Sacred Relationship Update Tuesday 11 May 2021


Sacred Relationship 11 May 2021: starts with Nannu saying she is my partner, Mishti Agarwal. Mishti says long time Abir… Nannu says you both know each other. Mishti says I don’t know Abir. She introduces herself to Abir. Abir shakes hands and stops. Mana ke hum….plays… Kunal comes there and sees Mishti. He says Mishti….. Nannu says you are world famous in Rajkot. Mishti says just you don’t know. Kunal asks when did you come from London. Mishti says yesterday. Mishti asks do you feel left out. Nannu says we have come for business meeting, behave yourself, how did you meet them. She says Kunal is Kuhu’s husband, Abir is his elder brother.

Nannu says I couldn’t attend Kuhu’s marriage. She calls him Nannu. He says call me Nishant, I hate Nannu. She says I love Nannu. Abir recalls her words. He says it seems you recently met. Nannu says we met two months back, our talks won’t end, lets talk now, lets go through the project. Mishti says I can’t wait for long, lets go. Nannu says I can’t decide this without Mishti, I m sorry. Abir says I also have some urgent work. Mishti says we shall meet later. Nannu says thanks, fix the meeting later. They leave. Mishti falls in the pool. They get shocked. Abir shouts Mishti and runs to her. He jumps inside the pool. He gets her out. They see each other. Mana ke hum…plays… Nannu asks are you fine, thank God Abir was here, I don’t know swimming. Mishti says I m fine, I know swimming, I would have come out myself, he jumped unnecessarily. Nannu takes her. Kunal says see all this happened when you met her after a long time. Nannu says I have to do a lot for you. She says you have no habit to drive on Indian roads. He asks how did you know. She teases him calling Nannnu. He says don’t call me Nannu, call me Nishant. She says heartless Nannu. He says people like Abir are heartless, not me.

She says shut up, we will park the car. He says I have come here after a long time, there should be something. She asks are you serious. Kunal asks are you going to cancel the meeting or shall I attend it. Abir says no. He drives rashly. They reach home. Kunal asks him to relax. Meenakshi looks on. Abir sees her. He says promise me, you will always be with me. Kunal says I m with you, I promise. Abir says you won’t tell this to Maa. Kunal says okay.
Mishti says there is a thief outside. Varsha says call the police. Mishti says we will handle him. Meenakshi asks how did you get drenched. Abir says everything is amazing. She asks Kunal did the meeting go well, why is Abir angry. Kunal says yes, someone was driving rashly, so he got angry, ask him, I have to go somewhere. Everyone asks who is here. Mishti thinks this thief is his Nani’s fav. She signs Nannu to come. They go and beat someone. He laughs and asks whom are they beating. Sharuya asks why are all the lights off. They see Kuhu inside the blanket. Nannu asks them to see who’s back. They all hug him and smile. Rajshri says Mishti, you did this. Mishti says he said he wants to surprise. Kuhu hugs him. She says they have beaten me because of you. Nannu says it was Mishti’s idea. Kuhu says we should have not got her here. Mishti says but I have come here. Jasmeet hugs him and asks him to call her Jaz. He jokes.

Kuhu asks Mishti not to steal another family member now. They take selfie. Kunal checks the pic. He thinks Abir is much upset, how shall I talk to him. Jugnu says Kuhu called and said she will come later, Nanchak has come, her aunt’s son. Kunal says it means Nishant, Nanchak, how many names does he have. Abir says sorry for today. Kunal says don’t worry, how are you feeling now. Abir says Mishti has come back, we want Nannu’s expertise, we will not leave the deal, fix the meeting. Kunal says Mishti is his partner. Abir says it doesn’t matter, when you are with me, everything is awesome, I broke up with her as I couldn’t trust her. He goes. Kunal says she forgot you and moved on. Meenakshi says Parul, Abir looks worried, can you ask him. Parul says yes. Meenakshi thanks her. Kuhu asks Mishti what were you doing. Mishti says I didn’t ask you, tell me what are you doing, you avoided the talk, why did you go back to Rajvansh house, did you and Kunal… Kuhu says I will tell you, tell me what’s in this box. Mishti says I won’t say. Kuhu says then I won’t say either. She goes. Parul asks Abir how was the day.

Abir asks how did you feel when you knew the person you love, loves someone else. She asks what are you thinking, I asked how was your day. His imagination ends. He says it was fine. Meenakshi thanks her. Parul says Abir isn’t fine. Meenakshi thinks I know Abir lied, he isn’t fine. Everyone feeds Nannu. He says this food isn’t allowed to me. Jasmeet asks him to say what happened to him. Mishti says he won’t get a girl if he gets fat. Jasmeet says I will get a line of girls for him. She feeds Mishti also. She asks Varsha to ask him. Varsha asks do you have any GF. Nannu sees Mishti and smiles. He asks why, I can have a handsome BF also. They laugh. Kuhu says plan some party. Rajshri says yes, we shall prepare. They go. Varsha says call Kunal for the party. Kuhu says you call him, you talk to him more these days. Abir calls Nannu. Mishti says what if they knew, they should know this. Nannu answers the call. Mishti says think about it, they are our family, they should know the truth. Nannu says they aren’t ready to hear it, its our secret. She says fine, we won’t tell them anything now. Abir and Kunal hear this on the speaker. Abir gets sad. Dheere dheere….plays….


