Sacred Relationship Update Wednesday 17 March 2021

Sacred Relationship 17 March 2021: starts with Kunal saying my brother is stuck, let me go. Inspector says there is danger, you can’t go. Kuhu says Mishti has run away. Rajshri and Varsha come. Kuhu says Mishti is increasing my problems by running away. She acts to sleep. Varsha comes. Mishti asks the people did she see the silver color car. The man says lives are in danger and you are asking about car, the dhaba was got ruined. She says Abir would have gone to dhaba to get food. Varsha says Abir’s eyes had truth, I wished to believe him. Rajshri says that was his truth. Varsha says Kuhu has sacrificed the alliance before, Abir, Kunal and Nana ji came to ask for her hand, we were afraid that Kuhu will fall lonely there, if they all support Kuhu then. Kuhu hears them.

Varsha says please talk to Bau ji
for Kuhu’s happiness. Rajshri says I will talk to him, don’t cry. Varsha blesses Abir for giving another chance to Kuhu. Meenakshi calls Kunal and asks did you find Abir. Kunal says its impossible to find Abir, roads are blocked, lights have gone. She says nothing is impossible, I want Abir at home. Parul takes the phone. Kunal asks why are you talking in between. She says nothing is imp than finding Abir, not even your ego, you don’t like Mishti, she went to find Abir, call her. He refuses. She asks for your brother’s sake. He leaves. Kuhu says Abir tried, when its about prestige, elders’ IQ get less. Kunal calls Kuhu. He asks is Mishti at home. She asks why. He says Abir is missing in the storm, did Mishti tell you. Kuhu says no, I was sleeping. He says call her and ask her if she got Abir. She says fine, I will take her on a conference call.

Abir is stuck inside the car. Kuhu calls Mishti and asks where are you. Mishti says I have no time. Kuhu says you went to find Abir right, Kunal is worried. Mishti says I didn’t find him, he went to some dhaba, I have to find him. Kuhu says take care, come back soon. Mishti says why is she acting so sweet. Kunal says I will go to dhaba and look for Abir. Inspector stops Mishti and says its not safe to go, go back, dhaba is completely broken. She thinks not to argue with police. She hides. Kunal comes there. He says my brother is stuck there. Inspector says there is no one there. Kunal says take this pic, call me if you find my brother. Mishti goes and shouts Abir. Kunal says I just hope Abir is fine. He calls Abir. Abir hears ringtone and moves. Mishti also falls him. Abir breaks the mirror by his leg. The glass flies and hurts into his chest. Mishti gets shocked seeing the upside down car. She sees Abir injured, lying inside. She asks is someone there, please help. Abir sees her. Dheere dheere…..plays….

Mishti says somebody please help…. She cries and says I m here Abir. Kunal says Parul was right, Abir’s life is more precious than my ego, I should call Mishti. Mishti looks around and tries to open the car door. She doesn’t answer. She gets something to break the window glass. She says I will save you Abir, I m with you, nothing will happen to you, give me your hand. The sparks are seen. He holds her hand. The car blasts. Mishti takes Abir on the cart. She sees the blast and recalls how she took him out of the car. They reach hospital. She asks Abir to get up, he is sleeping since long. She says I want to know who is the painting girl, how does she look, you have to get up. She asks doctor to make him fine. Doctor says don’t worry, we will take care of your husband.
She says my phone fell somewhere. She asks nurse for a phone. Nurse says there isn’t any network. Abir gets treated. She recalls Abir and her moments. She also gets her wound treated and cries. Dono milke….plays…. Its morning, Abir wakes up.

He turns and sees Mishti sleeping holding his hand. He smiles. Nurse comes. Abir signs her not to make sound. Mishti wakes up. Abir closes eyes. Mishti thinks he is sleeping. He doesn’t leave her hand. She thinks how can I free my hand, what if anyone comes or he gets awake, I have to go. Nurse comes. Mishti says I was just leaving. Abir signs the nurse. Nurse smiles and says I will come after some time. Abir turns to other side, holding Mishti’s hand. Nanu says Abir is in the hospital. Meenakshi and Parul ask what happened to him. He says just a small accident, he is fine now, hospital telephone line was not working so they couldn’t inform us. Meenakshi says don’t know which doctors treated him. Nanu says they said someone got him to the hospital, there is nothing to worry now. Meenakshi cries. Kunal comes. Parul asks Meenakshi not to worry, nothing will happen to Abir. He looks on and cries.

