Sacred Relationship Update Monday 29 March 2021


Sacred Relationship 29 March 2021: starts with Rajshri saying what was the need of these ornaments. Meenakshi says its shagun for my bahu, not your daughter. Kuhu thanks her. Meenakshi asks where is Mishti. Rajshri says she would be getting ready for mehendi. Kunal says I need you brother, don’t do anywhere. Abir says yes, come. He thinks how to talk to Mishti. Mishti thinks I can’t do this. Ananya asks her to help. Mishti thinks what to do. Ananya asks are you okay. Mishti says I m not well. Ananya says I will go and tell Dadi, no need of surprise. Mishti says no, they will be so happy. Rajshri asks what happened, why do you look upset. Abir says you didn’t find anyone for me.
Rajshri says I will tell you after this marriage happens. Abir asks what if I don’t like your choice. She says then tell
your choice, I will get you married, its my responsibility. Mishti says I have a surprise for you all, we are together for the last time, this celebration looks like a dream, but one day this dream has to end, I planned something that you will never this day.

Sacred Relationship 28 March 2021

Ananya comes. Everyone smiles seeing her. Kuhu hugs Ananya. Rajshri says Ananya is Varsha’s elder daughter. Meenakshi asks Kuhu is Ananya her own sister. Kuhu says yes. Parul thinks what is Meenakshi thinking. Vishwamber hugs Mishti and says this is the best surprise.
Mishti gets mehendi. Abir stops her and says its my work to handle the problem, what is it. She says nothing. He asks why did you come. She says you were drunk last night, I called to ask if you are okay. He says you had come, why. She says to find Kunal to talk regarding marriage. He says my ego is hurt, I won’t ask you why you care for me, if you don’t answer, I will find my answer and tell everyone what’s in our hearts, its better to do it, I will show you a trailer. She asks what do you mean.
Everyone dances on Mehendi laga ke rakhna….. Abir sees Mishti and dances.

Mishti worries. Meenakshi says groom’s mum and bride’s mum will apply shagun first. She asks Mishti to get special mehendi for Kuhu. Meenakshi applies mehendi to Kuhu’s hand. Mishti worries when Varsha comes to apply mehendi. She asks Varsha to stop. Abir checks his phone. The video plays. Nidhi worries. Everyone laughs hearing Nidhi. Kunal stops the video. Nidhi says its not me. Meenakshi says stop it. Abir says sorry, you know I was playing songs. Mishti goes. Nidhi stops Meenakshi and says sorry. Meenakshi says I have forgiven you, go from here. Nidhi says fine. Meenakshi sees Varsha applying mehendi to Kuhu. Mishti says you managed everything again, thanks Abir. Abir says you are welcome, but why. Kunal says I feel Mishti told everything to Abir. Meenakshi says this can’t happen. He says yes, else Abir would have fought with you. Meenakshi asks him to go and take care of Kuhu. Parul looks on. Meenakshi asks are you a stalker, spy or mobile network, why did you come after me. Abir says I thought you have to say thanks. He stops her. She falls in his arms. They have an eyelock. He says you just have two days, my patience is over. He says just so that you don’t forget. He writes two days to go on her hand with mehendi.

She says stop… He says either you will say in two days or I will say. He goes.
Ananya says Kuhu, I have to feed sweets to Mishti first, this surprise is because of her. Kuhu gets sad. Kunal asks what happened. Kuhu says its my mehendi and everyone will remember Mishti’s surprise, I m tired of this. He says just few days more. Mishti recalls Abir and washes off the mehendi. She cries and says Abir…. Meenakshi comes and says so….. mehendi happened. She feeds her sweets. Mishti says I was going to do this, but audio played. Meenakshi says when Abir was applying mehendi, what happened. She sees her mehendi. She says you have confessed your feelings to Abir, right. Mishti says no. Meenakshi says you look innocent, a cunning Mishti is hidden behind these glasses. Mishti says no, I didn’t act smart. Meenakshi says you will see the outcome of your disobedience, I don’t give another chance, you will be responsible for whatever happens with Kuhu and Kunal. She goes. Parul looks on and worries.

Rajshri saying I think you got the one who are you finding, you are in love, your happiness isn’t hidden these days. Abir smiles and eats laddoo. She says I m sure the girl is very special, my blessings are with you, you have become hers, make her yours. He says she talks a lot, she is in silent mode in this matter, if I tell her and her family refuses then. She says this can’t happen, the family will get a son like you, I know how a mother thinks, that mum will be blessed. He says then think you got the son. She asks what. He says I will tell her, are you with me. She says always. Kunal feeds chocolate to Kuhu.

