Sacred Relationship Update Sunday 23 May 2021

Sacred Relationship 23 May 2021: starts with Kuhu saying I will go alone. Abir says I will come along. She says you can’t do this event, this roka will be tough. He says it will be good. Kuhu thinks so sorry. He asks did we reach, is it near your house. She says inside our gate. Parul asks Jugnu to tell the truth, what was that latter. Jugnu says Mishti gave the letter…. Nidhi comes shouting on Jugnu. Vishwamber and Shaurya come home. They say we have to meet Nanu. Abir asks what do you have to pick from home. She says no. He asks where is the roka. She says here. He gets shocked.

Mishti thinks he is talking casually about my roka. Vishwamber says we have come to invite you for roka. Nidhi says you will be having Nannu’s roka. Shaurya says yes. Nidhi says I didn’t find a girl for him. Vishwamber says we have found the best girl for him. Meenakshi asks who is that girl. He says Mishti. Kunal looks on. Nanu says but so soon… Vishwamber asks them to surely come. Meenakshi says we shall come, we will get gifts in the gold pot.Parul recalls the pot and thinks this was already decided. Vishwamber says just get blessings, my daughter is herself a diamond, she doesn’t need gold.

Mishti taunts Abir and asks him to please decorate her house more better way if he can so that everyone remembers the day. Kuhu goes. Abir thinks she can do anything to hurt me, does she hate me so much. Mishti asks did you say something. He says no. She thinks you can do anything to show you moved on, do you really hate me so much. Nanu calls out Abir. Jugnu says he isn’t at home. Meenakshi says he would be at office. Nidhi says no, he isn’t at office.Meenakshi argues with Nanu and asks him not to chant Mishti’s name. He says I m chanting Abir’s name, you are his mum, can’t you see his sorrow. Meenakshi says enough, can’t you see pain in Kunal’s eyes, its because of Mishti. Parul says we should encourage. Meenakshi asks them to just stop taking Mishti’s name. Parul thinks Abir isn’t like Meenakshi, I have to do something. Abir gets the bags inside. Kuhu goes to get chunri. Abir taunts

Mishti. They argue. Mishti says I didn’t call you for help. He says yes, you have a BF. She says no, fiance. Dheere dheere….plays…. Nannu says I got burgers. Kuhu asks why fast food. He says I love it. She jokes on Mishti. He asks him not to joke on Mishti. She says I need to talk to youMishti thinks you were my fiance three months back. Abir thinks you were mine before. She thinks you broke up, I tried to get back to you. He thinks why did you come back, just to hurt my heart. She thinks so that you say I love you. He asks did you say anything. She thinks but enough, I won’t beg to you. She gets hurt. He goes to care. She says I have learnt to take care. He says its tough for me to see others in pain. She asks why. He gets a call and goes.Parul asks Jugnu to tell the truth. Jugnu says Mishti came to meet Abir, she was happy, I thought Abir will be happy, don’t know what happened. Parul picks the torn letter pieces. Kuhu says you are marrying Mishti, you know the meaning, she is Mishti, you guys are friends.

He says everyone’s love story is not perfect like yours, you got what you wanted. She says but Mishti doesn’t love you. He says I know, but love is friendship for me. She asks are you sure, you won’t feel anything for Mishti, if she doesn’t love you, it will hurt a lot, up that’s why take care. He thinks. He hugs her and thanks. She jokes. He says you are my sister, you will always look stupid in these noodles hairstyle.Parul asks was Mishti happy. Jugnu says yes. She asks did you lose the letter. He says no, I was careful, I lost the letter from the terrace for some time.

She says go, don’t tell anyone that I asked you about it. Kunal asks Abir are you fine. Abir says I should ask you, are you fine. Kunal says everyone thinks you still love her, tell me, you still love her. Mishti comes. Abir says no Kunal, I don’t love her. Mishti thinks to stay happy. Abir says I was helping Kuhu, I had no idea that the function is in her house, else I would have not come here, I m coming back. Kunal asks do you want me to come and help. Abir says no, just send Jugnu. Kunal says fine, come back. Abir turns and sees Mishti. She asks him to just leave, Kuhu and everyone don’t need him. Abir says right, and goes. Dheere dheere….plays….