Kunal gets a call. Kuhu says please tell me that Abir is fine, Mishti is missing, I couldn’t even talk to her, she went to find Abir, none knows this at home. Kunal says calm down, we got to know that someone took Abir to hospital. She says thank God, that would be Mishti. He asks her to meet him at the hospital. She says fine, I hope Mishti is fine, else Rajshri will not leave me. Nanu says we are going there, you can see, nothing happened to Abir. Meenakshi says but anything could have happened. Kunal comes to her. She says would it be Mishti who took Abir to hospital.A Abirasking Mishti to stay here. She says I have to go home, you want me to stay here. He says yes, forever. She agrees. She recalls his accident. She says I didn’t know that I would feel so scared, that glass piece, your car, your car blasted, if we got late then, why did you fight the cyclone and go to get food for everyone, if anything happened to you then… Abir gets up and asks then? She says leave my hand, I have to go home.

He asks why did you come there, just answer me, I will tell you about my painting. Meenakshi asks for Abir. Mishti says leave my hand, if they see us, it will be a problem for Kunal and Kuhu. He leaves her. Mishti hides. Meenakshi, Kunal and everyone come. Meenakshi asks are you fine.Abir says yes. Nurse says he was critical, he got saved because of… Mishti gets leaving. Abir says because of her. They see Mishti. Nanu blesses Mishti and says Abir is our life. Abir says I m safe today because of Mishti. Kunal thanks her. Mishti says I just did… its okay. He says I also went to find him. Mishti says Abir was stuck in the car. Meenakshi says Mishti saved Abir and didn’t answer your call. Mishti says I guess I should leave now. Parul says you were with Abir when we were not with him, we will never forget your favor, I don’t understand how you did this alone. Mishti goes out and smiles. She says why did I get up when he woke up, Abir… why am I smiling, what happened to me.

Meenakshi asks where did you go, do you know what I went through. She cries and goes. Nanu says its okay, mom always get emotional, I will talk to doctor and come. Parul goes to Meenakshi. Abir asks Kunal what’s the problem. Kunal says Mishti. Mishti sees Kuhu and hugs. Kuhu says you are hugging me, are you fine. Mishti says I was worried all night. Kuhu says thank God, none has seen us, I got clothes for you, change now. She takes the rose. She says I spoke to Kunal and he said Abir is here, I guessed you are here. Mishti says Abir will find some way by talking to his mom. Kuhu asks how do you know this.

Mishti says because he is Abir. Abir says she is Mishti, not a problem.Kunal says I m thankful that she saved you, she should have answered the call, mom didn’t sleep all night. Abir says Mishti found me and saved me, what’s the big deal if she didn’t answer your call.Kunal says I wish I also get a chance to help Mishti’s family, I like Kuhu, but mum doesn’t like that family. Abir jokes on his old boring news. Kunal says I m going. Abir says sit, tell me. Kunal says Shweta broke my heart but Kuhu gave a chance to join my heart. Nidhi comes.

Kunal says if the families don’t agree, I won’t have option that running away with Kuhu. Abir asks what, are you serious. Nidhi worries and goes. Kunal sees Nidhi. Nidhi goes to Meenakshi. Nidhi says I need to talk something imp. Kuhu comes and greets Kunal. Abir asks them to ask patient’s state. Abir asks Kunal to take the rose. Abir says I m dashing. Kuhu says you went on your brother. Kunal says we were talking about you. Abir jokes. They laugh. Kuhu says I m going, I got clothes for Mishti, so that family doesn’t know that she wasn’t at home, they will think Mishti had tea at the stall and came home. Abir says you both sisters are so cunning, none can trust you. Kunal says I don’t trust them. Kuhu goes. Abir asks do you want to run away. Kunal says yes. Abir gets glad. Kunal asks him to sleep now. He thinks to make Mishti out of Abir’s life. Nanu says doctor said Abir is fine, we can go home. Meenakshi says I will talk to him.

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