Ring of fire update Monday 8 march 2021


Ring of fire 8 march 2021: Rohini tries to control Shristi and Ragini, but fail. She walks to Vidhvan and says she mixed alcohol in children’s drink, they are good. Vidhvan says he knows and warns her not to make mistake again. Revathi walks in. Vidhvan walks to her and gets romantic. She shyingly says they are parents of 3 children. He holds her and says for him, she is same young bride. Daadi walks in. They both get nervous. Daadi asks them to continue while she gets water from kitchen. Revathi says she will get her water and walks to living room. Shristi and Ragini are busy taunting Dulari. Revathi enters and stands fuming. Dulari provokes her that her bahus spoit her name. Anurag/Ragini and Vishu/Shristi’s drama continues..

Revathi fumes seeing Anurag/Ragini and Vishu/Shristi inebriated. Dulari says they are really inebriated. They all 4 apologize her. Revathi continues yelling. Rohini also requests to forgive them. Revathi says okay and leaves. Rohini thinks she will not let Revathi break Anurag and Ragini’s relationship.

Ring of fire 7 march 2021

Next morning, Anurag/Ragini and Vishu/Shristi hold their heaads due to hangover. Dulari sings song loudly. Vishu asks her to stop him. Rohini suggests them to chew ice. Revathi gives them lemon juice and says they will feel better with it. Anurag/Ragini and Vishu/Shristi apologize her and say they did not know alcohol was mixed in their drink, else they would not have had it.

Revathi says it is her mistake and she should apologize them for imposing her oath on them, she should have realized they cannot stay away from each other for 7 days. Rohini thinks Revathi is emotionally blackmailing them again. Anurag/Ragini and Vishu/Shristi agree to follow her oath for 7 days. Dulari yells they hurt Revathi a lot. Vishu says it was unintentional.

Ragini and Shristi sadly cook food in kitchen when Rohini walks in singing song and asks how was their candle light dinner. Ragini says they are tensed seeing Revathi’s anger. Rohini asks them to relax as she knows her bhabhi and bhaiya, bhaiya will convince bhabhi. She says they have 5 days left to complete Revathi’s oath, till then they should set fire which should explode on 6th day. They both get shy. Rohini says her nephews gave them surprise with candle light dinner and even faced Revathi’s wrath, even they should give them a surprise. Ragini and Shristi agree.

Vidhvan requests Revathi to forgive children. She says she already did. He asks to say smiling and gets romantic. She says no need to get romantic. He says he always loved her, though seeing problems in family, he used to get angry, but the truth is he loved, loves and will love her forever. She gets shy. He hugs her. Dulari enters and they part ways. Dulari says Revathi’s friend has come. Revathi leaves. Vidhvan thinks he ordered sari for srimatiji


Rohini asks Ragini and Shristi if they bought surprise gifts for their husband. They say yes. Ragini comes wearing rain coat and says Misterji rides bike in air, so it is perfect gift for him. Shristi shows note book. They ask if she liked their gifts. Rohini scolds them and brings shows them Bikini magazine and says they should set fire for 5 days and on 6th day, bomb should explode.

Rohini bua gives bikini magazine to Ragini and Shristi and asks them to select the bikini they like to lure their husbands. They both shyingly look at magazine and think how to wear this. Shristi says they cannot forgo Bua’s order, else she will scold them.

Revathi makes arrangements for her friend’s tea party and asks Dulari to keep biscuits in London box. Dulari suggests to keep samosas and other snacks also in London box to impress guests. Revathi yells if she can find label with mad written on it, she will fix it on Dulari’s forehead. Once Revathi leaves, Vidhvan asks Dulari to receive his surprise parcel ordered for Revathi. Dulari praises him t hat he is more romantic than his sons.

Ragin and Shristi continue watching bikini pic shyingly when Anurag and Vishu enter. They both nervously hide paper. Anurag and Vishu insist to show what they are hiding. They pass paper into each other’s hand and try to fool them, but vishu and Anurag get adamant. They somehow manage situation. Anurag tells Vishu that they are hiding something.

Courier boy delivers Vidhvan’s parcel which Dulari receives. Divya receives Ragini and Shristi’s parcel. Parcels get exchanged. Divya gives Revathi’s parcel to Divya receives Ragini. They both shyingly open parcels. Anurag and Vishu walk in.

They hide parcels under sofa and cupboard. Anurag and Vishu insist to open cupboard and rest of bed. Divya receives Ragini try to manage them. Anurag and Vishu realize they are hiding something.

Dulari arranges snacks on table and tastes them. Revathi’s friend come in. Revathi greets them. They taunt that her furniture and home painting have gone old. Revathi tries to manage situatio while Dulari taunts both old ladies Dulari calls her aside and says Vidhvan got her gift and she should show it to her friends and garner praises. Revathi agrees shyingly. Dulari goes to bring parcel.

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