Sacred Relationship Update Friday 26 March 2021


Sacred Relationship 26 March 2021: starts with Meenakshi scolding Mishti. She asks Mishti to do what she says, give the reply before Sangeet. Mishti cries. Abir dances with everyone. He goes. Kunal looks on. Kaushal stops Kunal. Mishti says you are threatening me. Meenakshi says because I m a mum, mum can do anything for children, you can’t understand this, you have to stay away from Abir, if you don’t reply until night, then I will ask such questions about Kuhu and Kunal’s alliance, that none has the answers. Mishti gets scared. Meenakshi says I hope you do what’s right. Abir comes out of the house. Mishti sits crying. Uljhe hue se…..plays…. She thinks of Abir.

She gets Abir’s call. She says Abir is coming, what will I tell him. She calls….. Abir looks for her. He says I think
Mishti left. He sees Mishti going. He says I was going to come, but Kunal and Kuhu had an argument, it was a small thing, its okay. She worries and walks ahead. He asks is everything fine, sorry, its Kunal’s sangeet, you can’t be annoyed with me for this. She says no, I got tired waiting, I have to go to my family, please. She goes.
Kunal asks did Mishti agree to you. Meenakshi says no, she won’t break down so easily, we have to strike hard. Kunal says fine, I will tell her that I won’t get baraat for Kuhu. Rajshri asks where were you. Mishti says I had to go for NGO work. Rajshri says we enjoyed a lot. Mishti says I will just come. Nanu tells Vishwamber about the rasam. He asks for Kuhu’s birth chart. Rajshri asks how can we give it.

Varsha says my name isn’t written in mother’s place. Vishwamber says I will talk to Yashpal. Varsha says we can’t tell them.
Meenakshi says if you use Kuhu and your relation, Mishti will know it, if she knows Kuhu is marrying a guy who doesn’t love her, she will break this relation, how will we force Mishti to stay away from Abir, we have to show Mishti that you love Kuhu. Mishti thinks of Kunal. She thinks Kunal loves Kuhu, will he not come in mandap if his mom tells. Shaurya says Varsha is worried. Rajshri says we are in Kuhu’s Sasural. Varsha says I won’t give right to ask us, Kuhu is my daughter. Rajshri says but someone else have given her birth. Shaurya says what’s the use to say truth. Rajshri says Kuhu will be called liar if we hide this. Mishti hides the love banner and says its NGO banner. Abir says I need to talk. Parul stops Mishti. Mishti asks what’s the matter. Abir asks what happened.

Mishti says we should leave, I have a headache, I will be fine. He asks why did you call me out. She says I had a headache and went to have fresh air, I thought to call you for a talk. He asks what. She says I wanted to thank you. Varsha says Kuhu knows the truth, I wanted to become her mum, Meenakshi would react, there is one way, we will make fake kundli. Rajshri says what, we never lied. Varsha says we will do this for Kuhu’s happiness. Rajshri asks Shaurya to stop Varsha. Abir says I want to hear the truth. She sounds upset. She says my parents left me, Vishwamber and Rajshri got me home, I prayed that they regret for getting me home, if Kuhu and Kunal’s relation breaks because of me. He says there can be many reasons for it, if the two people trust each other and get ready to fight with world, the world can’t break them, a relation breaks from within, not outside. She says Kuhu and Kunal love each other a lot. He says then no one can break their relation, come.

Varsha goes to Vishwamber. Mishti says I want to tell something to you all, when I was getting engaged to Kunal, I kept courtship condition and realized that we aren’t right for each other, I realized who can be my ideal life partner, the things which I liked during courtship, Abir did it, not Kunal, when I got to know this, I was upset, I realized that I was upset with myself. Everyone gets shocked. Abir smiles. Mishti says I fought with my feelings, I was wrong, my heart was right, my feelings were right, my love was right. Meenakshi gets shocked. Mishti says yes, I love Abir a lot. Dheere dheere….plays….. Abir smiles and comes to Mishti. He says I love you too Mishti. He holds her hand.

Meenakshi gets angry. Abir says I love you since I didn’t know the meaning of love, that I have feelings for you, I felt I m wrong as Kunal was engaged to Mishti, then that alliance broke, Kunal got his true love and I got mine.Abir saying its love, respect it, its my last decision. Mishti says I want to live my entire life with Abir. Meenakshi says I refuse to accept this relation. Abir says its my relation, I m ready. She says if one of my sons marry Mishti, then the other one won’t marry Kuhu. Everyone gets shocked. She stops Nanu and says they are my sons, decisions will be mine. Abir says we have grown up now and we can take our own decisions, Kunal should take his decision himself. Mishti says Kunal loves Kuhu, he won’t leave Kuhu. Kunal says then hear my answer. He gives the engagement ring to Kuhu.