Jugnu saying I m going to help Kuhu at her home. Meenakshi asks him to go, take the credit card and tell Kuhu that she will bear the expenses for the event. Parul thinks I will fight today for my son, Abir, I regard him my son. Mishti asks on whose side are you. Vishwamber says I m on your side. Nannu says very mean. Kuhu says we will have same Mata chunri. Jasmeet says don’t ask me, I m happy with everyone’s choice. Jugnu says I have come to help Kuhu. Nannu welcomes him.Jugnu says I m on Abir’s side, why am I smiling on hearing his talks. He greets Mishti. Vishwamber sends Mishti. He apologizes to Jasmeet for not asking her and fixing the alliance of her son. Rajshri says alliance is good for children.

Jasmeet says I don’t know Nannu knows what’s right and wrong for him. Nannu says you will handle me if I get hurt, family guarantees to be with you always. Jasmeet says I just want you to stay happy.Abir thinks of Mishti. Nanu calls him and asks him to get his medicines. Abir sees Parul and Mishti meeting in the market. Parul says I didn’t talk to you well, forgive me. Abir goes to see and calls her out. He asks why did you come to meet Mishti. Parul says you don’t know. Mishti says he doesn’t want to know. He asks her to go to her BF. Mishti says Nannu is my fiance. He asks her to stay away from his family.

Mishti asks him to never show his face again. She says very sorry Maasi and goes. Abir says I don’t want anyone’s heart to break because of Mishti. Parul cries and says I wish I could ask Mishti the reason. She sees the left. Abir sees Nannu at the hospital. Doctor says your reports are clear. Nannu says I will take care. Doctor says take care, I know there was a party at your home. Nannu says someone spiked the drink, I won’t waste my hard work of ten years, I m not drinking since ten years. Abir hears this. Mishti cries. Kuhu comes. Mishti asks can’t you knock and come. Kuhu knocks and asks may I come in. Kuhu says I don’t fight weak people. Mishti says I m not weak. Kuhu says your happiness is attached with my brother, stay away from Abir, leave my brother-in-law, move on, why are you running after Abir. Mishti says I wasn’t following him, you got him to me.

Kuhu says I didn’t get him in the market, Parul called me. Mishti says I wasn’t taking her calls, I won’t meet her or anyone. She cries. Kuhu thinks how did she agree so soon. She says Abir is behaving bad these days, he shouldn’t, sorry for that. Mishti says its not your mistake, Abir is upset since Kunal is upset with me, I don’t know why is he doing this after so much happened, I won’t blame yiy for someone’s anger. Kuhu goes.Nannu asks someone to send towing truck at the hospital, the car has a problem. Abir says I will drop you. Nannu says I will take a cab. Abir says there is public transport strike. Nannu says its a bad idea. Abir says I can drop you outside the house. Nannu plays the song and says nice song, we are doing to dance in our marriage on this.

Abir says we are business partners, you won’t be able to keep the marriage a secret, how are you feeling. Nannu says you won’t be able to talk to me about this. He thanks him and gets down the car. Abir thinks why did Nannu say this. Mishti says I was wrong, Abir doesn’t want to understand, whatever was between us, our dream broke, Abir has torn the wedding invite and also my letter. She takes the pendant.Dheere dheere….plays…. She keeps all the memories.

She says if I have to make my new identity, then I have to forget everything. She sees Abir saying love just happens, you can’t lose, you didn’t do anything wrong, you have right on every happiness. She says I felt you are that happiness, but you went too far. He disappears. Kuhu comes to Abir. He says actually….. Nannu’s car broke down, so I came to drop him.

Kuhu says what are you doing with Mishti, we are all set in our roles, I have Kuhuness always, Mishti is still boring, Kunal is impulsive, but you are intelligent, why are you doing Kunal’s role and hurting Mishti. He asks did Mishti complain about me, why did she meet Parul. She says you should have asked Mishti, why do you have a problem if she is moving on, Kunal has hurt me, I didn’t leave him, I had some reasons, Mishti isn’t like me, enough, you won’t shout or insult her, you won’t talk to her, just talk to Kunal, ask him, why did he spike Nanchak’s drink. He asks what. She says I m sure he will say he did this on his mom’s saying, what if anything happened to my brother. He asks her to say what happened that night. She says please, you brothers don’t hurt my family, its not about Mishti, its also about Nanchak, I love him a lot, stop it. She goes. Abir says Mishti tried to tell me, I didn’t listen to her, she called me and messaged, she wanted to show she moved on, no…. He reads her message and says did I do a mistake in understanding her, how. He cries

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