Ring of fire update Tuesday 23 February 2021


Ring of fire 23 February 2021: Dulari tells Revathi that she did not break family photo and it means some third person is doing all this. Revathi reminisces Babaji’s words that Vishu’s wife can be the reason for his death and cries that some third person wants to kill Vishu and cries she wants to die before seeing her son’s dead.

Dulari says nothing will happen to her as she has done a lot of pooja paat. Revathi says they should find out who this third person is. Dulari says she will find out.

Ragini and Shristi discuss that someone wants to create more misunderstanding between Shristi and Revathi. Anurag asks who it must be. Ragini says must be Dulari. Shristi says what if it is Rajjo. Rajjo stands in front of god’s idol and says she told she will do what she wants, she takes out her wedding card and keeps it in front of idol. Ragini comes and asks why she is doing this. Rajjo says if she thinks she is doing all the havoc in family, then she is wrong, she should use her brain and find out the real culprit. Ragini warns her to stop her drama, else she will repent. Rajjo says she just is behind her saayaji and not like Shristi who wants to harm her husband. They both walk away.

Masked person enters holding blood in bucket and stains all wedding cards. Vishu wakes up at night and searches shristi, then goes back to sleep. In the morning, Rajjo sees blood stained cards and gathers whole family. She alleges Shristi t hat she did this and continues shouting.

Shristi says she will not do this heinous act. Vidhvan thinks it is going overboard and he cannot see his children like this. Brij takes Rajjo from there. Revathi yells at Shristi again. Anurag sees bird feathers with blood and says it is animal blood. Ragini says that means blood is from butcher shop. Vishu says whoever doing this is very intelligent. They all part ways.

Brij tries to convince Rajjo, but she punishes him to do situps and walks away. Shristi tells Ragini t hat she taught nice lesson to Rajjo. Ragini says she is defamed, but cannot stoop so low to harm Rajjo from behind when she can challenge her from front. Shristi says they have to find out who it is and be careful. Ragini asks if she said I love you to Vishuji. She says not yet, but will soon.

Shristi goes to room and sees Vishu sleeping asks him not to turn towards her and says with great courage she came to tell him that he likes him a lot and she is lucky to have his companionship, she loves him a lot, etc..She then gets sad seeing Vishu sleeping


Shristi expresses her love for Vishu and says she loves him a lot and wants to spend her life with him. She then sees Vishu sound asleep. She feels disappointed and thinks soon Vishu will understand how much she loves him. She falls asleep. Vishu wakes up and sees Shristi sleeping. He feels thirsty and walks out to kitchen to get water.

Masked person holding knife walks behind him. Vishu fills water and walks out of kitchen when he sees masked person walking towards him holding knife. He shouts and calla maa papa for help. Whole family gathers. Vishu says he saw someone trying to kill him. Revathi panics and shows her concern.

Vidhvan says nobody is there. Anurag also returns and says there is nobody. Shristi comes late. Revathi yells she tried to harm Vishu. Shristi says she was in bathroom. Revathi continues yelling. Ragini says even Rajjo and Dulari are not here, if she will allege even them. Vidhvan takes Revathi in.

Next morning, Revathi’s drama continues. Shristi prepares food, but Revathi does not let her serve food to Vishu or others. Her drama continues.

Revathi goes to do tulsi pooja outside, slips and falls. She sees Garlanded Vishu’s photo and a dummy deadbody nearby. She shouts Vishu.. Whole family gathers and panic seeing the scene. Revathi starts yelling at Shristi again that she killed her husband. Vidhvan says who stooped so low. Rajjo comes nd alleges Shristi. Drama continues. Vishu walks in calling Maa.

Vishu walks out calling mama and papa. Family gets happy seeing him and ask him to go in. Vishu says he will perform pooja first. Revathi says he can perform pooja tomorrow. Vidhvan asks him to go and wash his face, they will have breakfast together.

Vishu calls Shristi to come and give him milk. Shristi walks with him. He walks in, but returns asking why is family standing out. Shristi tries to stop him, but he continues walking and panics seeing his family holding his garlanded photo, dead body dummy, etc., and shouts why anyone wants to kill him, what did he do. Shrisit tries to calm him down, but he continues panicking. She gives him a tight slap. He calms down.

Shristi takes Vishu in. He continues panicking and hiding behind pillow. She says he is very brave and should win over fear. He sleeps.

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