Sacred Relationship Update Wednesday 12 May 2021


Sacred Relationship 12 May 2021: starts with Nannu asking how can Abir feel it when he didn’t talk to you. Mishti says he can feel, he spoke to me, you didn’t listen. He says he said his brother is right. She says he said how are you Mishti, I m worried for you, don’t feel bad, Kunal is protective of him. He asks when did he say, what did he say when he said about family complications. She says his family is complicated, he can’t explain it, he is special. He says we do what we experience, my experience says that he cares for you, but he won’t come back to you. She says he will come back, I will prove it. He says I like your attitude, you started the game, I will take it ahead, lets see how takes it ahead.

He calls Khushi and asks her to invite Rajvansh brothers for an off side meeting. Mishti says he will come. He asks what if he doesn’t come. She says he will come. She takes the tea and thinks of Abir. She gets the little Kanha idol from the gift box. She says you are very cute, just I know how much I cried in front of you, you know how much I love Abir, why did Abir leave me, I don’t know, but I know he won’t be happy by hurting me, its proved today, he loves me, thanks for hearing my confession and for giving me a friend like Nannu, if Nannu didn’t get me back, I would have not known that Abir is lying to me, he is doing a drama that he doesn’t love me, but his eyes say the truth even today.Two months back in London, Mishti stays sad. Nannu says I know you want me to leave you alone, you are my best friend, I also told the same ten years back, you didn’t leave me alone. She says you needed me that time. He says you need me now, tell me, what do you want.

Mishti says I want him to accept, I know he is lying. He asks are you sure. She says more than I believe myself. He says I don’t know this love, better eat icecreams and pizza, fine I don’t believe in love, but I believe you, go back to Rajkot, not alone, with me, we will make him sure that you moved on, if he loves you, he can’t tolerate this. She asks will you do this for me. He says of course. She thanks him. He says you will need me if you are right or wrong.
She says I m right, Abir loves me a lot, you will see it. FB ends. Mishti says I can bet that he loves me. Abir makes a painting and cries thinking of Mishti and Nannu. He thinks so much changed in two months, just I didn’t changed, I can’t tell this to you, she smiles without me. Mishti comes there. He wears glasses on hearing foot steps. He sees Mishti. Rajshri comes to Nannu. She asks the fitness secret. She says Varsha prepared special pasta for you. Shaurya says you should also try, I m inspired seeing Nannu’s physique. Nannu says if I wasn’t habitual to drugs in childhood, I would have not been a fitness freak now. Rajshri says forget it, we have forgiven you. Nannu says I remember the time so that I don’t repeat it. Rajshri asks did Mishti forget too. Abir steps back.

Mishti removes his glasses. He turns away.
She asks were you missing me. He asks why would I. She says you didn’t forget me yet. He says you forgot me right. She asks you think I m acting. He asks why did you come back. She says because of Nannu, he convinced me with love, look at this, he gifted this chain to me, its beautiful right. He says its your life, your choice, I have no interest. She asks why did you ask. He says I have to be kind with a client. She says I hope you will come for the meeting, I want to bring Nannu here when there is no one, I want to tell him that I used to work here. He says why, I don’t care wherever you and your BF go. She says fine, we are going. He says Kunal and I will come. His hand touches her. The red color gets on her hand. She looks at him. Rajshri says don’t lie to me. Nannu says Mishti has learnt to handle herself, she is very happy. Rajshri asks really, will you tell me if there is anything. Nannu says yes, please trust me now. Mishti calls Nannu and says he will come, Nannu. He says don’t call me Nannu, else I will tell everyone. She says he said he will come, I m so happy. He says I m happy for you, I hope you are right about him. She says I know I m happy. Kunal looks for Kuhu. He sees her bag. He sees the calendar dates. Nidhi comes crying.

She asks Kunal to stop Kuhu. Kunal asks what can I do, its her decision, our marriage…. Kuhu comes and asks why these sarees. Nidhi says for you. Kunal says you are doing, you told everything to Nidhi, you said you need three months. Kuhu shouts shut up. He asks what. Kuhu says I know Nidhi will miss me, I won’t need these sarees. Nidhi asks what were you saying Kunal. Kuhu says I will tell you. Nidhi goes. Kuhu says you were going to tell truth to Nidhi, I m going for an event for two days, I didn’t know I need your permission. He says you should have informed me, Nidhi was crying. She says she would miss me, I need to go, I have to do shopping as well. He says go. He gets sad. She looks at him and goes. Meenakshi asks what is it for M. Kaushal says I asked Uma to find it. She says let me know. Kaushal says Uma said Nishant M called Abir and Kunal somewhere out of the city, they would be going for few days. She says they didn’t tell me. He gets a call. He says I got the details. She says fast, Abir looks different, I have to find out about Nishant M.Abir asks Nidhi what happened. Nidhi says Kuhu is going for two days, Meenakshi didn’t tell her anything. Abir says you should support her. Nidhi says she is going away. Kunal says she is crying for this little thing. Abir says its perfect for you, we are also going, you won’t miss her much. Kunal asks are you sure, Mishti will be there. Abir says you will also be there. Kunal says I m always with you. Abir says mum shouldn’t know about it


