Sacred Relationship Update Thursday 6 May 2021

Sacred Relationship 6 May 2021: starts with Meenakshi saying if I didn’t tell you about Mehul, our family would have come on road, you met Mishti yesterday as well. He thinks of Mishti. Mishti opens eyes. Kuhu says how will I apply kajal. Mishti says you leave it, I will do it myself. Kuhu says you can’t do with Mishti look today. She jokes about Meenakshi. Mishti says she is your Saas also, you didn’t tell about Kunal. Kuhu asks her to get ready silently, focus on your marriage. Mishti says you are my sister, I don’t want you to lie to Rajshri again. Kuhu asks what would I do being in my place. Mishti says if he didn’t love me, I would have left him. Kuhu says just imagine, if Abir says sorry Mishti, I can’t marry you, will you leave him or fight for your love. Mishti says he won’t do this.

Abir says Mishti knew it and didn’t tell me, come, we will go and ask her. Meenakshi says no, she will make new excuse, I want to tell you, she knew this truth since Karwachauth day, she was in Rajgarh. Abir says I got her back from there. She asks did she tell you real reason, you would think how I know this. She shows her bangle, and says I sent this for Mishti to Nanu, Mishti left this there, Mehul gave this to me, she didn’t tell anything to us, I sent Laxman to Rajgarh, he told me the truth, then I got to know that she was in police station, she learnt Mehul’s truth, when I got the proof, I exposed her, but she stayed quiet, she knew you could have jailed, she cared for her own safety, I don’t want her to become my bahu, why don’t you leave Mishti.

Mishti says I love him, even if he says he will leave me, I will fight for him, he also loves me, what’s the reason for you to fight, Kunal doesn’t value you, learn to respect yourself, else no one will respect you. Kuhu recalls Abir’s words. Mishti says Abir loves me, he will never leave me. Abir says Mishti didn’t wish me to leave the house, it was my decision. Meenakshi says it was a drama. Abir says she wanted to tell the truth, I fell weak, she gave me support, I told her that we will run away and marry, I know when we come back, we can’t manage anything, Mishti didn’t wish the marriage to happen without your blessing. She says you don’t see your mum. He says you don’t see your son. She cries and stops him. She asks why aren’t you understanding me. He says I heard you knew it, you didn’t do anything to help Mishti, Mishti was gathering proof against Mehul, you stayed silent, you knew Mehul is a dangerous man, you didn’t tell me, you didn’t send anyone, what if anything happened to Mishti, you thought to hit two targets with one arrow, you are expecting me to support you. She says I just want you to support family. He says everyone will support me, who will support you, don’t do this, please, you will fall lonely. He leaves. Parul comes and asks why did Abir go, he dropped his marriage card, why are you crying.

Meenakshi says you promised me that you are with me, its time, you keep your promise. Parul asks what shall we do. Meenakshi says we have to stop Abir. Kuhu says don’t tell anyone that I dressed you up. Rajshri and Varsha come. Varsha asks Mishti to wear different earrings. Mishti says its special earrings. She recalls Abir. Rajshri compliments her. Mishti says I have to control my happiness. She goes. Abir leaves. He cries and drives the car. Dheere dheere…plays… Meenakshi follows him. Vishwamber says Mishti’s marriage should be something special. Rajshri says you want to get her married at some big place.
Mishti asks him to say. He asks why don’t we take Mishti’s baraat to Rajvansh Sadan. Mishti says wow. Rajshri says like we took Akshara’s baraat. Mishti says you are world’s coolest parents, I m ready, Abir becomes everyone’s fav, he should also know. Abir says I can’t leave Mishti. Meenakshi says I know you can leave much for Mishti, I want to see if love is imp or family. He says I m not scared of your threatening. She says if you marry Mishti, there will be two functions in the house. She calls Parul.

She says first function of your marriage, Abir, and second card…. Parul gets shocked. Meenakshi says read the card. Abir asks her not to torture Parul. Meenakshi says she has come in between. Parul says don’t do this. Meenakshi says Abir thinks I never did anything for anyone in my life, not for anyone, today he should know what sacrifices I gave for my family, so that he has to keep his mum ahead some time. Abir reads Kunal’s naamkaran. Parul cries. Abir reads the invite, Meenakshi invites you for her stepson Kunal’s naming ceremony, Parul and Mehul’s son. Abir gets shocked. He asks what’s this bad joke, can you fall to this level. Meenakshi says Abir thinks I m lying. Abir asks what’s this. Parul says a big truth of this house, Babuji, Meenakshi and I had hidden this, Kunal is my son. Abir gets shocked.

