Sacred Relationship Update Monday 24 May 2022

Sacred Relationship 24 May 2021: starts with Abir crying and saying Jugnu, that letter was changed, I didn’t think why would Mishti come at night to tell me that she doesn’t want to see my face. Kunal sits crying. Parul comes to him. Meenakshi looks on. Parul says Kunal, you are ashamed of your birth, just think of my decision, I couldn’t give you a good life, when Meenakshi said she will give you a good upbringing and good future, I thought to not call you my son, so that you don’t get called an illegitimate, I have sacrificed all my rights and happiness, you have insulted my blood. Meenakshi asks her to stay in her limits. Parul says no one will come between us today. Kunal says shut up, you like Mishti, can’t you see that he is responsible for everything. Parul slaps him.

He asks how dare you. She says its my right, you have dared to do wrong, three months back, when Abir was marrying Mishti, Meenakshi told Abir that you are not her son, but my son, she told Abir that if he marries Abir, then…. She tells everything. Kunal is shocked. Parul says Abir left Mishti and chose you, Abir sacrificed his love for you, you have made fun of his sacrifice, I was always afraid that you will not call me your mum, but today I don’t want to call you my son. Meenakshi gets worried. Parul cries and goes. Abir says I have lost Mishti forever. Nanu says enough, stop crying, tell me do you love me. Abir says I didn’t listen to her, her roka is happening. Nanu asks again and again. Abir shouts yes, I love her. Nanu says you have got peace by telling this today. Jugnu says yes, Mishti’s roka is happening, 99% chances. Abir says still 1% chance is there, I will try, I have told this, I m Ajeeb Rajvansh, I have hurt Mishti a lot, I will not lose until she forgives me, this story won’t end. Mishti says Abir and Mishti’s story got over.

Its morning, Mishti rides a cycle and thinks of Abir. Bhula diya….plays…. Abir thinks of her. He sees Meenakshi and leaves from the house. Mishti goes to the tea stall. Kunal wakes up and looks for Kuhu. He sees the calendar. Kuhu is also sad. Nannu asks all good. They click a selfie together. Nannu waits for Mishti. Mishti leaves the tea and goes. Abir sees her going. He takes her tea cup and drinks. She prays at the temple. She goes. Abir says I m sorry Mishti. A man comes in between. Mishti turns to see. She goes. He gets Kunal’s message and deletes. Nannu thinks Mishti got much late today. Varsha says you will be of someone today. He says yes, I want Mishti to be happy, I don’t want to become Abir. He says you aren’t Abir, but Nannu, Mishti’s best friend. Kuhu comes and asks him to get ready. Jasmeet asks did she run away. He asks really, thanks, everyone knows you aren’t happy with this alliance. Kuhu says even then she is supporting, she can’t become like Meenakshi. Varsha asks is Kunal coming. Kuhu says I forgot to tell him about Roka, I will call him. Nannu says you love me a lot. Jasmeet says yes, stay happy. Mishti gets a house and sees them.

She says this house is not of gold and diamonds, but this will always be imp for me, its for you, thanks for accepting me. Jugnu keeps coffee. Kunal asks did you know that Abir loves Mishti. Jugnu says I guessed so, since Abir loved Mishti a lot, how could he hate her. Kunal says great, I couldn’t know Abir well. Jugnu says Abir loves you a lot. Kunal says he was frustrated. Abir says I just know he loves you and Mishti a lot. Kunal says he thinks I have hurt him, he thinks the same about Mishti. Jugnu says I just know he always chose you between Mishti and you, he loves you a lot and Mishti also. Kunal says it means Abir wants Mishti back in his life, so stupid, I couldn’t understand. He gets a call and says Kuhu… Varsha says sorry, I have called you from her phone, its Mishti and Nannu’s roka today, Vishwamber and Shaurya came to your house to invite, will you come. He says yes, I m coming. Abir comes home and sees Meenakshi.

