Sacred Relationship Update Sunday 28 March 2021

Sacred Relationship 28 March 2021: starts with Nanu saying the party is of youngsters. Kunal asks what are you doing. Parul says I was your shadow and I m still. Meenakshi says then you learn to stay behind, I gave you a lot, a good position in the house, you are questioning me. Parul says I don’t want any position, just answer my question, are you going to break this alliance as well. Meenakshi says you need to stay within your limits, else I will send you to the village right now, I swear, I will ask Kunal to do it. Parul says no. Meenakshi says I have done a lot for you and this family, for Kunal, if you don’t trust me and question me, I won’t honour anyone.

Abir says its your last day as a free bird, become like us. Atul says lets drink the fruit punch. Everyone drinks. They get drunk. Kunal says I was always the monitor, what do backbenchers do, I don’t know. Abir says they break the rules, no rules at all. Nanu says no serious talks today. Kunal says then what. Atul says we will dance. A girl dances on Ankh maare…. they dance with her. Mishti, Kuhu and all the women dance in the hen’s party. Abir imagines Mishti, coming dressed in a yellow saree. He goes to her and says Mishti…. I love you. She smiles. He kisses her hands. Nanu says I love you too. Kunal says I love you three. Kaushal says I love you four. Nidhi says I don’t love Atul, I love Ketki a lot. Abir says Nidhi is best to pretend love. Kunal says no, I m pretending to be in love with… Nanu jokes that Meenakshi has come and says I fooled you. Abir says its april’s fool. Kunal says no one is listening to me, its fine, I will go and tell Kuhu. He goes. Abir says I want to meet Mishti. Nanu says when you close eyes, you will meet her, everyone should close eyes, Abir will open eyes when I say, else the witch will come. Abir says yes right, okay. Kunal takes a cycle. Jugnu says stop, its my cycle. Kunal says you can ride it. Jugnu says I don’t drink and drive. Kunal says come on, nothing will happen. They leave.

Mishti comes there and says why isn’t Kunal answering. Kunal says stop, who went in. Jugnu says you were going. Kunal says I love you, lets go. Jugnu shouts. Mishti sees Jugnu leaving. Abir asks when will magic happen. Nanu says here is the magic, open your eyes now. Abir opens eyes and sees Mishti. She asks where is Kunal. Rajshri shows necklace to Kuhu from Jasmeet’s side. Kuhu says its so good. Varsha shows her dress. Rajshri says that’s your gift. Kuhu sees Kunal in the balcony. Varsha asks didn’t you like the surprise. Rajshri says she didn’t like it. Kuhu says the dress is beautiful, my Dadi is coolest, I will try the dress and come. Varsha and Jasmeet say we will help you. Kuhu says I will manage and try the dress. She goes to Kunal.

Mishti says this is your room, I came to meet Kunal. Abir says you have come to meet me. She asks are you drunk. He says yes, I was missing you. She says don’t recite poetry when you are drunk. He says I know you can’t drive when you are drunk but I can praise you, right. He praises her and asks why are you so beautiful, you don’t want to say anything? He makes a sad face and says say something. Naata mera…..plays…. She kisses on his cheek. He smiles and stops her. They fall down on the bed. They have an eyelock. She gets her glasses. He makes her wear it. Kunal gets hurt. Kuhu says sorry, what are you doing here. He says my head is spinning, I m fine, but world is moving so fast. She says this party is the best party, just like movie, hero comes in heroine’s room secretly and then… He asks then…

She says you would be knowing it now, you would have seen movies. He says yes, terminator, commando, rambo, there wasn’t such scenes. She says we will see roms coms after marriage. He says I have to tell something imp, listen carefully. She says tell me. He says I want to tell you what I feel, I m not able to say it when I look into your eyes, I m misunderstood like you, people call me stone hearted, that’s not me, I too feel bad, I came to say the truth. Abir says I m unable to express it, when I need the words, they aren’t supporting me, so I m saying clearly, Mishti I….. Kunal holds Kuhu’s hand and says I… Mishti says no Abir, I have to go. Abir says I m falling in… listen to me, be quiet. She makes him away and says you should to go sleep. Abir rests in her lap and says when I was a child, mum used to make me sleep. Mishti recalls Abir’s words. She makes him sleep. She says you always give me a reason to smile. She hears Meenakshi and worries.

