Game Of Love Update Monday 8 March 2021


Game Of Love 8 March 2021: Anika says I do care, even if you don’t. Shivaye asks do you think I can do this. She says you did this. Mohit comes and says Shivaye didn’t do this, sorry I heard your talk, its good, at least now I can clear her misunderstanding, I got that dress for Nancy, not Shivaye, I know she has done wrong, I should have not slapped her, I realized that later, I got that dress to make her happy, I asked Shivaye to keep it in her room and not say anything, in fact the dress you are wearing, my friend got it for you, the best part about him is, he does things, but never expresses. He goes.

Shivaye says guests would be waiting for me. Anika says sorry to misunderstand you. He says its okay, we don’t know each other well, I didn’t give you wife’s status, but I respect you a lot, I won’t do anything such.She says you are right, even then I m hurt as you don’t show your rights on me, you don’t care how I look, what I wear, I m not that beautiful that….. Shivaye says stop it, you are saying anything. O jaana…plays……..He kisses her and says you don’t compare yourself with anyone, you are special for me, you think you are not beautiful, when I saw you for the first time, my breath had stopped. She hugs him and says sorry, I can have this right.

Rudra asks what do you want, whiskey, vodka… Tej says water. Rudra says you came at wrong place. Tej says I m your dad, get water for me. Rudra gets water and gives him. Anika stops Shivaye. Kahin rok le hum….plays…. Nancy looks at them. Shivaye kisses Anika’s hand and hugs her. Bhavya comes. Rudra says welcome to Rudy’s bar and sees her. She asks which car do you drive. He names his cars. She asks do you have license, I have it, don’t get your car on roads, I will arrest you, got it. He says wait, you are…… He smiles and says your ears… She asks what, come and get your license. She goes. Om comes. Rudra says Bhavya’s eyes are like Shivaye. Om smiles seeing Gauri. Rudra asks him to have punch. Anika hugs Gauri. Gauri asks what happened. Anika says you are sweet. Gauri says I m smart too, what happened. Anika says nothing, whatever happened was too good. She hugs Gauri. Bhavya comes and says you look happy.

They get drinks and like it. Omru drink punch. Shivaye comes and asks what’s up. Rudra says have the special punch, I insist. Om says you should try. Shivaye drinks it. Rudra says I had to discuss something, there is a problem. Shivaye asks what. Rudra says eyes… Shivaye asks my eyes. Om says Bhavya’s eyes. Rudra says her eyes are like yours, Kanji and dangerous, I get scared of her eyes, give me some solution, I m so dashing, say yes, I m handsome too.Shivaye sees Anika. Rudra says she maybe police officer, but in her city… Shivaye says you stay in same city. Rudra asks are you on my side or hers. Om laughs. Rudra asks what happened. Om says Shivaye’s Saali, I m talking about Gauri, you were saying about Anika.

Shivaye says I was telling her something that changes our lives, I m thinking to go and tell her. Rudra says come on, do it, go for it. Om feeds him more drinks. He laughs. Shivaye goes. Rudra asks what will he say. Om says I love you. Rudra says I love you too. Shivaye goes to Anika and says I want to tell you something. Anika asks him to say. He says you and I…. Mohit comes and says sorry Anika, I m taking your Shivaye.Shivaye says wait a min, I will tell you something, but after the party. She smiles. Priyanka says I m feeling sleepy, I m going to sleep. Gauri says I m also feeling sleepy. Omru also say goodnight and leave. Anika says even I m feeling sleepy, but I have to clean place. Nancy says staff will do it, its late, go and sleep.Bhavya says its too late, I was looking for Shivaye, thank him from my side. She leaves. Nancy asks where are Taj and Shivaye. Mohit and Shivaye sing Yeh dosti….. Nancy and Anika come there. Mohit jokes and says we were recollecting old days. They laugh. Anika says come Shivaye, party is over. Shivaye asks her to go. They sing. Shivaye asks Anika to go and sleep. Nancy says lets go. Anika says fine, you enjoy with friend, I m going to sleep with Gauri.

Shivaye says you are afraid to sleep alone. They laugh. Anika and Nancy leave. Shivaye and Mohit sing. Anika goes to Gauri’s room and falls asleep. Shivaye says I have to talk very imp thing to Anika, I will go. Mohit stops him. Shivaye drinks more. Mohit says I have to tell something to Nancy, I won’t tell you. Shivaye laughs and says whatever Nancy did, I felt weird, you believed me, thanks. Mohit says our friendship is old, you are so decent, you can’t do this. Shivaye says I saw you with some girl yesterday, who was she. Mohit says my wife. Shivaye says I m not so drunk. They laugh. Shivaye says I will go now to talk to Anika, its 3 now. He goes. Mohit sings. Nancy stops Shivaye. She says I m just helping you. Shivaye says I don’t want your help. Tej asks what are you two doing here.

