Sacred Relationship Update Tuesday 16 March 2021

Sacred Relationship 16 March 2021: starts with Liza telling Naira about Kartik. She says he was the same guy who was there in neighboring stall in exhibition, Kairav was with him, I didn’t feel he is fake dad, their bond was solid, like they are real dad and son, that handsome cried as if Kairav is his own son. She gets a call and says sorry, I have to go, we will meet tomorrow, call that fake dad once. She goes. Naira cries. Kairav says I want him to be with us, I will tell him that we miss him a lot. Naira hugs him and thinks I wish this night passes and I know what to do in the morning.

Its morning, Kairav comes to Kartik. He says mum has come with me. Kartik asks where is she, call her. Naira comes. Kartik gets shocked and asks you… She says yes, I m alive, Kairav is your son. He shouts no,
this can’t happen. He shuts the door and says you cheated me, you are dead for me. She say give me one chance, I will tell you the truth. He says I hate you, you lied to me. He opens the door and says I don’t want to see you and your son. She says kairav is your son, don’t keep relation with me. He says he isn’t my son, you are dead for me, go from here. She wakes up and looks around. She says what meaning shall I derive from this, should I not go to Kartik. Kartik gets a wake up call. He checks his phone. He says strange woman, no call or message, don’t know how is Kairav, he would be missing me, sorry, I had no courage to break your heart.

Manish says I donate money to ashram by Naira’s name every year, we always miss her. Suwarna says she is lovely, she is alive for me. He says no, she left us, now we shall accept this. She asks did you accept this, everyone asks Kartik to forget her and move on, tell me who has done this, if Naira was alive, Kartik would have a son elder to Vansh, it would be perfect family, Naira is somewhere, there is some reason that my heart doesn’t believe. Naira is in yoga class. She thinks of Kartik. She asks Ankita why is she crying. Ankita says I m not able to control, sorry. Naira says relax, take a deep breath, tell me, what’s the matter. Ankita says my BF came back, he fought with me and left three years back, I cried for him so much, now he has come back, I don’t want to keep any relation with him, he is saying he will give his life if I don’t agree. Liza says don’t listen to him, you live your life as you wish, go home and rest. Ankita says sorry and goes. Liza asks did you get senti hearing her story. Naira says no, lets continue the class.

Vedika asks Kartik is flight on time. Kartik says yes, we will leave in half an hour. Naira thinks of Kartik’s words. She says you will watch your fav cartoon movie in school today. Kairav says I want to meet dad. She asks him to go to school, she will call him later. He says no, tell him to come and pick me, give me phone, I will tell him. She says I will tell him, we should go to school, else we will get late. Kartik says I can’t meet, but I can message him. Naira gets his message. She reads … I hope Kairav isn’t troubling you, I tried to tell him that I m not his real dad, I had no courage, sorry, I came Goa for him, I m going back to Udaipur, I will go away from his life, I will miss him a lot, he is very lovely, we have a special bond, sorry, if you need me for Kairav, don’t hesitate, just call me. She cries. He says she read the message and didn’t reply.

Naira says I can’t be selfish, Kartik has a right on Kairav, I can make them meet once, no….. Kairav can get stubborn to go with him, if Kartik sees me then…. I want to see Kartik for the last time. She cries. She takes Kartik and thinks my self respect and dad-son’s rights are on either sides. She checks time. She asks Kairav to sit fast. They leave. Kartik asks Dadi to come. Dadi says we shall wait for two mins and then leave. Kairav says we had to go to school. Naira says I got you to the right place. Dadi says come, we can go now. Kartik thinks she didn’t message, I will go with Kairav’s memories. He goes to get his charger.
Gayu asks about the old pic. Surekha says Kartik, Lav and Kush used to enjoy so much, they used to play or make a project. Vansh takes pic and tears. Gayu asks what was this, say sorry, why did you do this, no one will talk to you. Vansh says sorry and goes. Suwarna says don’t take this seriously, maybe he didn’t good hearing Kartik loves someone else also. Surekha says its wrong to be so possessive, what will Vansh do when Kartik marries and has his own children.

Naira asks for Mr. Kartik. Kairav says that man isn’t dad. Lady says that Kartik Sid. Naira says that was your guest, Kartik Goenka. The lady says sorry, they just left, Kartik and his family… Kairav asks where did dad go. Naira cries and says I couldn’t meet and make Kairav’s meet. She sees Kairav gone and looks for him. Kartik is on the way. Vedika asks why are you worried. Dadi asks are you fine. He says this seat is uncomfortable. He thinks why am I so sad and doesn’t want to go. Vedika gets a call and says I will call you back. Dadi asks what happened. Vedika says it was a call from exhibition organizers, he said some formalities are left. Kartik says oh great, I mean, great, is this time to inform us, what will we do now. Vedika says I will stay back, you cancel my ticket. He says no, you go with Dadi, I will manage the formalities and come by next flight. He thinks thank God, I didn’t board the flight, maybe I will get another chance to meet Kairav.

