Ring of fire update Tuesday 9 March 2021


Ring of fire 9 March 2021: Ragini and Shristi hide their parcels under bed and inside cupboard. Vishu insists to change his shirt and tries to open cupboard. Shristi stops him and says he is looking handsome in present shirt. Anurag says he is having back pain, so will rest.

  • Ring of fire 8 march 2021

Ragini says he cannot and sleeps on bed. Anurg wiggles her. Ragini and Shristi somehow sends them out. They return immediately and pick gift boxes. Ragini and Shristi get shy while they open gift boxes.

Revathi continues boasting about herself to her friends and asks Dulari to bring her gift. She says her husband got her a gift and opens it slowly. Dulari starts boasts that rich people give precious gifts. Anurag and Vishu open gift boxes and seeing saris praise it is very sanskari. Ragini and Shristi shyingly think they are talking about bikinis. They says papa and dadi and even maa will like it. Ragini and Shristi turn red in shy, but then relax seeing saris. They realize that gifts got exchanged with Revathi and say they should stop sasuma, else bomb will explode. Anurag and Vishu ask what will explode.

Revathi fumes seeing bikinis. Her friends click pics and laugh. Dulari says gifts got exchanged she thinks. Ragini and Shristi run down and see bikinis in Revathi’s hand. Rohini walks in to rescue them and sends them back. Anruag says if she would have told, he would have bought a smaller size. Rohini warns Revathi’s friends to stop laughing as courier got exchanged, once she ordered mobile and got stones. Friends leave laughing that they got a nice entertainment today.

Revathi continues yelling. Dulari says phupa would have ordered saris, but seller sent something else. Revathi says she will blast sari seller and picks phone and gets more angry seeing her friends sending pics to whole group. She calls seller and blasts how dare he is to send wrong items. He says he himself packed red and blue saris. Dulari checks bikinis. Divya walks in and laughs, says 2 parcels came, one for papa and one for bhabhi. Revathi fumes that Ragini dared to play this prank, she will make sure Ragini does not consummate with Anurag whole life.

Ragini practices apologizing Revathi and Anurag taunts her. Shristi enters and says Vishu is also taunting her. Rohini enters. Ragini and Shristi request her to protect them from sasuma’s wrath. Rohini says bhabhi slept, so they need not worry. Dulari brings bikini box and returns it to them. Ragini gives it to Anurag closing her eyes. Anurag shows it to Vishu. Rohini walks out smiling. Next day, Revathi calls Ragini and Shristi down and starts pampering them.

Revathi calls Ragini and Shristi down. They both walk down with Anurag and Vishu, fearing Revathi’s wrath. Ragini and Shristi apologize her. Revathi says they got nice gift. Anurag says it was Ragini and Shristi and scolds them. Revathi warns not to scold her bahus and pampers them both. Family is shocked seeing Revahti’s changed behavior. Rohini realizes she is acting. Revathi says her both bahus and sons will prepare food tonight.

Ragini and Shristi, Anurag and Vishu prepare food enjoying their nok jhok and serve food. Revathi determines to separate Anurag and Ragini at any cost. Family enjoys dinner and praise bahus. Revathi tries to send Anurag away giving him weird jobs. Vidhvan and Brij handle situation. Rohini praise Vidhvan for getting such beautiful and intelligent bahus. Revathi continues fuming.

Revathi walks to her room fuming thinking how to separate them. Dulari brainwashes her that all her efforts to separate Anurag and Ragini failed. Revathi yells at her and says she will at any cost separate them. Anurag and Ragini’s romance continues. Rohini tells family they should celebrate shiv ratri pooja lavishly this time. Revathi gives pooja responsibility to Ragini. Rohini thinks bhabhi must have changed. Ragini does rituals well. Anurag tells Ragini that maa forgave her. She slips and drops holy pot. Revathi holds it… Drama continues..

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