Sacred Relationship Update Saturday 27 March 2021


Sacred Relationship 27 March 2021: starts with Kunal teasing Abir. Abir says there is no personal life in this house. Parul asks them to go and get ready. Atul says Kunal takes much time. Nanu comes to Abir and asks what. Abir shows Parul. He says there is a secret in our house, Parul was blabbering in sleep, she had this pic in her hand. Nanu worries and asks do you think that you both call her Maasi just like that, you both are her family. Abir stops Parul and says the vessel is hot, where is your focus. He says I didn’t had a good sleep. Maheshwaris come.

Abir asks did you come alone, you said you will find a girl for yourself. Rajshri says you find her. He says maybe I meet her today. Mishti comes and thinks don’t look at Abir. She goes and thinks will I be able to do what Meenakshi wants. Everyone
places the Ganpati idol and pray. Abir thinks how to find out. Mishti prays. She thinks how shall I lie to those whom I love so much. Pandit asks them to keep kundlis. Meenakshi and Varsha keep kundlis. Jugnu says Abir is upset, I told him I will help in dressing the wound, he was happy until yesterday. Mishti thinks he is worried because of me. Abir looks on and thinks Mishti will care for me. She thinks if Meenakshi sees me with Abir.He says it means I was wrong, she doesn’t love me, else she would have come to help me, I will do it myself. Mishti comes and asks do you need my help, can I help you. He says what else would I want, you have come, thanks.

She thinks how do I go against your mum. She stops when he screams. She shuts the door and thinks at least nobody will see us together. Jasmeet asks Nidhi about the saree work. Varsha takes the kundli. She goes. Jasmeet says we get many such earrings in my city. Nidhi gets angry and says I got this from mall. Abir says I have to remove this first. Mishti says yes. Naata mera….plays… She asks Abir not to move, else it will ache. He looks at her. She says I told you not to come close else you will get hurt.He says its okay, I have no issues. She says yes, this pain is temporary, there won’t be any mark or pain now, you won’t remember anything. He asks why do you look worried. She says nothing and applies ointment. He gets hurt. She says sorry, I don’t want to hurt you ever. Dono milke….plays…. He stops her. She says please let me go, its all over now. He says it hasn’t, because it never started, you don’t want to start it, what are you thinking. She says I just want Kuhu and Kunal to be together and happy, that’s all. He asks nothing else. She says nothing. She goes.

He says she left something incomplete again. Nanu says Abir is doubting, lying to Abir is a big mistake, he will understand it soon, if he comes to talk, just change the topic. Parul says fine. He says this truth will surface when its about life and death. She nods. Varsha says this was your idea to steal kundli. Jasmeet says it would be good if Kuhu told this to Kunal. Varsha checks Kunal’s kundli. She says this is Kunal’s kundli. Nidhi says this is Kunal’s kundi, have it. Meenakshi says I don’t want to know about Kuhu. Nidhi says we can dominate her always if her kundli has some dosh. Meenakshi asks her to go to kitchen. Meenakshi sees Kuhu’s kundli. She gets shocked. Varsha says Kuhu’s kundli will be in temple. Jasmeet says we will go and change it. Nanu says let Abir come, then we will plan. Shaurya says I didn’t attend any bachelor’s party. Atul says its our party. Abir says Mishti doesn’t see me around. Nanu asks him to plan bachelors party. Abir says get Kunal first. Rajshri says we will be having a hens party, Akshara started that, we are also cool.

Nidhi says you will be eating chicken. Rajshri says no. They laugh. Jasmeet asks Varsha to hurry up. Varsha says did anyone take Kuhu’s kundli, I must get it back before anyone sees mum’s name on it. Meenakshi gives kundli to Mishti and says I do know to read names, I think Kuhu’s mum’s name isn’t Varsha. She says you kept a big secret from me. Mishti says I beg you, don’t tell this to anyone. Meenakshi says you think I m a bad mum, will I reveal the truth, I will not do that. Mishti says thanks. Meenakshi says you will do all this, you will reveal the truth in front of everyone, you will make Maheshwaris realize that they made a huge mistake by adopting you. Mishti says no, their hearts will break. Meenakshi says Kuhu’s alliance won’t break, wow, great, two girls will leave the house, your sister will get married and you will exit the house after insulting them. Mishti says no, I will go leaving everything behind. Meenakshi says Abir will follow you and get you back, I m sure no one likes melodrama every day, you will do what I say else, Kuhu will keep waiting in the mandap but baraat won’t arrive, you talk a lot about family, I m giving you a chance to help them, if you don’t do this, then Kuhu won’t marry Kunal, Kunal’s destiny lies in your hands. Mishti gets shocked.

