Road to Destiny fox life full story, plot summary, casts, teasers

Road to Destiny fox life full story:

Luisa Fernanda is a young and pretty girl who is passionate about gardening as well as mastering the violin. Luisa was brought up by her stepfather Pedro together with her mother known as Amelia in what one would call a modest upbringing and home. Luisa’s has attained the great passion for gardening from the huge backing and inspiration that her father gives her in regard to loving and take good care of flowers.

Luisa’s father, Pedro, is a gardener at the estate of the Altamirano’s family which is well-off. In mastering the art of playing the violin, even though Luisa is not formally trained, it is her dream to attain proper training on the instrument. She also hopes that upon her dreams coming true and attaining formal training, she will become a lead violinist.

Amelia has been raised up as a spoilt kid whose desire is to have it all regardless of the means. Initially, she has lived as a very happy kid with great dreams and ambitions. However, her happiness and dreams are cut short upon engaging in an intimate relationship with a man known as Luis.

At a young and tender age of 18 years, Amelia finds herself pregnant. Luis has been raised in great poverty. As a result, he despises the humble upbringing that he has been brought up in hence the desire to get himself out of the raging poverty as whatever cost. Unfortunately, the aggressive determination to get rid of poverty turns him into an evil person.

Living with the gardener,Due to his obnoxious, self-centered and opportunistic nature, Luis opts to leave the pregnant Amelia to marry Merissa who is a rich banker. As a result, Don Francisco, the father of Amelia chases her away from their home. With no other choice, Amelia moves in to live with Pedro. Ever his babyhood, Pedro had been a gardener making his passionate and an expert in his work. Pedro is humble, open-hearted and compassionate hence the reason he accepts to take in Amelia even after knowing that she is pregnant for another man. Pedro considers the baby as his own hence he works persistently to provide for the girl and her mother.

Amelia is abhorrent of this truth as she dislikes working and even more being a wife to a gardener. With great bitterness in her heart, Amelia constantly hurts Pedro, who ironically loves her very much, causing him great distress. Pedro is offered a job as a gardener by Marissa, the smart, good-looking and generous millionaire. Marissa and Pedro develop a good friendship to a point where she teaches him how to overcome the distress Amelia causes him.

Amelia’s hostility towards Fernanda

In an attempt to win over Luis, Amelia is turned down again. Amelia becomes hostile to her daughter Luisa Fernanda as she blames her for being the source of all the suffering she is going through. As a result, Luisa Fernanda and her step-father develop a great bond as Luisa has been facing great rejection from her mother.

While Luisa is keen to appreciate her father’s efforts, this makes Pedro happy thus loving and appreciating the girl even more. A strong connection is created between Pedro and Luisa Fernanda as the gardener’s traits of big-heartedness, trustworthiness, and tenderness and greatly explicated in Luisa. Luisa’s astounding passion in music that is competently articulated by how she plays her violin, even without formal training, makes her stand out.

Luis discovers that Luisa Fernanda is the daughter that he abandoned and refused to take care of. He tries to win her back but Luisa does not agree. Luis plans on making difficult and eventually destroying the lives of young Fernanda by attempting to hinder his passion for playing the violin. He does all this without caring that Fernanda is his daughter. Luis causes a road accident that leaves Fernanda injured. In his mind, Luis thinks that the car accident will leave Fernanda paralyzed or even dead hence terminating her talent and passion. Fortunately, Luisa Fernanda does not get hurt much and is rushed to the hospital where she meets a young gifted doctor by the name Carlos.

The pre-graduation school trip
Towards the end of high school, Luisa Fernanda is supposed to go for a trip with her other classmates but she does not have the money to pay for it. One of her friends at school advises her to sue Mr. Luis for the accident so that she can get money for the trip. When Pedro receives her payment from Marissa, he offers Luisa the money to pay for the trip. Knowing that she has a different plan in mind, Luisa turns down her father’s offer. Luisa Fernanda tells Pedro that she has already paid the man for the school trip.

Pedro insists that he wants to know where Luisa got the money from. Even though she feels and knows it bad to lie, Luisa lies to her father that Camilla’s father had offered to give her the money instead. Luisa lied to her father because the father had advised Luisa not to file a lawsuit against Luis. Therefore, telling him that he sued her real father and obtained money would have been a total disaster. Luisa had won the lawsuit which in turn creates great hatred between her and Luis.

Carlos, the son of Marissa disagrees a lot with his mother’s new husband Luis. Carlos claims that Luis is not in love with his mother but rather he is after the wealth which his real father left behind when he died. While in the hospital, Carlos and Fernanda fall in love but Carlos has a girlfriend by the name Isabella. Carlos decides to break up with Isabella because he sees her as an obstacle to the newly found love of his life Fernanda. However, Isabella is not ready to let go of his boyfriend Carlos. Actually, Isabella wants Carlos to marry him.

The handsome doctor
Isabella makes the claim that she is expecting Carlos’ baby. The news is quite a shock to Carlos leaving him in a dilemma that is well-calculated by her recent ex-girlfriend. Even with the announcement of a baby, Carlos does not want Fernanda to leave him. However, both Merissa, Carlos mother together with the ex-girlfriend Isabella have taken over the management of the relationship leaving Carlos without much say.

