall smile. Meenakshi says repentance needs time, its time for puja, we can keep their marriage on 15th feb, I know its too soon but… Vishwamber says I don’t want to delay and get more hurdles. She says I had put those hurdles. He says we will do what our daughter wants. Meenakshi gives shagun to Mishti. Abir says we are not in much hurry, Nannu isn’t here, he wanted this relation to happen, he made me promise that I won’t let Mishti cry, Maa I know you tried to be happy with me, you are trying to accept Mishti, I know Mishti, she will also try to prove that she is right bahu, I don’t want to force anyone, love can’t be forced, I don’t want you to force yourself every day, I want you not to become part of this marriage. They all get shocked. Nanu shouts what. Mishti says Abir…..

Meenakshi calls Parul. She says I had saved this shagun for my bahu, no problem, Parul give this shagun to Mishti, thanks. Abir signs Parul. Meenakshi says Mishti, its your day, don’t think about me.She cries and says you are Abir’s happiness, I will give Abir his happiness, my blessing will always be with you, stay happy, my would be Bahu. She asks Abir to smile. She goes. Mishti thinks if this right, Meenakshi will hate her even more now, is this right that mom stays away from son’s celebrations, is Abir right, what shall I tell him.

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