Sacred Relationship Update Tuesday 1 June 2021

Sacred Relationship 1 June 2021: Meenakshi saying let us go inspector, we have to find my son. Inspector says let the ambulance go first, then you can go. Abir drives the ambulance and says no, I have to be strong. Mishti calls Kunal and says Abir is in some ambulance, he isn’t at lakeside. Kunal asks what. Meenakshi thinks it would be Mishti. Mishti says Abir would have gone to my home. Abir comes to the temple and recalls Mishti’s words. He says she knew my dad is wrong like I know that Nishant is wrong, she could have told me and broken my heart, I have to tell her that Nishant is lying. A truck comes there. Mishti doesn’t see the ambulance and drives past. Kunal says Abir isn’t at lake, Mishti went there. Meenakshi says why would she tell us truth, I think he is at lake. Kunal says why will she lie, she left her marriage to find Abir, she w ill find him, I m tracking her. Abir prays and rings the bell. Mishti comes back to the temple.

He prays that he tells Nishant’s truth to Mishti. She sees the ambulance and says where shall I find him, where can he be. She says why am I drawn to this sound, why do I feel that Abir is here. She climbs on the bus top and shouts Abir. Abir shouts Mishti….. She turns and sees him at the temple stairs. Dheere dheere….plays…. She asks are you fine. He climbs on the bus roof. She holds his hand. They hug. He asks how did you reach here. She says I felt something happened to you. He asks are you fine. She asks are you fine. They hug. He says its your marriage, did you run away, did you ask Rajshri. She nods. He asks why. She says I wanted to do what you wanted to do on Karwachauth night, I would have said yes, we will run away and get married, then we will convince everyone, I want to fight along with you, not with you, I felt you are in danger, our togetherness and love are right, we both are right. He says yes.

She says we will go somewhere, take me somewhere. He says yes, we will do this, I promise I won’t let anyone come between yes. Meenakshi shouts Abir. Nannu shouts Mishti. Abir and Mishti see their families and say we shall talk. Nannu asks Mishti to come down, he needs to talk. Kunal helps Mishti. Nannu pushes Kunal. Abir holds her hand. Abir asks Nannu to leave her hand. Nannu says you will leave her hand, she is my would be wife, leave her. Abir asks else, are you threatening me. Nannu says go home, I don’t want to fight. Abir says even I don’t want to fight. She says Nannu…. Nannu says don’t call me Nannu, come home with me. He asks Abir to leave her hand. Mishti gets hurt when Nannu pulls her. Abir leaves her hand and says sorry. Vishwamber asks Nannu what is he doing, he was hurting Mishti. Nannu says I m sorry. Jasmeet argues.
Rajshri comes with Shaurya. She says Mishti won’t marry Nishant. Vishwamber asks will you go against me. Rajshri says I will support Mishti, we shall listen to her, its about her entire life, Meenakshi always said that Mishti came from broken family, Jasmeet calls her Muboli/namesake, everyone makes her realize thar she is not part of our family. Vishwamber says no, this guy also gave her tears, his mum always threatens Mishti.

They argue. Mishti says sorry, you are fighting because of me. Abir says you scold me, please, I m sorry, three lives will be ruined with this marriage, she just loves me. Vishwamber says even then you left her. He says I have come back, please give me a chance. Vishwamber says Rajshri always tells me that I didn’t listen to you, I will ask you once again, what do you want. Jasmeet asks Mishti to say. Mishti says I m sorry. Jasmeet says I m sorry for the day when Vishwamber and Rajshri got you home. Parul comes with Nanu and Kuhu. Mishti says I knew this will happen, I was afraid that you will regret to get me into this family.

Shaurya asks why did you run away from the house. Mishti says I was feeling that Abir is in danger, I just wanted to see if he was fine, he met with an accident. Kuhu asks what, are you okay. Abir says fine. Mishti says for you, Abir is the guy who broke my heart, but for me, he is the guy who made me meet my family, there was a reason for his doing, the reason was, he thinks about his family first and then for himself. Vishwamber says he didn’t think for you once. Jasmeet says enough, you forgot its Nannu’s marriage. Mishti says I said yes for marriage, its my mistake, I was wrong, its not fair that I punish Nannu, I don’t know what will happen with Abir and me, but I can’t tie him with a relation which has no love, he doesn’t deserve a marriage which is just a compromise. Jasmeet scolds her for running away for Abir.

Rajshri stops her. Mishti says let Jasmeet say it, Nannu said that he will help Abir and me unite if Abir loves me, I didn’t know how much hurt you will be, Nishant, I tried the best to give a chance to our relation, I will spend my entire life in trying, but I can never love you. Nannu says you tell me, why did you leave the house, because you felt Abir isn’t safe, or that you love Abir, you know I deserve this answer. Mishti says I love Abir.Mishti saying I love Abir, I can’t live and exist without him, I knew you all will see me like this, I couldn’t see your hatred, so I ran away, I know you all feel I cheated you, after all I m not your blood, I know since you got me in this house, I just increased your problems, I don’t deserve this family, love, and pity, that’s why I m going. Nannu says its time for me to leave, not you. They all stop him.