Varsha says I always pampered her, I m sure Kunal will treat her well always. Kunal thinks everything will change in some time. Mishti recalls Meenakshi’s words. She cries. Abir passes by and stops. He turns and doesn’t see her. He says I thought Mishti was there, I have to focus on telling her, the world can see my happiness now.
Parul gives juice to Kunal. Varsha says Kunal didn’t eat anything. Parul says he won’t have it. Varsha says you love them a lot. Parul says they are my family, I can do anything for them. Varsha says I can understanding, one can fight the world for loved ones. Parul asks can you fight for their happiness. Varsha says if needed, I can fight for them, I can even win. She goes. Parul thinks to fight Meenakshi for Kunal’s happiness. Abir says show me something nice. The man shows jhumkas. Abir smiles and thinks of Mishti. Dheere dheere….plays… He imagines Mishti. She signs no. He shows other things to know her choice. The man says I don’t have anything more special. Abir asks him to show something simple. He gets a pendant and says this is perfect. The lady asks this piece of glass, you find this perfect. He says this piece of glass is mirror, which just tells the truth.


Mishti thanks Ananya and says you are the best. Ananya hugs her and says you have to tell me about your BF. Mishti says I have no BF, go and ask Nanu about this plan. She thinks I have to insult my family and hurt them, at least I can ensure that they get less hurt. Ananya says I want to know Kunal more, what did Kuhu see in him, lets have haldi ceremony together. Nidhi says no, what will people say. Ananya says we won’t call such people who gossip. Nanu says super cool, I like the idea. Nidhi asks do we have to come here again. Atul says I will come to have Ghewar. Jasmeet asks Nidhi does she have a problem. Meenakshi says so there will be new ritual.
Rajshri says we just have to complete rituals, the bonds will get stronger, the bonds are of love. Nanu asks Meenakshi to agree soon, we will come here tomorrow, only family. Mishti thinks at least the drama won’t happen in front of outsiders. Meenakshi asks what do you say Mishti. She says we will come here tomorrow, I want the imp things to happen.

Vishwamber says I didn’t get you. Mishti says what could be imp than haldi rasam. Shaurya says so its decided, you all are coming here tomorrow. Meenakshi sees Mishti. Parul comes to Meenakshi and says I heard you. Meenakshi asks what. Parul says when you were talking to Mishti, I heard it, why do you want Mishti to insult her family. Meenakshi says you always think about Kunal, not Abir, he respects and loves you, he cares for you, you don’t care for him, you hate Abir. Parul says no. Meenakshi says Abir holds no value for you, you aren’t able to see that Mishti is using him to break our family. Parul asks how. Meenakshi says I can’t tell about the danger, I can feel it, you are unable to see the danger, because you are not family, I m the daughter of this family, don’t even think of going against me, don’t try to obstruct me, I can do anything to save Abir, I can ruin anyone. Parul cries. Meenakshi says leave…. Parul goes. Meenakshi thinks Parul is forgetting her limits, I have remind her real place in this house. Kunal calls her out. Meenakshi sits crying. Kunal asks Jugnu who was talking to mum. Jugnu says Parul.

Kuhu gets ready and uploads the video. Her wedding diaries get many likes. Tera hone laga hoo….plays… Abir thinks of Mishti and sees the pendant. Mishti sees Kuhu and smiles. Mishti imagines dancing with Abir. He calls her. She says I was going to sleep. He says I watched Kuhu’s live video, its superhit. She says Kuhu is superhit. She thinks I have to do something big tomorrow. He says Kuhu will be the happiest bride. She says I hope she always stays happy. He says she is my responsibility also, don’t worry, she will be happy here, this feeling is amazing, you feel it only once, when love is new, everything seems great, even a wound seems nice, dew drops look like a spark. He does shayari.

Mishti smiles and thinks we could have shared this feeling, I will never have love in my life. Kunal asks what did you do, my mum was crying. Parul says I didn’t do anything. Meenakshi asks what’s this way to talk to her. Kunal says I won’t listen to you. He asks Parul to take a long vacation. He says Parul made my mum cry, I will punish her. Meenakshi asks him not to interfere between them. She says Parul won’t go anywhere. Kunal says you don’t deserve anything, why mom considers you her sister, I don’t understand. He goes. Meenakshi says next time, I won’t stop Kunal, be careful. She goes. Parul cries and thinks Meenakshi did this, she made Kunal say this to show me my place.

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