Sacred Relationship Update Tuesday 18 May 2021

Sacred Relationship 18 2021: starts with Kunal recalling Mishti’s words. Abir is on the way. He says I need to talk to Kunal, I will call him. Kunal comes in front of his car. Abir gets down the car and asks what happened, if anything happened to you…. Kunal asks what would you tell mum, is my mum not my mum…. Abir gets shocked. Mishti asks how can I get selfish, I risked Nannu, I know Meenakshi doesn’t think anything when its about Abir, she tells that she loves her family, she doesn’t love her sons, she always uses Kunal. She recalls her words. She says I have told the truth to Kunal, no… how can I be so stupid, I have to tell Abir, just he can explain Kunal.

Kunal asks Abir to tell him, is he not his brother, did they get him from dustbin. Abir asks what nonsense. Kunal says maybe she said this since she hates me. Abir asks who said this. Kunal says Mishti, she told me that my mum is not my mum…. Abir says it means Mishti knew it. Kunal says you mean its true. Abir turns away. Kunal leaves on a bike. A man shouts…. my motor cycle… Abir shouts Kunal and goes after him. Mishti calls Abir. Abir says I won’t let anything happen to you, I have promised your mum. He follows Kunal. He says how did Mishti know this, why did she tell this to Kunal. Mishti says how could I ruin someone’s life in anger.

She calls Abir. She says does Abir know that Kunal is Parul’s son, he didn’t know. Kuhu comes and asks where is Kunal. Mishti says he went. Kuhu says good, I don’t want to see his face. Mishti says no, you should be with him. Kuhu says to hell with him, whatever he did with Nanchak, are you coming with me to see Nanchak. A stall vendor comes in front of the car. Abir says sorry, are you fine. He hears an accident sound and runs to see. He says no, nothing can happen to my brother, where is he. He shouts and hears Kunal. He sees just the bike fallen there. He goes and sees Kunal hanging to the tree bark. He asks the men to get a rope. He asks Kunal to keep holding. He goes to Kunal and gives his hand. Kunal says no, I won’t hold your hand, I m not your Nanko. Abir asks him to give his hand. Kunal refuses and says you aren’t my brother. Abir says fine, fall down if you feel so, I always loved you, I chose you when you gave me a choice, we are brothers and will always be, I love you a lot, hold my hand. Kunal holds his hand. Kunal says I m scared, I feel you will leave my hand. Abir says don’t worry, I will never leave your hand.

He pulls Kunal. Kunal asks how will I…. Abir slaps him and says I can’t do anything without you, did you think about me before riding the bike. Kunal hugs her and says sorry. Abir says you shouldn’t ride bike this way. Kunal says sorry. Its morning, they are sitting on some bench in the park. Abir asks Kunal not to get serious about the slap, everyone forgets things these days, you wanted to know the truth so I have told you about Mehul and Parul, don’t react like this, she is your mum. Kunal says I m Mehul’s illegitimate child, your mum can remember the big cheat on seeing me. Abir says when I got to know… Kunal asks when did you know it…. Abir recalls Meenakshi’s words. He says I knew it always. Kunal cries and says even then you loved me.

Abir says you are my brother, everything is awesome when you are with me, I fight with mum, its my original idea. Kunal asks who else knows this. Abir says Maasi, Maa and Nanu, I don’t know how Mishti knows it, you know it now, nothing changed, everything is same, its your decision, mum is controlling, but she loves us a lot, she doesn’t want to share us with anyone.Kunal asks why wasn’t this a lie. Abir hugs him. He thinks why was Mishti helpless to tell the truth to Kunal this way. Mishti wakes up and sees Nannu sleeping. Nurse signs her. Jasmeet comes and signs to ask Mishti. Mishti signs Nannu is fine. Jasmeet goes. Mishti says you have to promise you won’t scare us like this, I promise I won’t call you Nannu again. Nannu wakes up and says don’t call me Nannu. She goes to call everyone. He smiles. She thanks Kanha ji and hopes Kunal is also fine, take care of him. Vishwamber makes tea. He says let me work, you are more worried than me. Rajshri says like we worry for each other, I have seen Mishti and Nannu worrying for each other, she is smiling today because of him. He says they are good friends.

She says they have become each other’s support, I feel… Mishti comes and says Nannu is fine, he is talking to me. She hugs Vishwamber. Rajshri goes to call Jasmeet. Mishti thinks I have to apologize to Kunal. She messages Abir to come and meet her.Meenakshi plays Sitar. Parul looks on. Jugnu comes shouting. Meenakshi scolds him. He says sorry, I came to say…. Abir and Kunal didn’t come home at night. Parul asks what. She recalls Abir’s words and thinks did Abir tell the truth to Kunal. Meenakshi thinks if Kunal tells Abir that I gave alcohol for Nishant. Jugnu says Kuhu said her brother is unwell. Meenakshi says you mean Nishant, I will call Kunal and ask. Abir and Kunal come home. Abir says its your home, you are born here. Kunal gets Meenakshi’s call. Abir says mum will always love you. Kunal says don’t tell everyone that I know the truth, I can’t face anyone, I need time. Meenakshi and Parul come to them. Meenakshi says Abir, Kunal… Kunal recalls Mishti’s words.