Abir saying I will drop you to the temple. Parul asks how are you now, you looked worried, what happened at Mishti and Kuhu’s place. He says liar, you are worried, we are seeing you since childhood and know you well, will you lie to me, tell me, what did mum say. She says nothing. He says fine, come. They leave in the car. Kunal says no, how could you ask this to me. Meenakshi says I didn’t ask Abir, Mishti is trapping him, are you getting trapped by Kuhu. Kunal says no, I knew Abir wanted to hear Kuhu’s name and I named her, the fact is Kuhu isn’t a bad girl, I m doing bad with her, I feel guilty, you taught me not to do bad with anyone, you taught me to protect family, I m doing the same, I was thinking what’s Kuhu’s mistake then I saw my brother and realized that I will become bad to save Abir from Mishti.
He asks her not to ask such a question to him again. She hugs him. He says we could go to Maheshwaris and ask them to keep Mishti away from Abir, why aren’t we doing this. She says I m afraid that Abir may do the same thing as your dad, he left us, I fear that Abir will also leave us, this is the only way to stop that girl. He asks what shall we do now. She says I will not agree for this alliance soon, else Abir will doubt, I won’t let this happen. He goes and thinks sorry Kuhu, its Mishti’s mistake and you are getting punished.

Abir gets Mishti’s message and replies. He asks are you ready to fight. She rings the temple bell. He sees her beside. She asks him to hide, everyone is here. He says I m groom’s family, why will I hide. She says if you do this, family will be angry. He says my painting girl will help me if you don’t help me. She says okay, she will help her, call her. She goes. Parul asks him to come.
He says Mishti and Kuhu’s family is here, Lord gave me another chance to talk about Kunal and Kuhu. She asks what do you think. He says I think I can do anything for Kunal’s happiness, will you stop me if you think I m doing wrong. She nods and says I will wait for you here. Mishti thinks Abir leaves no chance to tell about painting girl, that’s me. Rajshri asks what happened. Mishti says sorry. Abir asks pandit to do the puja well. Rajshri says we will manage. He says I know this, just you can do this. Abir says now I will succeed, I got you blessings. He sits down and says I know you are worried for Kuhu, if she gets blamed, I will stand by her, Kunal is my younger brother, I will care for Kuhu more, Kuhu will know the support of an elder brother. Parul smiles. Rajshri says but your mum won’t agree. He asks what if she agrees, will everyone agree. She says I can’t say anything. She goes. Mishti says Abir, you don’t need anyone’s help, neither mine nor that painting girl. He says I shall tell you who is she, you want to know her name, she is amazing and special. She says I don’t want to know, I have to go, go to Kunal, he may need you. She goes. He says what happened to her. He gets a call.

Vishwamber and Rajshri see the news of an approaching storm. Mishti says I have got vegs from Abir’s Ngo tie up. Vishwamber says I can see your efforts, Rajshri told me whatever happened in temple, my answer is still the same. Mishti asks but why, you always supported the lovers. He says I always supporting my children, I can see their weaknesses and strengths, I will never send Kuhu somewhere that she falls lonely, its my decision, what will you do now, its easy to compel parents by threatening to harm themselves, if you support Kuhu in her wrong move, what will we do. She says no, we won’t do this, we love you, don’t think so. She hugs him. He blesses her and goes. Nanu calls her and asks about Abir. She says we met him in the temple. He says he went to NGO office, his phone isn’t connecting, I m restless seeing the news. She sees the news on tv. She says don’t worry, I will find him. She says where are you Abir. She thinks Abir likes me, he made my painting. The NGO ladies shut the windows.

They think Abir has come. Mishti comes and asks are you fine, where is Abir. The lady says we are waiting for him, he went to get food for us, he didn’t return. Mishti worries. FB shows Parul asking Abir how did he get hurt. Kunal says we will tell mum. Abir says sorry, kids were troubling Kunal, he is my brother. They hug Meenakshi. Meenakshi says they both should learn to fight for each other. Kunal says Abir always protects me. Meenakshi says yes, you should always protect Abir when you grow up. Kunal promises her. FB ends. Kunal sees the childhood pic. Kunal says Mishti you aren’t right for me and Abir, you used me and will use Abir, you insulted me and will do the same with Abir, I won’t let this happen, where are you Abir. Mishti calls Abir. She says I can’t sit here, he is in danger, he isn’t answering. She goes. Meenakshi says no, Abir isn’t at home, don’t worry, I will ask Kunal to find him. The lady says no, Mishti has gone to find him. Parul asks what happened.

Meenakshi says Mishti went to find Abir. Parul says but Mishti went to her home from the temple. Meenakshi asks which temple. Mishti shouts Abir and looks for him. She recalls his words. Meenakshi says you and Abir met them at the temple. Parul says Abir was trying to convince them for Kunal and Kuhu’s relations. Kunal looks on and gets angry on Parul. Parul says Abir is doing this for you. Meenakshi says that family is unlucky. Kunal says don’t worry, I will find Abir. Parul says its storm outside. Kunal says I promised in childhood that I will protect Abir, I will not break that promise. The lady calls Mishti and says Abir didn’t reach home, I have sent his car number. Mishti checks. Abir met with an accident. Abir is lying unconscious in the car. The petrol leaks. Sparks are seen.

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