Kaushal colliding with Nidhi. He says sorry, I had much work. Nidhi says everyone is busy today. He says I have opened the laptop, I checked the emails, I have found about Nishant and presented the link to Meenakshi. Abir hears this and thinks did mum know that Nishant M is Nishant Maheshwari. He sees Meenakshi checking about Nishant. He shouts Maa, we have to go for offsite meeting. She says you may attend it, I would say, don’t go now. He asks didn’t you eat medicines. He makes water fall on the laptop. He says sorry, I will get a new laptop for you. She says it had imp files, don’t say sorry now. Kunal asks are you discussing the secrets without me. She says I don’t want you to go for offsite meeting. Kunal says mum loves me more. Abir says fine, we won’t go in this meeting. Nannu asks are you ready. Mishti says yes, no Nish Mish attack, he will feel bad. He teases her. He says I don’t know your love, its so difficult. She says its easy, you didn’t understand it, since you never fell in love, you can’t run away from love, one day love defeats you, that day will be best day of your life. He asks really. She says yes, you will tell me. He asks if you lose, if he doesn’t come, then. She says he will come.

He says really, I got a message. He reads Kunal’s message… we can’t come, sorry, we have a family emergency. He says Kunal messaged, they are not coming. Parul says Kunal stays so happy these days. Abir says yes, everything is awesome. She says I bless you for his every smile. Abir says he is my brother. She says no one gives such a sacrifice even for own brother, I know your pain, did anything change in two days, won’t you tell me. He gets Nishant’s call. Nishant says Kunal texted about family emergency, can I help you. Abir says no thanks. Nishant asks can’t you come. Abir says Kunal can’t handle this problem, sorry. He sees the family pic. He wishes all the best to Kuhu. He asks do you hate me. Kuhu says what are you saying.
He says you are not talking to me like before. She says work… He says I know you would be hurt. She says you were very rude that day. He says you have a right on me to fight. She says no, I will never mix things, keep it simple, I won’t blame you. She goes. He says keep it separate. Nannu says sorry, I told you, he has feelings for you but he won’t come. Mishti gets sad. She says you can call me Nannu today. She says thanks, I was sure he would come. He says bus has come, where are you going. She says I will sit up there. She climbs to the bus roof.

She smiles seeing Abir. Naata mera….plays…. She calls out Nannu. He says don’t shout to embarrass me. She says I don’t need your permission, I was right yesterday and even today, come up and see the world’s best view. Nannu says I m happy here. She says fine, as you wish. Abir gets up. Dono me tae kiya tha….plays… The man says sit on the top, there is much rush inside the bus. Mishti says he got trapped. Abir asks who. Mishti says my bag strap got stuck, you can sit, I won’t bite you. He says I thought you kept the place for your BF. She says he trusts me, where there is no trust, there can’t be love. He thinks of his words. He thinks I have hurt you and got hurt, if I apologize, you will know it was all fake. She asks did you say anything. He says nothing. She thinks he wants to say sorry, he would be doing poetry in heart. He asks did you say anything. She says no. He wears glasses and turns. She says Ajeeb Rajvansh. He asks what did you say.

She says its strange random coincidence, that I removed specs and you started wearing glasses. He says I m wearing it by my wish, you did this to change. She asks how did you know I changed myself for Nannu. He says the Mishti I knew didn’t change herself. She says I m Mishti 2.0 now. He says I don’t care. She says even I don’t care. He thinks it matters to me. She thinks I know, I wait for you to say it. He thinks the story is over.

She thinks this story started here. Kunal looks on. Nannu says Kunal, you have come. Kunal says I m going to sit with Abir. Nannu says I kept your seat here, we have to know each other well. He sees Mishti and Abir. He thinks I hope you are right, I will give you many chances to spend time, if you are wrong, I can’t see your tears.
Abir and Mishti in disguise have a sword fight. She falls back. He holds her hand. Her veil gets off. He sees her and pulls her up. She smiles and removes the cloth off his face. Saathiya mere….plays… He says angry chorni, how hard you try, you can’t win. She says don’t be happy, I will practice until my birthday and win. He says you wanted to celebrate birthday this way. She says yes, I want to do something different and be strong. He says you are different and strong. She says say this on my birthday. He says fine, its our date with you, me and our swords. He lifts her. FB ends. She thinks you promised me of our date, I promised to win. She sees Abir. He wears glasses. She thinks I will win, I know you care.

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