Sacred Relationship Update Friday 7 May 2021

Sacred relationship 7 May 2021: starts with Meenakshi coming home. She sees Maheshwaris. She blesses Mishti to get strength to bear every pain. She sees Mishti’s earrings and recalls her words. Parul blesses Mishti and hugs. She cries. Rajshri asks are you fine. Parul says yes, this day came after long, so I got emotional. Rajshri says Parul is right, we thank Lord. Meenakshi says the story got back to the point from where it started.

She asks Parul to control her tears, Mishti will understand. Parul says Abir loves her a lot, he can’t leave Mishti. Meenakshi says then I m sorry, you and Kunal have to leave this house. Abir and Kunal come home. Nanu says they have come. Rajshri says you made us wait a lot. Pandit asks Abir and Mishti to take marriage card in hand. They hold the card. Abir thinks of Mishti. He sees Kunal. Abir says this marriage won’t happen. Everyone gets shocked.Mishti says Abir…. Abir says please Maa don’t force me, Mishti is from a broken family, she just believes this relation, I can’t break her trust. Vishwamber asks what are you saying. Meenakshi asks will you go against me. Kunal asks what’s happening. Meenakshi says you aren’t my son. Nanu asks what are you saying.

Kunal asks why are you saying this. Abir says you can’t talk to her like this. Meenakshi asks can you tell me anything, I have told you if you love your illegitimate brother, then you have to leave Mishti. Everyone gets shocked.Rajshri asks what happened. Meenakshi says it will happen. Kunal asks why is Maa saying this. Meenakshi says its truth, I m not your mum, Mehul had an affair with Parul, you were born and came here, I get reminded of Mehul’s mistake when I see you, you are my Sautan’s son. Kunal gets shocked and cries. She says this isn’t your Nanu, you aren’t my son, you are Parul’s son, I will show your real place. She throws out Parul. She says both Parul and Kunal will stay on road. She throws out Kunal. Abir shouts Kunal….. His imagination ends.

Vishwamber does the tilak. He says even if you want, you can’t get rid of Mishti. Nidhi says if he goes away…. Jugnu says I have burnt his bag. Mishti says he can buy a new bag and go. She shows a list. She says its my demand, Abir, its imp for you, I want to give this to Meenakshi, its permission letter, if Abir has to go anywhere, he will take permission from Meenakshi, he won’t go anywhere without asking you. Everyone claps. Kaushal says Abir, Mishti tied you with his mum. Meenakshi says now Abir will never leave me and family, because of Mishti, Kunal I need to talk. Parul cries and signs Abir. Mishti says sorry Abir, I m on aunty’s side. Nidhi says you call her Maa. Abir says one second, Mishti did you know that Mehul is doing a new scam, why didn’t you tell me. She says of course, I told you I will tell you everything. Vishwamber says you know the truth. Abir says Meenakshi risked her life and brought his truth out. Mishti says I told her. Abir says you want the credit. Mishti says your dad was a bad person. Abir says Maa told me. Nanu says forget everything.

Abir says she lied to me, she went to Rajgarh on Karwachauth and said she wanted our marriage to happen there, she went there on engagement day, she knew Mehul’s truth, she knew that he had threatened mum, she was singing and dancing with you, I was in danger. Mishti says stop it. Abir asks why did you hide it from me, why this lie. Rajshri says calm down, you know Mishti and understand her. Abir asks why did she do this, did I break her trust. Mishti says you are doing wrong today, you listen to the truth, I went to Rajgarh to get proof, I got saved and came back, I gave proof to Meenakshi, she asked me to smile and stay happy in engagement for your happiness, she asked me to not let Mehul reach her. Abir asks you expect me to trust you. Vishwamber says Mishti never lies. Abir asks did she tell you before going Rajgarh. Rajshri says yes, I knew it, she went just for your sake, Mishti tell him.

Mishti says I will explain. Abir says Meenakshi would have lost her life, thank God, her call connected to Kunal by mistake, its fine today because my brother is here. He hugs Kunal. Mishti says you weren’t ready to hear truth, what shall I do, shall I apologize to you and your mum, I went to get proof, if just relation was imp for me, I could have gone there later, I went there for you. He asks her to accept her mistake. She asks which mistake. He says shut up, you just love yourself, I love my entire family. Rajshri says its not like that. He says its like that, what will she do when she doesn’t have her own family. They get shocked. Kuhu asks what are you saying. Abir says what you used to say always, Mishti should accept her mistake, she is blaming my Maa. Mishti asks are you drunk, possessed or playing a game, what’s wrong with you, you know what all you told me in anger. He says I know. She says explain me. He says I don’t want to have this relation. They get shocked. He says I don’t trust you, I can’t love you.