When Fernanda finds out that Isabella is expecting Carlos’ baby, she breaks up with him because she wants him to do what is right. Fernanda knows that breaking up with Carlos even though against her wish, is the only right thing to do because after all there will be wedding bells sooner than expected.

Carlos on the other hand, begs Fernanda not to break up with him. Even though Merissa insists that Fernanda and Carlos should break up to pave way for the marriage of Carlos and Isabella, Carlos decided to defy her mother. He is madly in love with Fernanda and he is ready to fight for their relationship. According to Carlos, he believes that they can work out the situation and still continue being together. Fernanda agrees to stand with Carlos as they think of how best to go around with their situation so that they can end up together.

The fake pregnancy alert
Carlos is certain that Isabella is not pregnant and so he desperately wants to prove this to everybody. Most importantly, he wants to prove to his mother Merissa so that she can stop insisting on their marriage with Isabella. Secondly, he wants to prove it to Fernanda so that they can get back together. If Carlos is able to prove that Isabella has faked the pregnancy, he would not be forced to break up with Fernanda and his mother won’t force him to marry Isabella.

Carlos will also be able to prove to his mother that Isabella is not fit for him due to the lies hence the reason they should not be together. During the pregnancy saga, Felipe overhears the news that Isabella is pregnant. Felipe too wants Luisa Fernanda to be his girlfriend, therefore, the pregnancy news is good news to him because it will tear Luisa and Carlos apart thus giving him a chance to date Fernanda. Carlos insists that Isabella have to undertake the pregnancy exam in her presence so that he can be sure that she is pregnant. Isabella is mad at Carlos wondering why he cannot be like the other men and believe what she tells her without a doubt.

A job at the bank
Amelia is hired to work in the bank owned by Merissa. While working at the bank she cannot stand the fact her replacement is real. Merissa, her boss is the new wife to the father of her child Fernanda and her long lost love. Merissa also offers Pedro a job as the gardener in the bank. When Pedro is coming to the office to meet her new boss Merissa, she meets Amelia there in shock as Amelia hadn’t told him that he works at the bank.

Amelia and Pedro are introduced to each other and Pedro plays along. Amelia begs Pedro not to disclose to anyone that she is married to him. She is ashamed of being associated with a gardener. Although it hurts Pedro to know that Amelia is ashamed of him, he does not reveal the truth as Amelia has requested. During her time there Amelia meets Lupe her workmate and they become very good friends.

Amelia works hard to divorce Pedro. At the bank, Amelia tells Lupe that the divorce case is a done deal. Amelia is waiting for the stated time which is six months so that she can be free. While Lupe thinks that the good news is worth celebrating, Amelia is full of joy and smiles. In her heart, she is eager for liberation. She cannot wait to stop being a servant to Pedro. At this time Ordonez asks Amelia out in front of Pedro. Pedro can’t react to this because he is playing along with the lies that he and Amelia don’t know each other.

Fernanda’s biological father
When Amelia cannot take the fact that Luis has completely left her for Merissa, she decides to take it out on Fernanda. It is at this point that Amelia makes the revelation to Fernanda that Pedro is not her real father. Amelia does this out of anger towards Fernanda who she claims is the cause of their separation with Luis. When Pedro receives the news that Amelia had told Fernanda that Pedro is not the biological father, he gets depressed.

His boss Merissa whom he has become fond of comfort him and that draws them closer to each other. Merissa acknowledges and appreciates the fact that Pedro is an affectionate and generous person. The relationship between Amelia and Ordonez is short-lived when Amelia gets into an accident. Her house is on fire but luckily she is saved. Upon recovery, she is determined to do the right thing.

Amelia seeks forgiveness from her daughter. She also wants and hopes that Pedro will forgive him too. Amelia hopes that they can all reconcile, live back together to build their happily ever after. As always blood is thicker than water and therefore, Fernanda forgives her mother. Pedro also forgives her because she has been the love of his life all along. In the end, their relationship and family is saved.

Luis the fraudster
Luis who has been after Merissa’s money all along wants to rob her off every coin. Through fraud, he wants to steal all the money leaving Merissa and her son bankrupt. When Carlos finds out that Luis is behind the fraud, he is determined to gather all the evidence so that he can put him behind bars. Although the idea of putting Luis in jail hurts Fernanda, Carlos has no alternative than to seek justice for his family. Fernanda begs Carlos to let go of the lawsuit but obviously, it is not for her to decide.

In an attempt to run away from the law, Luis boards a helicopter and directs the pilot on where to land him. As the airplane descends, Luis realizes that it is not landing on the designated destination. He yells and screams to the pilot who turns a deaf ear to him. At this point, the helicopter lands on the prison exercise yard. Luis is under arrest and Al Pacino Medina welcomes him back to jail. In anger, Luis tells Medina that is just the beginning and not the end.

Carlos asks to marry Fernanda and thus plan to have a wedding soon. Although Luisa Fernanda’s biological father is behind bars, Fernanda invites him to her wedding. She still loves him so much and Luis claims that he is grateful and loves her too. After the wedding, Fernanda’s dream of becoming a lead violinist become true as she gets to play the instrument in front of a huge crowd that is aired on television. Her biological father Luis can only watch this presentation through a small television in his cell.


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