Tej asks what are you two doing here. Shivaye says I m going to my room. Nancy says me too. They go. Shivaye comes to room and calls out Anika. He says she told me that she is going to Gauri’s room, I will go and see. He sees Nancy and asks why did you come here, I will tell Mohit that you won’t change, stop it. Nancy says yes. He says stop it, you can never reform, I will show your true face to Mohit. She says you can’t do anything. He says you will know what I can do. He reaches door and falls down. She smiles. Its morning, Shivaye wakes up. He drinks water and holds his face. He get shocked seeing blood on his hands and clothes. He sees someone in his bed. He goes to see. He gets shocked seeing…. He turns away and sees again. He thinks Nancy’s bracelet, is this Nancy, her face….


she is on bed, what happened last night…. He says how can this happen, why don’t I remember… everyone will think I murdered her, who can do this, I have to find out, try to recall. He sees the messed up room. He says everyone will think I m the murderer, no…. Anika comes. He rushes and shuts the door. She pushes the door and knocks.
She says good morning, wake up Shivaye, are you fine. He says wait a min, I m on conference call, come later. She says you didn’t have breakfast. He says come later. She asks what’s the urgent work, are you hiding something. He shouts stop it, you are not my wife to question me, just go. She says I m sorry, I won’t interfere in your life. She goes. He says sorry, situation is not in my control. Rudra says you look upset. Om asks any problem. Anika says nothing and goes. Rudra says Anika was coming from Shivaye’s room, he was going to say his feelings. Om says did he do anything wrong…. Shivaye washes off the blood stains and changes. Omru knock. Shivaye says Anika, I told you I m on conference call. Om says its us.

Shivaye says I should tell Omru, but what shall I say, I don’t remember. He asks them to go, he will come. Om says fine, we are waiting for breakfast, come soon. They go. Shivaye says everyone will doubt if I stay here, I have to find out what happened after the party. He goes out. Mohit comes and asks where are you going. Shivaye says I have urgent meeting. Mohit says delay the meeting, I need to discuss about show, we will go to your room. Shivaye says no, I will meet you later. Mohit asks why are you so worried, it looks like you killed someone and running away. Shivaye asks what are you saying. Mohit says I m pulling your leg, did you see Nancy, maybe she went to yoga class, she told me. Shivaye says I will meet you later. Mohit says fine, we shall talk. Shivaye hides and hears Omru and Priyanka consoling Anika. Priyanka says Shivaye tells things in anger, but he doesn’t mean it. Rudra says I m afraid of his anger, that he may murder someone.

Om asks him to stop it. Shivaye looks on. Anika says I feel restless, till I talk to him, I won’t be at peace, I will go and talk. Shivaye says I have to stop her. The vase breaks. Om says how did this break. Shivaye runs. Khanna says Anika, dry cleaning guy came to pick Shivaye’s suit. Om says he is busy. Anika says I will try. Shivaye says how shall I stop them from coming here. He goes from window. Anika comes to room and calls him out. She sees someone on the bed and says who is this. She goes to see. She screams. Everyone hears her and rush. Shivaye runs on road and recalls the party, Mohit and Rudra’s words. Gauri and Priyanka ask what happened, tell us. Omru check the body and get shocked. They all turn away.

Rudra says she is Nancy. Om says her face is damaged, someone killed her violently. Priyanka asks where is Shivaye. Shivaye says I m not a murderer, I didn’t kill Nancy, what will I answer Mohit. Om asks Rudra to call Mohit. Priyanka asks what will we answer Mohit. Mohit comes and asks what. He sees Nancy’s hand and asks what is she doing here, what happened. He gets shocked seeing her face.

He says I don’t like such jokes, get up, I have come. He asks Om to call ambulance. Om says she is dead. Mohit says she can’t leave me, what happened to her, I can’t live without her. Tej and Jhanvi come and ask what happened. They see Nancy and ask who did this, its a murder.

Rudra says we don’t know. Shivaye says I have to face the situation, Mohit meets me, I have to tell family, I don’t need to be scared, police will find me anyhow, I didn’t do anything. Tej says I can’t believe this, someone got murdered in our house, despite having such a tight security, no outsider can come home and commit a murder, then leave, its not possible. Shivaye comes. Om says we were waiting for you. Rudra says Nancy got murdered. Om says we got the dead body in your room. Tej says I called police, I want you to talk to commissioner once, I don’t want this news to leak in media. Shivaye says Mohit I m sorry. Mohit says why did you kill my Nancy. Shivaye says I didn’t kill her. Mohit says you are her murderer. Om stops Mohit.

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