Ring of fire update Wednesday 11 March 2020

Ring of fire 11 March 2020: Vikral asks Ragini to fast for Anurag. Vani asks her to have juice. Ragini thinks misterji punished her nicely today. They prepare to go the temple.

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Vani dorns suhagan bangles in Ragini’s hands. Anurag says let him take pics and says Ragini is looking so beautiful with bangles. Vikral says even damad babu is looking handsome today. Ragini fumes she is fasting because of Anurag and will not forgive him. Anurag thinks he will not let her forget him. Vani says it is getting late for pooja. Anruag leaves with Ragini. On the other side, Shekhar hires contract killers to kill Anurag and Ragini and gives photo. Goons say if Vishu and Shrist are around, even they may be killed. Shekhar angrily warns if something happens to Shristi, he will kill them.

Anurag and Ragini reach temple. Anurag asks Ragini to come out of car barefooted. She scoldss him and walks with slippers. Even he wears his shoes. Shristi and Vishu also reach temple. Vishu walks ahead. Shristi is about to step on glass piece when Shekhar holds her leg and shows glass piece. Shristi ays he had to meet client. Shekhar says even client has come for pooja. Vishu sees him and fumes that he came even here to trouble them, asks Shristi has taken holiday today, then why did he come here. Shristi says even he came to pray and they call should pray together. Vishu holds Shristi and walks with her. Shekhar fumes that this insane man has more brain and is a big hurdle for him, should be removed.

Poojari announces that pooja wille at 1 p.m. and they all can enjoy shopping till then. Ragiini scolds Anurag that he woke her up early and now they have to wait, she would have collected money from debtors by then. Anurag says she did not hear right, they can spend money in shopping and walks away. Suman hears their converstion and tells Ragini looks like her husband loves her a lot. Ragini comments looks her husband does not love her.

Suman comments it is agnifera and bonding is for life. She shows Ranveer and says he is her husband. Ragini shows Anurag and says that foreigin/Videshi model is her husband. They both get along well and thenn part ways. Ragini sees Anurag trying to shoot balloons unsuccessfully. She fumes that he will spoil her name and scolds him to target properly. He gets romantic and asks to teach him. She comes closer to teach. He gets more romantic.

Vishu comes and frigthens them. They react. Vishu laughs that bhaiya and bhabhi got afraid. Anurag asks what is he doing here. Vishu says he came for pooja with Shristi. Shristi comes with Shekar. Ragini fumes seeing Shekhar and reminsices him challeging to destroy Vikral. Shekhar picks gun and says he did not practice since long and shoots balloon. Ragini also shoots balloons. They continue shooting ballons. Shekhar goes aside to call.

Ragini walks with Anurag yelling at him and slips. He holds her and walks looking at her face. She fumes. Kitne dafe…song..plays in the background. Suman walks with Ranveer. Sindhoora’s aide clashes with her and silently drops snake in her bag, apologizes and leaves. Suman buys bangles and Ranveer pays. Song continues. Shristi walks with Vishu and Shekhar tries to get closer to Shristi, but Vishu fails his plans. He frowns. Song continues in the background.

At home, Kalavathi laughs that Ranveer and Suman unncessarly went to temple for nag pooja, they could have done Sindhoora’s pooja instead. She goes to Sindhoora’s room and calls her. Nupur informs that Sindhoora has gone to meet her friend. Kalavathi thinks she has gone to ruin Ranveer and Suman’s peace for sure.
At temple, Sindhoora scolds her aide if he brought plastic snake.

Aide says it is real and poisonous. Shekhar also scolds his aide to execute his plan properly. They both look at each other and think even they have come to kill someone. Singer sings bhajan. Vishu asks Anurag to join him and dance like in childhood. Anurag drags Ragini, but she resists. He dances with Vishu. Ragini fumes. Sindhoora also watches and thinks what drama is this. Singer announces if there is a shiv bhakt who can show his dancing skill. Anurag lifts Ragini’s hand.

