Sacred Relationship Update Friday 11 June 2021

Sacred Relationship 11 June 2021: The Episode starts with Doctor saying maybe someone spiked the coffee. Mishti says make him fine first. Doctor says I will give him medicines, I will take his blood sample to know what’s in his system. Mishti says Abir, nothing will happen to you. Meenakshi thinks Mishti and Kuhu’s truth will come out when they fight here, they will know I was right about them. Kuhu calls Kunal to come fast. Kunal says I came home to check on Abir. Kuhu says I want your help, no one is understanding it, you can help. He says fine, I will just come. Jugnu hides doctor. Kunal says I came to check Abir.

Jugnu says he went to get special garland for Shiv ji. Kunal says ask him to call me. He goes. Jugnu apologizes to doctor. Doctor says tell Mishti that I will mail the reports.Mishti calls out Jugnu and asks him to get an auto. Jasmeet taunts about Mishti. Meenakshi says Mishti is my bahu now, I know you are angry on her. Rajshri and Varsha come. Meenakshi says Jasmeet thinks Mishti is delaying for puja. Jasmeet says I heard Mishti getting a party invite, I thought she went there. Meenakshi thinks weak link is breaking. She says my son Abir doesn’t drink, even if Abir and Mishti went in party, then they would have come back home on time. Jasmeet says maybe Mishti drinks these days. Rajshri says no, she doesn’t drink. Meenakshi says even Abir doesn’t drink, explain it to Jasmeet. She thinks Mishti will come here stumbling.

Abir says I m so charming. Mishti says you didn’t see yourself, did you had anything after cold coffee. He says yes, one spoon Mishti. She says stop it, we have to go for puja. He says love is puja and puja is love, I you love. Mishti says I you love too, I have to get ready, what will we tell, why did we get late. Abir says I can’t think of anything. She says you are falling. He says in your love, hold me, if they ask us why did we get late, we will say that I wasn’t able to make you wear mangalsutra.

She asks what are you doing. He says watching you. He fills sindoor in her maang. He says my lovely wife and hugs her. Kuhu and Kunal set the umbrella. Meenakshi asks him to find Abir, its time for Abhishek, Abir will do it. Mishti and Jugnu take Abir. Jugnu says I told Kunal that you went to get special garland. Mishti says you should have told truth, he would have helped us. Kunal says I will go and see. Kuhu stops him. She says Kaushal can go. Meenakshi says Kunal will go to find his brother. Mishti asks Abir how are you feeling now. Abir says your voice is magical. Parul asks what would we do if Kuhu didn’t do these arrangements. Jasmeet and Nidhi argue. Mishti says I will tell them that I gave you a pain killer and you slept so much. Abir says tell them that you did magic with your love. Mishti asks Abir to sleep. She thinks to find out what happened to him and who did this.

Meenakshi talks to everyone. She says Abir will do the abhishek, he is son of the house. Rajshri says Kunal is also your son and can do aarti. Nanu says yes, Kunal will do the puja with Kuhu if Abir doesn’t come. Meenakshi says fine. Abir and Mishti come here. Rajshri pacifies Varsha.Vishwamber says elder son should do this Abhishek, if Kunal does it, Abir won’t feel bad. Meenakshi thinks I will not forgive them if Abir doesn’t do this puja. Mishti says just do puja, then I will take you home. Abir says I will be fine. He stumbles. She holds him. Kunal and Kuhu do the aarti. Kunal says Abir and Mishti has come. Mishti asks Abir not to leave her hand. Kunal asks are you okay. Meenakshi asks why did you get late. Mishti says I took the painkiller.

Pandit asks did anyone of you had liquor, I know Abir, he does puja with devotion. Mishti recalls doctor’s words. She thinks how shall I lie. Rajshri says they don’t take any liquor. Mishti says I m feeling dizzy, Abir hold me well, sorry, we got late because of us, pandit start the aarti, we will attend it from here. Jasmeet asks Kunal to come and do the puja with Kuhu. Kunal asks Mishti are you sure, you want to sit here, I will get the car. Mishti says no, you go and do the aarti. She sits with Abir. She says sorry, this puja was your dream and right also, I promise, I will find out who did this. Meenakshi thinks Abir didn’t say a word. Mishti calls doctor and asks for Abir’s reports. Kuhu thinks did Mishti get to know about the spiked coffee. Meenakshi thinks Abir couldn’t do puja, and these girls didn’t fight. Pandit asks her to add Kapur in diya. Parul does it. Varsha thinks why didn’t Meenakshi do this. Abir says sorry, we can’t go in aarti, we shall donate the prasad to poor. Mishti nods. They feed the people and say there can’t be better puja.

Mishti asks is your head aching. Abir says no. She asks did you eat anything else. He says no, we had cold coffee. Mishti thinks why would Kuhu do this with Abir.Abir says I will sit somewhere. Kunal gives aarti to everyone. Meenakshi asks Kuhu to come with her. Mishti goes to get water. Meenakshi sees Mishti and talks aloud. She asks Kuhu was Mishti stopping Abir from doing puja. Kuhu says I can’t answer. Meenakshi says Abir always does puja every time, I want to know the reason, did Mishti drink anything at night, why did they stop when pandit said that they can’t do puja if they got drunk. Kuhu says I just know Mishti is independent, maybe this puja isn’t imp for Mishti, or she wants to spend time with Abir, she didn’t tell me anything, sorry. Meenakshi says its okay, I just wanted to know the truth. Mishti thinks did Kuhu do this.