Mishti and Abir get shocked. Kunal says for me, my mum and my family matter the most, I can leave anyone for their sake. Kuhu says please don’t do this, I love you. Kunal says trust me, I want to see you happy but I can’t accept your sister. Meenakshi asks Nanu to understand that he lost today. She says when I met Vishwamber, I told him that Mishti belongs to a broken family and just knows to break relation, she is still thinking about yourself, not your family and Kuhu, the girl who doesn’t know to fix relations and make sacrifices, she can’t become my bahu, look at her. Vishwamber cries and asks Mishti why did you fall for this guy. He gets a heart attack. Everyone shouts and holds him. Mishti cries. Abir asks are you fine Mishti. Her imagination ends. She sees Abir and Meenakshi behind. He asks are you okay. Mishti says yes. He says I will accept it today. Meenakshi asks what are you talking.


She says I have come to thank both of you, Abir would do anything for Kunal, but Kunal and Kuhu are together because of Mishti’s efforts, happiness came in our house, I know Mishti will not let the happiness go away, because I also love my family as Mishti does. Mishti says yes. Abir smiles. Nidhi comes to Varsha and says Jasmeet found the kundli and gave it. Varsha worries and sees Shaurya.Jasmeet apologizes to Varsha. Varsha asks what if they find out that Kuhu isn’t my daughter. Jasmeet says I didn’t know I will make this mistake. Kuhu asks what mistake. Jasmeet says I gave your kundli to Kunal’s family, I forgot you aren’t Varsha’s real daughter, what if they read your real mum’s name. Kuhu worries. Nidhi stops checking the kundli on hearing Abir and Nanu. She goes to hear them. Nanu and Abir see her and act to fool Nidhi. Abir says how will this world understand that I m waiting for a husband, not a wife, he came and he left. Nanu says love is love, I m with you. Nidhi gets shocked and falls in. Abir laughs.
Jasmeet says Meenakshi will call off the wedding if she knows this. Kuhu asks Varsha does she not want to see her happy, I will tell the truth to Kunal that I m adopted, tell Dadu and Dadi that his family knows truth. Varsha says I can’t lie.

Kuhu says Kunal will talk to his family. Jasmeet says yes, he will explain his family, he loves Kuhu, if Vishwamber talks now, matter can spoil. Kuhu says I swear, I will talk to Kunal. Nidhi asks what’s this prank. Abir says we were discussing your serial story. Nanu reminds the serial twist. Nishi says thanks, I forgot it, but I can’t watch it now. She gives kundli and says give it to Parul. She goes. Nanu says jokes are over, is there any problem between you and Mishti. Abir says there is something, I have to find out, she came to tell me something and then changed the topic. Nanu says girls are very complicated, Mishti is different from the rest, give her some time, maybe she came to speak out her heart and got nervous, anyway, go to sleep now. Abir laughs. Nanu goes. Abir says she came to confess and got cold feet, possible. He goes to give kundli.

Rajshri says we understand your concern, Kuhu and Kunal have to spend life together, we can’t lie. Vishwamber asks Varsha what’s the matter. Jasmeet says Kuhu told Kunal that Varsha isn’t her real mum. He asks what. Rajshri asks Kuhu why didn’t she say this. Jasmeet says Kunal likes Kuhu a lot. He asks Kuhu to say this, does Kunal know it. Kuhu nods. He asks what did he say. She says he said he will talk to his family. Rajshri says he isn’t afraid to support truth, he apologized to you as he asked Mishti to apologize. He says then there is nothing to worry.Rajshri says yes, for us, the big truth is that Kuhu is our daughter and Varsha is her mum. She hugs Kuhu. Mishti looks on and recalls Meenakshi’s words. She gets Abir’s call.Abir messages her to ask is she fine. He comes to Parul’s room and says she has fallen asleep. He keeps kundli there.

Parul talks in sleep, its not his mistake, let him live. He says why does she have Kunal’s childhood pic…..Its morning, Meenakshi says Kunal, this marriage won’t happen. Nidhi comes and says explain Abir, he cracks bad jokes, he was saying he loves a boy, not a girl. Kunal asks her not to hear others talk. He goes. Meenakshi asks about puja preparations. Nidhi says its done, come and keep Kunal’s kundli, I will read Kuhu’s kundli once, what if there is any fault. Meenakshi says do what you want. Nidhi smiles.Its morning, Kuhu and Mishti stay sad. Mishti says I wish we never grew up. Kuhu says I feel there is a new tension everyday. Mishti says all those childhood stories were false, love is so difficult. Kuhu asks did you talk to Abir, if you do, then Kunal will leave me, I got his love with difficulty, I know you are angry on me, I will go in some days, then this house and family will be yours, I won’t come back if you say, don’t say anything to Abir, let me get married first, I won’t be able to handle the tension. Mishti says I m on your side, I won’t ever break your and Kunal’s wedding. Kuhu says but you and Abir…. Mishti says I don’t know about us, I will make sure you and Kunal get married. Kuhu cries. Mishti wipes her tears.

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