He says you have kept my life’s tough choice in front of me. Nanu comes. Abir says I didn’t tell anyone, you all have seen my decision, but not my pain, I was silent and hiding from myself, I wasn’t living. He takes Meenakshi’s blessings. He says I want to live now, not by hiding. He throws his shades away. He says I m going to meet Mishti, I will apologize and tell her the truth, maybe she accepts me again. Meenakshi says you won’t do it. He steps on the shades. He says I will do it, you can’t stop me. She says you don’t forget that I m your mum. He says then you also try, if you come in my way, then…She asks what do you want to say, tell me, I supported you when your dad cheated you, I have raised you so that you grow up and threaten me, what will you do. Kunal says we will tell Maheshwaris. She asks we? He says we will tell them that you knew Nishant is a recovering addict and even then you got his drink spiked. She says you are blackmailing me. He says no, I m supporting Abir, I don’t want Abir to sacrifice his happiness, I will choose Mishti for Abir’s happiness, that’s final. She says this decision will be proved costly for you. He says at least I have decided this, because I m not weak like my mum, who raised me. Abir goes out. Kunal follows him. Meenakshi looks on angrily.

Kunal saying you did everything for me since childhood, I didn’t think what I can do for you. Abir says we both are one, I feel bad that you lied to me when I gave you a chance to say the truth, what do you want. Kunal says I want to rectify my mistakes, please give me one chance, if I fail, then you never call me Nanko again. Meenakshi says Parul, you would be happy that my sons don’t listen to me, they do what you want. Parul says I always did what you want. Nanu gets a water pot and asks for support. Meenakshi goes to hold. The pot breaks. He says sin pot breaks when it get filled, this time even I m wrong, I didn’t know all this happening. He asks Parul to come with him. Meenakshi looks on. Jasmeet welcomes the guests. Kuhu asks her about hashtag of the roka. They think Nish Mish attack. The guests ask Jasmeet how did she fix Nannu’s alliance with Mishti, when she never liked her. Nannu comes and answers them well. He says Mishti and my pairing is the best. Shaurya says well said. Kuhu says right, Nanchak, the relation and clothes are also matching. Rajshri asks Mishti how are you. Mishti says I m very happy. Rajshri asks are you ready. Mishti says yes, I m ready and happy for this alliance, I know Nannu since childhood, he has never hurt me, I m sure he will never hurt me in future. Rajshri says I felt like you both are compatible. Kuhu says there is no music here. Varsha says dhol artists didn’t happen.

Kuhu asks what, won’t there be any dhol. Kunal says it will be there. He greets Varsha and says I got the music and dhol with me. Varsha says great. They see the dhol artists. They also dance on dhol music. Kunal greets Vishwamber and Rajshri. He says everything will get fine today. They see Abir coming. Mishti runs to see. Everyone gets shocked seeing Abir playing the dhol. Varsha says calm down, Vishwamber will manage it. Abir does shayari. Vishwamber gets angry. Rajshri stops him.The lady asks him to complete his shayari. He completes the lines. Everyone claps. Abir greets Vishwamber and Rajshri. Kunal says I hired them to help Kuhu, they have come here for the help, the shayari was good, every couple is like that and have such love story, don’t send them back. Jasmeet says yes, we don’t send dhol player empty handed, won’t you give them nek. Vishwamber says surely, I will give them nek and send them. Kunal says no, they are my guests, just let them be here, its my wish. Rajshri says this roka won’t stop if anyone comes, we shall start the rasam. Mishti stumbles. Abir holds her. He says I know you are walking on this path because of me, please stop. Nannu comes and forwards hand. She holds Nannu’s hand and says I have waited a lot, I won’t make you wait. She goes with him. The lady says we will do rasam of flying the chunri. Abir signs Kunal. Kunal nods and switches on the fan. Abir throws his turban chunri in the air. It falls over Mishti and him. Dheere dheere….plays…

Mishti asks why are you doing this. He says I have no control on the wind, do you want me to control it, tell me and see, I will do that also. Nannu pulls the chunri and says hey Abir, nice turban, but this design doesn’t match anything here, keep the turban safe, I don’t want insult of any family here. Kuhu worries. Nannu thanks Abir for the arrangements. Abir says nothing happened yet, I mean its a strange coincidence, when I had worn this turban last time, Mishti and I met for the first time, remember Mishti. Vishwamber says we all remember it, whatever is happening today is result of that, I told you Mishti will get a lesson because of you, person is responsible for his own happiness, today Mishti has learnt it, she started a journey with you, but you left her midway, she is starting a new journey with Nishant, I m sure that Nishant will never leave her. Mishti cries. Nannu and Mishti sit for the rasam. Nannu makes her wear the ring. Abir looks on. Dil mera tod ke….plays…. Mishti sees Abir. She makes Nannu wear the ring. Abir folds hands to Vishwamber and cries. Nannu says Dadu is right, I will not leave you Mishti. He holds her hand. Abir thinks I want to rectify my mistake, I won’t go until you give me your hand, angry CHORNI.

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