Mishti asking Rajshri to feed the water to Abir, he isn’t fine. She goes and stops Kuhu. She says I heard your and Maa’s talks, you are still blaming me to hide your mistake, you spoiled many things, Abir is my husband, I will tell everyone that you did this. Kuhu says why will I do this with Abir, you can ask Maa. Everyone asks Abir is he fine, what’s happening. Mishti comes and says I m here, I have to tell you something. Kuhu says just wait. Meenakshi asks why did you reach late for the aarti, I want to know the truth. Mishti says I will tell you. Abir falls down. They get worried.

At home, Meenakshi says you said you aren’t fine, Abir isn’t fine. Mishti says doctor is coming. Meenakshi asks why didn’t we take him to hospital. Doctor comes and asks them to stay outside. Abir says Mishti, I love you. Mishti cries. Doctor treats Abir. He says sorry, I can’t say anything. Abir asks her to relax. Doctor says now he will talk less and sleep more. Mishti says get fine soon. Meenakshi says I know Mishti and I aren’t on good terms, but we love Abir a lot, she refused to take Abir to hospital, if his state gets bad… Kunal hugs Kuhu and asks how did this happen suddenly, I don’t know anything, I will not leave the person who did this. Kuhu says lets go to doctor now. He says you will tell me if you know, we won’t have any secrets. He goes.

Rajshri says I m sorry, I will talk to Mishti, maybe she did this for Abir’s good. Kunal says you are right, we will talk to Mishti. Meenakshi gets angry. Doctor is leaving. He says we will monitor Abir, his blood had traces of sleeping pills, he has taken the pills, it can be a police case. Meenakshi says no one will call the police until Abir gets conscious. Doctor says Abir would get fine by night. He goes. Mishti tells everything to Rajshri. Parul says you took all the blame on yourself, you have done real puja today. Meenakshi asks who can do this. Mishti says don’t know, but I will find it out.

Kuhu worries and goes to her room. She says why did I make them drink the coffee, why did Abir drink it. Kunal asks Mishti to give medicines to Abir. He says sorry, I will write it down. She says listen, I remember everything, I won’t make any mistake. He says I know, anyone else can make mistake, I will give the notes to everyone. Kuhu says I want to see Abir. Jasmeet comes and asks her to tell the truth. Kunal asks Abir to get fine. Jasmeet says there is no proof. Kuhu says Abir is ill. Jasmeet says make someone else framed to get saved. Nidhi comes and says Meenakshi is calling you. Jasmeet asks Nidhi what did Abir eat at night. Nidhi says we all dine together. Meenakshi asks Kuhu did the coffee contain her sleeping pills. She says I gave the pills to Parul to keep it safe. Kuhu says I know. Meenakshi says you told that Mishti doesn’t like to stay in joint family, your family is going, go and meet them. Kuhu goes. Nidhi thinks something is going on here.

Vishwamber asks Nanu not to worry, Abir will be fine. Kunal says I will be here. Mishti says we are here, you should go and have good. Rajshri says I m proud of you, Mishti. Vishwamber asks is everything fine between you and Kuhu, a little problem can break the brothers. Mishti says no, everything is awesome. Kuhu hugs Varsha, and says I wish I could come along. Varsha says Kunal needs you. Vishwamber says you can call us if you need help.

Shaurya says Mishti called our doctor, you can still take second opinion. Meenakshi shouts stop. She says I want to know the truth from Kuhu. Vishwamber asks what truth. Meenakshi says Kuhu broke Mishti’s nek necklace on pagphere day. Kuhu says no, its not my mistak, its happening because of Mishti, she always lies, you know she has come from broken family, she is a home breaker.

Mishti says stop it Kuhu, stop blaming me, you broke the necklace, you added the pills in Abir’s coffee. Everyone gets shocked. Mishti says Abir is ill because of Kuhu, I was silent as I was worried for Abir, now she is blaming me, she wanted to do the puja. Kuhu says liar. Mishti says you are a liar. Meenakshi says enough, elder son is lying unconscious and bahus are fighting, I admit I made mistakes and apologized, is this my mistake that I got such bahus, they are breaking my family, why shall I give them a place in my house. Meenakshi’s dream ends. Mishti asks are you fine. Rajshri says we will leave now. Meenakshi says I m just thinking, why did this happen with my son Abir. Mishti says when we know the truth, we won’t leave the person who did this. Jasmeet says I need to talk. Kuhu says later, I have to see Abir. Maheshwaris leave.

Parul asks Meenakshi to come to see Abir. Mishti stops Kuhu. Kuhu goes to Nidhi. Kunal asks Mishti to check Abir’s temperature. Mishti says he doesn’t have any fever, doctor has messaged. Doctor writes… matter can get serious if Abir doesn’t get conscious in some time. Nanu asks Meenakshi not to worry. Mishti says I wish you didn’t complain about me to Rajshri. Meenakshi asks can’t a mum share her pain with another pain, I can’t talk to Rajshri? Mishti says sorry, I mean give me a chance to learn, I can’t run the house like you, you have to tell me my mistake so that I learn. Meenakshi says fine Mishti, if I feel such, I will talk to you first. Mishti says thanks, Abir will get fine. She thinks Kuhu isn’t meeting Abir to avoid me.

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