Everyone clap for her. Ragini thinks misterji always traps her. Anruag thinks he will trap so much that she wll remember it forever. She thinks she will dance so much that he will remember. She starts nagin dance around him on Mai teri dushman tu mera dushman…song..

Shristi walks with Vishu and Shekhar. Shekhar thinks Anurag and Ragini will be dead today, he should stop Shristi from entering temple. He acts as twisting his leg and writhes in pain. Shristi holds him. He asks Vishu to stand in line. Vishu asks him to sit somewhere while he and Shristi perform pooja. Shristi asks Vishu to go while she makes Shekhar sit somewhere. She makes him sit on a bench.

He asks her to sit for 2 minutes and thinks now Anurag and Shristi are gone. Goons attack Ragini and Anurag and point gun at them. People panic and run. Shristi ets worried for Vishu and runs. Shekhar fumes that his plan failed. Ragini pushes Anurag aside and he hits his head to a wall and scolds. Snake attacks goon and he falls on Ragini. Ragini beats goon.

Anurag holds Shristi from falling. Ragini fumes seeing that. Ranveer also joins and fights with goons. Anurag throws flying kiss on Ragini. Goons beat Vishu. Anurag beas them. Fight and drama continues. Ragini picks trishul. Anurag reminisces Ragini hitting him trying to save him and shouts to stop, he does not need her help. He frees himself and takes trishul from Ragini.

Sindhoora tries to stab Suman from behind when Vishu pushes her and saves Suman. Sindhoora runs. Suman thinks what is happening, earlier nag and now this woman. Ranveer also beats goons. Shekhar thinks if his goons are caught, his plan will be exposed. He acts as beating goons and sends them away.

Ragini asks Anurag if he is fine. Anurag says yes, but he cannot bear her attack. Ragini says panditji that everything is under control. Anurag mimics her. Singer announces everything is fine and everyone can get into temple. Sindhoora fumes that Suman escaped today but will not in future. All 3 couples perform pooja. Shekhar thinks today they escaped, but will not for long

Anurag walks behind Ragini and asks why she is angry on him, what is his mistake if goons attacked them. They both enter house and see Vikral scolding Parag and saying lawyer sent a legal notice against him.

Ragini says not to worry, she will tackle lawyer. Vikral says he was expecting this from her. Vani sees dirt on Anruag and Ragini’s clothes and asks what happened to their clothes. Ragini says a few goons at attacked them in temple.

Vikral fumes who dare to attack his beta damad, orders Narad to find out and scolds Parag to punish them. Anurag says there is no need for that as goons mistakenly attacked them instead of someone else. Ragini says she is very hungry and asks Vani to serve food. Vani asks them to change their dress while she serves food. Ragini says she is very hungry and does not want to change. Vani says she is married but still has not grown up.

Shekhar drives Shiristi Vishu home and fumes seeing them engrasped in each other’s eyes. Vishu’s home comes and Shristi asks him to go in. Vishu asks her to promise that she will speak to him at least for 2 mintues daily over phone. She agrees. Revati comes out with Dulari and yells at Shristi. She sees Vishu’s clothes dirty and asks what happened. Dulari checks Shristi and says even her clothes are dirty. Vishu narrates whole story. Revati yells wherever Shristi goes, problems follow her. Shekhar tells Shristi let us go home.

Ragini munches food and thinks in hunger even daal chawal are very tasty. Anurag comes and tries to bite. She yells at him. Vikral comes and gives him a letter. Anurag reads it and happily says he got work contract and can start work now. He excitedly tries to hug Ragini, but she pushes him. Anurag tells Vikral that he wants to stay with him and learn work from him. Vikral says he is mpressed that he wants his experience than wealth and asks him to teach even Parag and scolds Parag. Anurag says not to worry, everything will be alright. He asks Narad to come with him and takes him to a room.

Shekhar looks at Shristi and Vishu’s pic and shouts he loves Ragini and hates Vishu a lot, if he kills Vishu, Raginni will not forget him whole life, so he has to create difference between them and make Shristi hate Vishu.

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