Mishti hearing Meenakshi. Meenakshi sees everyone and asks them to get up. She asks are you all drunk, who got the alcohol. Nidhi talks nonsense. She says don’t make any noise, else Meenakshi will come, she is a cruel woman. Meenakshi shouts Nidhi…. Mishti says Meenakshi aunty…. Abir says don’t make me wait, if I go, you won’t be able to find me. Nidhi says when you will come back to senses, you will regret. Meenakshi says don’t imitate me, what a shame, where are Kunal and Abir. Mishti gets away from Abir. Kunal says I don’t love love, its silly emotion, I feel why to think negative when I see you, you are so happy and positive when you stay with Mishti, how.

Meenakshi says Abir is sleeping, I have to see Kunal. She asks where is Kunal.
Jugnu says he went to meet Kuhu. She thinks he may tell something. Kuhu asks Kunal was he angry on Mishti. He says this is happening because of her, if Mishti didn’t come in our lives, it would have been different, its all a drama. Meenakshi is on the way. She asks are you fine. He says yes, I m here to tell Kuhu everything. She says leave from there and come home. He says no. She says I m telling you. He says no, no…. and disconnects. She says if Kunal reveals everything before I reach….
Meenakshi says her phone is off, Kunal will make everything wrong, what shall I do. Kuhu says I know you love me too, I want you to profess this to me. Kunal says I came to talk about this, since Shweta left me, I used to hate even romantic songs, you know, I locked myself in my room during last two valentines. Jasmeet comes and says caught you. She says yes Meenakshi, Kunal is here.

Varsha says I don’t think Abir and Kunal will drink. Meenakshi says its wrong that he has come here this way. Jasmeet gets Kunal downstairs. Kunal hugs Meenakshi and says I love you. Meenakshi says I m sorry on his behalf, I will go now. Jasmeet jokes. Meenakshi sees Mishti and says tomorrow is a special day. She goes with Kunal. Kuhu teases Rajshri and Varsha. Jasmeet says Kunal proved his love. Mishti thinks of Meenakshi’s words. Nanu comes to wake up Abir and wishes him good morning.

Abir says Mishti, what are you doing. Nanu says I know I look young, but I hope you know my gender, I m Nanu, not Mishti. Abir gets up. Nanu says Kaushal added alcohol in fruit punch. Abir recalls Mishti and says she had come here at night, in my room. Nanu says you were drunk. Abir says no, she had come. Nanu jokes.

Abir says she was here. Nanu asks what did you do, did you profess your love. Abir says I tried, I feel she is close to me and still away, she is stopping herself, you are right, nothing will happen being good boy, there is one way to profess feelings, I will profess my feelings in front of everyone. They get a video. They see Meenakshi and Nidhi’s argument. Nidhi comes and says Atul had sent the video to everyone, Meenakshi will not leave us. Kunal asks who did this, I would have told the truth to Kuhu. She says its good, Maheshwaris believe that you love Kuhu, now Mishti has to listen to us. Mishti calls Abir and says don’t know how he is. Meenakshi says I will try again. Abir and Nanu come and take their phones.

Nidhi gets the phone and deletes the video.Abir says get ready soon, we have to take mehendi and go to Maheshwari house. Meenakshi says no, just women will go. Nanu says women and men are equal, there won’t be any gender bias in mehendi function. Abir says yes. Meenakshi says men will also join us, fine. Jugnu says Abir, Mishti is calling you. Meenakshi says I m sure there is something imp. Abir says yes. Meenakshi says that’s why her number was busy. Mishti says Abir will be here with family, I will talk to him, but Meenakshi will also come. Ananya comes. Mishti hugs her. She says it will be surprise when we enter from back door. Mishti says yes, lets go. She gets Abir’s calls. She disconnects. Ananya says it must be your BF. Mishti says no, I have no BF. She asks Ananya to sit here for some time. Ananya takes her phone and answers. She says its Kunal’s mum. Meenakshi asks did you call Abir. Meenakshi says I asked you to stay away from Abir, I m asking something. Mishti says I called to ask when r you coming, I m not asking you, but telling you. Ananya asks why did you get scared. Mishti says no, its Kuhu’s in laws, I have to be extra polite. Ananya asks is she angry about engagement. Mishti says she will always be. Ananya says you invited me here to surprise Kuhu, thanks and I love you. Mishti says I love you too. Mishti recalls Meenakshi’s words. She thinks very soon, everyone will hate me, I hope you don’t forget this love.

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