Jasmeet says everything got over. Nannu says please let me go. Abir says listen to your mum, she loves you a lot. Jasmeet scolds him. She says Meenakshi will never accept Mishti as bahu, this drama will happen always. Abir says I promise, nothing will happen to Nishant. Nannu says its my marriage, my day, I guess you want to make everyone yours, its the same temple where you both confessed love, you have won. Abir says I m sorry. Kuhu asks Mishti will she let Nannu go, he loves her a lot.

Abir turns to go. Nannu asks him to stop, he has won. Vishwamber says I need to talk to you. Nannu says Abir should talk, he was nearly dying, why isn’t he saying, he won’t say even when I drag Mishti to hero. Abir says sorry. Nannu asks why are you not saying about the accident, I can’t lie more. Abir says you are Mishti’s best friend, I know it since Mishti called me Nannu. Nannu says you know what I did when she told Abir instead my name, I tried to get this marriage happen soon, I m not a hero, you aren’t a villain, Abir’s accident happened because of me. Mishti asks what. Abir says you didn’t do anything intentionally, you didn’t know swimming. Nannu says I could have called someone for help, I told you that I m an addict, I m so weak, I didn’t save Abir and came home to rush with the rituals, he is saving me, I hate it that he is better than me, he is better for Mishti, this is Mishti and Abir’s story, I m just a part of this story. Jasmeet cries.

Nannu says sorry, your son couldn’t become a hero, I could have become hero by uniting them, I couldn’t become good son and good friend, I had used Mishti’s trust, when I heard them talking…. Abir says this family loves you a lot, they loved me also, don’t lose them. Nannu says Abir is just like Mishti, please Dadu, get them married. Nannu says I was getting addicted to Mishti, I will end this addiction, I m going, mom bless them in marriage. He says Kuhu, you did world best decorations, you have to do it again. Kuhu hugs him. Nannu says I have to go, if you make Mishti cry again… Abir says then you will hit my car for real. Nannu asks Mishti not to cry. Nannu says I would have stayed back, but I fell in love with you, I can’t see you marrying someone, send me the pics and make me much jealous. Mishti hugs him. Jasmeet says don’t leave me. He says I want to be alone for some time. He leaves with Kuhu.

Abir says sorry, you all had faced a lot of sorrow because of me. Meenakshi asks Mishti to come with her. She takes Mishti to the temple. She says Maa you know everything, I never liked Mishti. Mishti signs Abir to stop. Meenakshi says yes, I never liked Mishti, I have made all fair and unfair attempts to make her away, I was losing Abir, I got him because of Mishti. She cries and says I did everything for the family, I didn’t have any other motive. She apologizes to Vishwamber and everyone. Kunal hugs Parul happily.

Meenakshi says I know you and Abir confessed love here, I promise you, if you give us Mishti, I will always try that she becomes the luckiest bahu in the world. She rings the temple bell. She says I, Meenakshi Rajvansh ask Mishti’s hand for my son Abir Rajvansh. Abir sees Mishti. Meenakshi says I want to make Mishti my bahu, but I will wait for your answer and apology. Nannu stops the car. Kuhu asks what happened. Nannu says I will go from here, you drive home safely. She says you are leaving me again because of Mishti, she broke your heart. He says no, I broke my heart myself, I knew she doesn’t love me, even then I loved her, who does this. Kuhu says love isn’t a choice, its helpless, you aren’t a duffer, Mishti is a duffer. She hugs him. He says thanks for supporting me, will you do one thing, plan Abir and Mishti’s marriage. She says no way. He says Mishti is still my best friend, I want the best wedding planner for her. She nods.

He leaves. She says Mishti, you have a hobby to hurt my family, I hate you.
Rajshri gets tea for Vishwamber. He gets up. She says you are upset. He says I should have done that, I m upset, I have seen Mishti’s pain which Abir gave her, not the pain which we gave her. She says don’t blame yourself. Mishti comes and says there is no difference between you and Abir, who love me the most. Kuhu comes to room. Kunal says we did it, mum has asked for Mishti’s hand, I owe you big time, its my turn, I want to rectify my mistakes, your family won’t have any problem, I will help you in planning Abir and Mishti’s marriage, trust me, I won’t do any drama, I won’t get angry or fight, I m saying the truth, I just want to see your family happy, what can be better than this. She says yes, Mishti’s fairy tale completed, I m much tired, we shall talk later.

Mishti says you accepted me when no one….. Rajshri says I will slap you now. Mishti says sorry. Rajshri says we got lucky since the day you came here, your bidaai days are coming, Meenakshi has asked for Mishti’s hand. She goes. Vishwamber says I was thinking that my decision was wrong, a father’s duty is to protect children, I won’t be able to protect you from Meenakshi if you marry Abir, I m tensed and want to keep you away, I don’t trust her, do you still want to become bahu of that house. Abir looks on.

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