Abir saying they have answered the phone by mistake, message them about the meeting. He goes. Dheere dheere….plays…. Kunal looks on. He says how dare you Mishti, you forgot my brother so soon, its not fair. Nannu asks what’s inside. Mishti says its not something to play. He says don’t call me Nannu, you are hiding things from me. She asks is it imp to tell you. He says yes, are you fine. She says yes. He says then be ready for our Mish Nish attack, Rajvansh brothers are coming for the meeting. She says I m ready, go now. She sends him. He looks at her from the window and smiles. She gets sad. Abir goes somewhere and thinks of Mishti. Yeh rishte….plays…. He washes the clothes at the ghat. The lady asks what are you doing, dupatta will get torn. He says sorry. She says thanks for help. He goes and sees the colour on his hand. Kuhu sees Mishti’s pic. She keeps the phone and goes to Nidhi. Meenakshi asks Abir how long will he hide his face. Abir says I m not hiding. She asks him to share his problem, she can sense it.

He says there is difference in sensing and solving the problem, you wanted me to stay at home, so be it. He goes. She doesn’t see the pic. Abir and Kunal come for the meeting. Mishti hears them coming. She starts talking to Nannu. He says don’t call me Nannu, I don’t like it. He holds her. Abir looks on. Nannu says sorry, I didn’t see you. He asks Mishti to behave herself. He jokes. Kunal says we shall start the meeting. Jasmeet checks some website. Varsha says I m thinking to make pasta for Nannu. Jasmeet says I was learning to use laptop. Shaurya asks what are you hiding. Jasmeet says nothing, Kuhu taught me using laptop. Varsha asks her to do her work. She sees Jasmeet finding a girl for Nannu and asks her to talk to Nannu first. Jasmeet says he doesn’t listen. Varsha says then give him time, its good if he found someone, talk to Mishti, she will know it if he has any girl in his life. Jasmeet says yes, I will talk to her. Shaurya says something is wrong. Mishti says I liked the app, family is missing. Nannu asks her to explain. Mishti says every couple thinks about future and then families get involved. Nannu says then starts complications. Mishti says our app… Kunal says our app… Abir stops him. She says sorry, if your app promises to join relations, then families should also be considered, because if families don’t agree, one person steps back. Abir looks on.

Nannu says good point. Kunal says good point, family is most imp. Abir says I agree, but… Kunal says why does girl try to take the guy away from the family. Nannu says it may happen but… Mishti says maybe a couple breaks up because of a family.
Kunal says why will you value family, you are from a broken family. Abir says Nanko…. Mishti goes. Nannu goes after her. Abir asks what are you saying. Mishti recalls Abir’s words. Nannu asks her to stop. She asks him to leave her alone. She cries. Kunal says you think I did wrong, I can’t see you suffer. Abir says I don’t love her. Kunal says how did she move on so soon, I can’t believe, she used to make love vows, she used to say she loves you more than I do, how did she move on. Abir says relax, go home, I will give you brief there. Kunal goes. Nannu says we decided in London that I won’t leave you alone, I can’t leave you alone. She runs to a little girl and hugs her. She recalls meeting that girl before. She says he still loves me a lot. She buys red balloons. Nannu comes. She says I told you, Abir still loves me. She leaves the balloons. She says he loves me.

He asks are you happy. She says I m very happy today, its proved that our relation wasn’t so weak that it breaks on Abir’s saying. He asks really. She says yes, our Mish Nish attack is working on Abir, when he watches us together, his ears turn red. He asks were you watching his ears. He says since he got a haircut, his ears are obviously visible, he loves me, I thought he moved on when he didn’t react yesterday, when Kunal insulted me like always, Abir scolded me for my sake. He says fine, its happening as you thought. She thanks him and hugs. Abir sees them and gets shocked. Mana ke hum….plays… Abir thinks its happening today. Nannu asks Mishti not to cry. She says I m feeling better. They laugh. Abir wears his specs and comes to them. He says I m sorry, this project is close to my heart, Kunal loves me a lot and was defending my project. Nannu says you have to explain me if you want to work with us, I will get something for Mishti.

Abir orders tea for her. Nannu gets some ice gola. Abir says when its about relationships, person is connected to family, its imp to stay with family. Nannu says you mean I won’t understand them if I stay alone. Abir says you will understand in a different way. Mishti says he means you are wrong, he will not listen to you, he will just tell his decision. Nannu asks her to take the special gola. She sees tea and chooses the gola. Abir keeps the tea cup and goes.

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