Parul saying Kunal is my son, Mehul cheated Meenakshi, we lived in front of Meenakshi always, we came on roads when Mehul did the fraud and ran away, Kunal wasn’t born, he would have been called a thief’s son if he was known as my son. Abir says no, this can’t be true, even I m the son of that thief. Meenakshi says there is difference in being called a thief’s son and thief’s illegitimate son, Kunal is illegitimate, he doesn’t know this. Abir says no. He cries thinking of Kunal. Vishwamber asks about road blockage. The guard asks him to take another route. Mishti thinks I want to see you soon, I miss you. Shaurya asks her to sit in the car. Mishti says wait, its special day, we shall take a selfie in Kuhu’s style. She takes a selfie. Abir is behind. Mishti and everyone leave from there.

Parul says I didn’t know Mehul had snatched my dreams and Kunal’s right to live a respectable life, not just people’s money. Abir says Kunal is my brother. Meenakshi says step brother, I will tell him the truth. Parul begs her not to do this. Meenakshi says this will happen. Abir says this is your threat. She says no, this is my promise, hear the entire truth, I gave shelter to a helpless woman to protect her, I knew its not her fault, but the society won’t understand this, Parul is right, Mehul married me, but had an affair with another woman, he was having another child, I have seen them in front of me always, I respected this woman, gave her love, I gave Kunal my name and got him dignity in the society, you loved your dad, you felt he is good, I never told you the truth, I didn’t want to break your heart, I didn’t think of myself, my happiness, but today you are ready to leave me and family because of Mishti, you can leave family, but can you leave Kunal for Mishti, break your relation with Mishti, else I will snatch the roof from Kunal’s head. Parul and Abir get shocked.

Meenakshi says I will tell the world that Kunal isn’t my son, I will throw him out. Abir asks how can you say this. She says I will do this. Parul says Kunal hates me, he can’t even think that someone else is his mum, you regard me Maasi and love me, don’t let this happen. She falls in his feet. He hugs her and cries. Abir sees Meenakshi. Mishti and everyone meet Nanu. Nanu jokes. Rajshri asks did Meenakshi go to office today. Nidhi says Abir and Meenakshi took the wedding card to temple, they will do puja and come. Nidhi compliments Kuhu. Ketki says don’t go anywhere now. Jasmeet says she won’t come until Mishti’s bidaai. Kunal asks can I talk to Kuhu. They tease. Nidhi says our house is renovating. Kunal and Kuhu go. Nanu says pandit will just come, I will call Meenakshi. Mishti says I will just come. Kunal asks won’t you come in. Kuhu says I m not your interior decorator. He asks what did you decide.

She asks what can I do if you already decided, Abir and Mishti’s marriage date will be fixed today, and our marriage expiry date, you married me to break them up, today we will break up, you tell truth to your family, I will tell truth to my family. He says I m really sorry, don’t tell anything, I will tell it and apologize, it wasn’t your fault. She says you won’t tell anything, I will tell them that we realized that we aren’t meant for each other, we want to get separated. He says I m just trying to say truth. She says truth is very painful, all of them love me a lot, I can’t say that someone cheated me.He says I understand. She asks really, I wish you gave a chance to our relation as you gave it to Mishti. Jugnu asks him to call Abir, pandit has come. Kunal says I will go and get him. She thinks of Kunal. She cries. Abir thinks of Meenakshi and Parul.

He thinks of Mishti and cries. Mishti smiles seeing her painting. She says if something happens that we never imagined, it will feel like we are in problem. She gets the birds rainbow. She says we will always be together, we have this rainbow of happiness. Parul comes to Abir and asks him to come with her, she made a Bappa idol for him. She disappears. He cries. Kunal comes and asks what are you doing here, where are mum and Maasi. Abir says they would be reaching home.

Kunal says you got what you wanted, what are you asking Lord now, tell me first, I will bring it for you. Abir says you also tell me. Kunal says I don’t want anything, I get everything and I don’t come to temple often, my brother is better than yours, you are Abir. Abir hugs him and says I love you, I m your brother, I want to see you with me always. Kunal says you are very imp for me, I need you much more than you need me. Abir cries and wipes tears. Abir says come, there is an imp work. Mishti imagines Abir and her moment. Saathiya….plays…. She says this togetherness is like a dream, I wish this dream never breaks. He says I won’t let this dream break. She says my dreams are coming true, even then I m dreaming. She smiles.

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