Meenakshi threatening Mishti. Mishti asks what’s Kuhu’s mistake in this. Meenakshi says nothing, but she will get punished, I will ruin Vishwamber’s pride. Mishti says my family doesn’t judge anyone by their kundli, Kuhu is a nice girl, Kunal will be happy with her. Meenakshi says excellent speech, but on a wrong topic, I have no problem about Shaurya’s relation with any other woman, or your mum, you are my problem, Abir has never left me, if I refuse for your and Abir’s marriage, he will leave me, I will never let you come in his life. Mishti says I will get away from his life, I can’t hurt my family. Meenakshi says you have to make yourself away from Abir, you have to tell everyone that Varsha isn’t Kuhu’s mum, you have to become bad and go away from Abir’s heart, this is my last decision, now decision is yours. Mishti asks her not to do this.


Meenakshi says save your tears for the future, bad people don’t cry, you have to become bad, you have to say everyone that Kuhu is illegitimate, if you don’t do this, you know what I can do, if you think of telling this to Vishwamber, then remember that I will break this relation in such a way that his heart and pride break, Kuhu won’t be able to step out of the house. Mishti goes crying. She recalls Meenakshi’s words. Kunal asks Kuhu are you okay. She hugs him and says sorry, you supported me a lot, I wanted to say thanks, I m feeling scared when something good is happening with me today, even I have problems and insecurities in my life, what’s bad if I m selfish, I don’t want to lose you.

He gets sad. He says you aren’t selfish, you are doing this for your family, people do a lot for family, they lie and cheat, they feel guilty, but they do for family’s sake. Kuhu says you understand me, will you support me. He says yes, but until marriage day. Kuhu says once marriage happens, you will be with me. Varsha asks Kuhu did she talk.Kunal says we were talking. Kuhu says yes. She thinks how to tell mom that I didn’t say my birth truth to Kunal. Varsha says I think you will understand this. Mishti comes. Kuhu asks Kunal to come with her. Mishti says I got this kundli. Varsha hugs and thanks her. She says I was scared, that I won’t be able to answer them, you helped me. She hugs Mishti and Kuhu. Mishti thinks problem will begin now. Mishti is sleeping. Meenakshi wakes her up and says baraat is coming and you didn’t fulfill my word, now I will do what I said. She calls Kunal and says Mishti is snatching Abir from us. Kunal says what, I won’t come in the mandap, I can do anything for Abir. Mishti shouts.

Meenakshi asks Mishti what will she do now, Kuhu’s marriage broke. Mishti begs her. Abir comes and asks Mishti to never bow down, she fell in love, she didn’t do anything wrong. He says I love you, Kunal will come, I will get him.Mishti thanks him. Varsha wakes her up and asks did you see any dream. Mishti says I was dreaming. Varsha says nothing bad will happen now, you found the Mishti, I was scared, get ready for hens party, this gift is for you. Mishti hugs her. Varsha asks her to come fast.Mishti thinks Abir can’t solve this, but Kunal can solve it, if I tell him that Kuhu is adopted, he will understand, he loves Kuhu.

Kunal, Nanu and Abir joke and laugh. Atul comes. Nidhi says Atul got this torn jeans in 3000rs, I have to go with Meenakshi and Parul in Satsang. Nanu says everything is happening according to age. They take selfie. Kunal thinks I m cheating Kuhu and also my family, they are so happy, they don’t know this happiness is fake. He gets Kuhu’s pic. He sees Abir and thinks I have to do this for Abir. Meenakshi asks Nidhi to come. Nidhi asks Kaushal to leave her hand. Kaushal says but you are holding my hand. Meenakshi says Nidhi, come with me. Abir says let Nidhi be here. Nidhi says no, I like puja and bhakti. He sings Chaar baj gaye…. Parul says let Nidhi stay back.

Meenakshi says Nidhi, stay back. Nidhi gets happy and says fine, if you are adamant, I will stay back. Meenakshi says Abir, I don’t want any mess. Meenakshi and Parul go. Jugnu gets the juice corner. Kaushal smells the alcohol and asks Atul how did he get this. Atul says its of my friends. Kaushal asks him to become cool. He spikes the juice and drinks. Meenakshi says we came here after a long time, life is busy. Parul says I remember, I m thinking of Kunal’s future. Meenakshi says I m making his future better, Parul you look worried, come and sit. Parul says whatever you did to break Kunal and Mishti’s relation was right, Mishti wasn’t right for him, but Kuhu is right for him, she will get love for him, will you break this alliance. Meenakshi gets angry.

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