Mishti says Abir… Vishwamber says enough Mishti, the guy who doesn’t trust you, don’t cry for him. Abir says Vishwamber is right, listen to him. He goes and tears the card. Dheere dheere….plays…. Abir goes away. Mishti cries. Vishwamber stops her. Nanu apologizes to them. Vishwamber takes Mishti from there. Maheshwaris leave. Kunal looks on.Mishti thinking of Abir’s words. Kuhu comes and asks her to come with her, everyone is waiting. Mishti says you remember, how you got that Gucci bag. Kuhu says I worked hard to get the designer bag, its my first love. Mishti says I m Abir’s first love, how can he tell that he doesn’t want to marry. Kunal types a message for Kuhu and deletes it. He says how would she know it, Abir did all this. Parul asks where is Abir. Kunal says in his room. Abir comes to them. He smiles. Kunal asks what was all that. Abir says you know it. Kunal says I asked you to get separated from Mishti, you didn’t listen. Abir says today it happened, you celebrate it. Kunal says I can’t celebrate your heartbreak. Abir says you hate her.

Kunal says I hate her, but its about your emotions, tell me the truth. Kuhu asks Mishti to face the reality, Abir messaged that he won’t have any relation with you. Kunal asks do you really want this, or this decision change. Abir asks will you always support me. Kunal says yes. Abir says nothing will change, I don’t want to do mistake again by meeting Mishti. Mishti says I have to meet him. Rajshri says you won’t go to meet him. Mishti says just think, hiw can he talk to me like this, I m sure Meenakshi did this. Rajshri says stop it now, I will lock you in room, I can’t bear your insult. Mishti says I will do as you say when I return. Vishwamber asks can I take this as your promise. Mishti says yes, I swear, let me meet him. He says go. She thanks him and hugs. Abir sadly leaves. Parul cries. Rajshri and Vishwamber worry for Mishti. Kuhu says enough now, Mishti will manage everything, Abir isn’t like that, there would be some reason for it.

Vishwamber says we could have expected this from Kunal, not Abir. Meenakshi says Abir will never leave this house, that girl will leave this city and his heart, I loved Mehul, but after knowing his truth, I made him out of my heart, it will take some time, but Abir will also forget Mishti, he is my son. Vishwamber says I have decided it. He burns the wedding card. He gets angry and says Abir isn’t upset, he had decided this with cool mind, Mishti has to understand that this relation is burnt to ashes. Varsha asks how can Abir blame Mishti. Rajshri says maybe he tells her everything. He says enough, you are thinking about the guy who hurt Mishti’s heart. She says maybe he agrees. He says he won’t agree, when Mishti returns, she will come with a heartbreak, when she comes, we have to become her support, just think about Mishti, we have no relation with Abir now.
Abir does sad shayari. Mishti comes and holds his hand. He asks her to leave his hand when they aren’t together now. She says you left me, I didn’t. They fall down on the dry grass. She says you can’t lie to me, if you go, my life will go, no one lets life go easily. He says you cheated me, my mum’s life…. She says you already told me, now let your heart tell me. She hears his heartbeat.

She says you love me even today, you will always love me, where there is love, tears come there. She kisses him. She says you have given me much love. He makes her away. She says I told you, even if you leave me, I won’t leave you, we should have got married that night, this would have not happened today. Meri bebasi….plays…. She gets close to him. He pulls the locket and throws it. She gets hurt. She says you broke that pendant. He says I broke our relation. She says then tell me you don’t love me. He says just go. She says I won’t go, tell me and I will go. He asks why are you such. She says I love you, I want an answer. He shouts I don’t love you. She gets shocked. He says I risked family’s happiness by trusting my dad, you are…. Mishti asks what, tell me. He says you are a stranger, its love of few months. She says enough, I got my answer. She cries. She says I was angry Chorni, but you have robbed my pocket, I lost my love. She goes. Is lamhe ka….plays…. He cries and says I couldn’t hold the moon in my hand. He gets her earring and hugs it. He says do me a favor Mishti, forget me, you are the best girl in the world, hopefully you get a good guy, whose fate isn’t like me.

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