The Cost Of Love Update Tuesday 1 June 2021

The Cost Of Love 1 June 2021:  Ahaan looking for JD. JD sees him in front of the car and speeds up. Ahaan moves aside. JD flees. Ahaan runs to follow him. He throws a stone at his car window. Guards catch Ahaan. Ahaan gets free and leaves in his car. Pankti walks on the road and thinks of JD’s words. Sanaya tells the sponsors that she doesn’t know the matter till now, but she will sort out everything. Vikram meets her and asks where are Ahaan, Pankti and Poorva. She says don’t know, maybe Poorva went to Pankti’s room. He goes. Manav, Kaira and Aparna answer their friends and relatives about Pankti’s pics. Pankti falls down. Few guys take the pics and say wow, bold pics, we will also distribute this. She cries and leaves.

Vikram asks Poorva where are Ahaan and Pankti. She says don’t know.
He says we should go home and check for them, come. They leave. JD thinks of Pankti’s slap and is on the way. Pankti recalls her insult and cries. Anita talks to Poorva and says Pankti maybe wishing to stay alone, don’t worry, I will try to know. Vikram says I m driving slow thinking we may see Pankti on the way, I worry for you two. The guys tease Pankti and call her MMS girl. They ask her to show something live and offer her a drink. She collapses. Vikram comes and holds her. The guys ask will you save her, nothing is saved now, everything is out. Vikram asks Poorva to hold Pankti. He scolds the guys and beats them. The guys run away. Poorva says I will get water from the car. She runs. Vikram holds Pankti. Poorva gets the water and sprinkles on Pankti. Pankti sees Vikram and gets scared. She hugs Poorva.

Poorva says don’t worry, Vikram came to help us. He says we should go home before any other issue. They leave. Ahaan comes home and checks JD’s car. He runs inside the house. JD looks on. Ahaan shouts for JD. He sees JD’s pic and breaks it angrily. Manav, Aparna and Kaira come. Aparna asks Ahaan to control his anger, JD didn’t come in yet. JD cuts the engine petrol wire of Ahaan’s car. Ahaan says JD’s car is outside. Manav says I promise we will find out who did this. Ahaan says don’t you know JD has done this. Ahaan runs upstairs to check. JD hears him shouting. He says keep going junior. Ahaan comes to Sheetal’s room and looks for JD. He calms down on seeing Sheetal. Ahaan says I didn’t wish to do this, whatever JD did today, he left no choice for me, sorry, I know you are with me. He goes out and shouts for JD. Richa says JD is not at home. Ahaan says he is hiding around. Vikram comes and says his car isn’t outside. Ahaan asks what. JD relaxes somewhere else and says when will you learn junior, I m far ahead of you always.

He calls Nari Niketan and complain about Pankti’s cheap act for publicity. He says you didn’t wish to stay with me Babu, now stay in the junk. Poorva gets Pankti home. Anita holds her and asks what happened, those pics. Pankti cries seeing her and makes her away. She says Anita has pushed me in and locked me in JD’s house, I don’t remember when JD clicked my pics. Poorva cries. Women hit their house with stones and protest against Pankti. They break the door and barge in. They catch Pankti and drag her outside. Ahaan and family see Pankti’s insult on the tv. Ahaan gets angry and rushes. Reporter tells about Nari Niketan protesting against Pankti. Ahaan tries to start the car. He gets angry.

Ahaan trying to get an auto and leaving. Uday and Sanaya also leave in the car. The ladies scold Pankti and decide to blacken her face. Anita thinks how to solve the mess. JD sees this on news and smile. Manav says I will go there. Aparna says no, don’t go, let Ahaan go and save her, I m sure Ahaan won’t let anything happen to her. The lady takes the black ink and go to apply to Pankti. Anita tries to stop them. The ladies catch her and Poorva. The lady says Anita shouldn’t come in between now. Anita asks Poorva to see what they can do. Poorva tries to stop them. The lady takes the black color. Pankti cries.Ahaan comes and stops the lady. He makes the lady blacken her own face. Aparna says I knew this, Ahaan won’t let anything happen to Pankti.

Vikram says even if this stopped, Pankti’s face is blackened already. JD says junior can try a lot, but that toy will be just mine. He plays with a toy. Ahaan asks the lady to show her dare and touch Pankti. He scolds her. He says I m ready to fight with entire world for my would be wife. The man asks what will you do. Ahaan asks Poorva to take Pankti inside. Anita calls JD and gets angry when he doesn’t answer. Ahaan beats the goons. The goon gets a rod to hit on his head. Uday comes and holds the rod. He beats the goons along with Ahaan. Manav and Aparna see the fight. The lady asks others to teach a lesson to Ahaan. The lady asks Ahaan to raise hand on her if he has courage. She goes to slap Ahaan. Sanaya stops the lady and scolds her. She asks the ladies to leave. The lady’s phone rings and falls down. Ahaan looks on. The lady picks her phone and leaves.

Sanaya asks Ahaan are you okay. Ahaan sits with Pankti. Pankti cries and says I m a fallen girl, if you come near me, you will be called with bad names too, don’t touch me, you saved me from black color today, but I got to know that my face is already blackened. Ahaan explains her. She asks him to stay away and leave. Anita asks Poorva to come. They go. Pankti shuts the door. Ahaan gets angry. JD asks the lady to take her reward for cleaning the society. Ahaan comes to him and beats him. JD says I m your Bade Papa. Ahaan punches him. The staff looks on. Ahaan asks them not to come in between. He beats JD more. Vikram argues with the family. Vikram asks Richa not to be senti, would Sheetal want Pankti to become Ahaan’s wife. Manav gets a call from office and says Ahaan is beating JD in office. They get shocked. Vikram says I will kill Ahaan if anything happens to JD.

Anita says it all happened bad today, everything went wrong, enough of love now, this didn’t happen because of me. She says I decided, you have to end this relation. Ahaan beats JD. Pankti sees the news. Ahaan holds JD’s neck. Vikram comes and stops Ahaan. JD acts like a victim. Reporter covers the news and tells about the rich people’s problems. Vikram asks JD is he fine. Police catches Ahaan. Vikram says arrest him. Ahaan says why me, JD should be arrested, you don’t know what he did, he ruined an innocent girl’s life by revealing her pics. JD asks which photos, what did I do. Ahaan says this time I will get proof against you. Anita says see Pankti, Ahaan will get arrested now. Pankti cries.

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