Meenakshi saying I was scared for both of you, is everything fine Kunal. Kunal says I m fine. She asks how was the party, did it happen as it had to be. Abir says Kuhu planned the party, we are tired, we will go and rest. Kunal gets sad and goes. Parul looks on. Meenakshi says they both aren’t fine. Parul asks shall I talk to Abir. Meenakshi says no, take their fav milkshake. She thinks Kunal didn’t tell about Nishant. Abir takes Kunal home. Lamho ko….plays….

Jasmeet says Nannu you got fine. Nannu says you will always be typical punjabi mom, Rajshri is looking as fresh as a daisy. Jasmeet asks him to take rest. Kuhu says chill. Jasmeet says I m angry on that man who did this with us, I will not leave him. Kuhu says I didn’t go home, I got dark circles. Mishti says we will take a selfie. Kunal says so mum really got me from dustbin. Abir asks him not to say nonsense, else he will beat him. He says I have some work, go and sleep, I will come back. Kunal asks will you come back. Abir asks are you scared that mum will make you out if I m not here. Kunal asks mum and everyone love me, right?

Abir recalls Meenakshi’s words and says yes, you should sleep. Parul comes there. Kunal says I can’t do this for you, whatever you did for me. They see Parul at the door. Abir says talk to her. Parul says your fav milkshake. Abir says Kunal will have it later. Abir signs Parul. She goes. Kunal says she shouldn’t know that I know.Nannu says I feel ill when she doesn’t take my name. Doctor asks them to talk directly. Nannu asks were you here all night to meet Abir. She says yes, but you were not fine. Doctor says you just have to be strong and recover. Nannu says my family is my strength, I didn’t value life before, but now I have much to lose. He sees Mishti. She checks her phone. She hopes Kunal is fine. Kuhu calls Kunal. Mishti comes and asks how is Kunal. Kuhu says I will go home and fight him, why are you worried for him.

Mishti says leave it, Nannu is fine. Kuhu asks are you and Nanchak friends. Mishti says no, we are best friends. Kuhu asks don’t you love Abir now. Mishti asks did I ask you, if you love Kunal now or not.Mishti says how did I hurt Kunal so much, so much drama, give me a reason to smile. She sees the pendant and says Abir had thrown this in lake, how did this come here. She smiles reading Abir’s message, we have to meet. She asks did you come here at night. He replies yes. She says it means my love and belief were true, you are a liar, you still love me, you threw this in lake and then got this back, it means someone forced you to do this, I know your mom forced you, you have to tell the truth. Abir thinks I know you don’t use anyone, I hope you have a big reason for this, I can’t see Kunal like this. Parul thinks did Abir talk to Kunal, he looks worried. She goes to Kunal and cries. She sees the wound on his hand. He talks in sleep.

He says no, you can’t be my mum, I m Meenakshi’s son, Abir is my brother, just this is my family. Parul gets shocked and cries. She thinks Kunal knows the truth, but doesn’t want to accept, he hates me. She goes crying. Mishti says Abir would be coming. Nannu asks where are you going. She says to meet Abir. He says sorry, your plan flopped. She says you didn’t take the drink, I know it wasn’t an accident, Kunal spiked the drink on his mum’s saying, she is now hurting the people close to me.

He asks what, I m not scared of anyone. She says I m scared for us, she has hurt us, so I have angrily hurt Kunal, I did that by mistake, I have to meet Abir and explain why it happened. Abir sees the red balloons and thinks of Mishti. He says she can’t do this, she will have a reason.

Nannu asks how can Kunal spike my drink. Mishti says he didn’t know… He says that I m an addict, I was thinking if I have hurt you all. She says no, you trust yourself, whatever happened was wrong, but I did much wrong with Kunal, telling something that he is living a lie, what can be worse, I was so stupid, his mum provoked him to do this. Nannu asks what do you mean. Abir thinks I should go to Mishti’s house and wait. Nannu says Kunal is not a kid, he can’t do this, why did you let Kuhu marry him. She says I m glad you are fine, you know how imp you are, I won’t let Kunal come between us. Abir comes and looks on. Mishti says Kunal always insulted me, he was against Abir and me, does he deserves this. Abir goes. Mishti says no, he doesn’t deserve this, I have to say sorry to Abir. Abir thinks Mishti isn’t feeling sorry after hurting Kunal.

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