Ring of fire update Monday 22 February 2021

Ring of fire 22 February 2021: Revathi asks Shristi to taste gajar halwa first before feeding it to Vishu. Shristi taste halwa. Dulari checks her and says she does not have any sign of poison. Rajjo asks to check if tongue is turning black.

Ragini warns them all to get out, then seeing Revatthi asks to go out, she will prepare food and bring. They all leave fuming. Shristi weeps. Ragini cheers her up and asks to go and feed halwa to her husband. Shristi adds halwa in a plate. Ragini asks to decorate it with I love you and gives her coconut powder. Shristi wites I love you with coconut powder on halwa and takes it for Vishu. She sees Vishu coming from first floor and asks to come down. Vishu walks down stairs. Has mat pagli pyar hojayega…song..plays in the background. They both meet in the middle of stairs smiling at each other.

Vishu slips and falls and injures his forehead. Anurag runs and helps Vishu. Familyh gathers. Revathi yells Shristi that she tried to kill Vishu as per babaji’s prediction. She sees blood on Vishu’s forehead and panics. Rajjo alleges Shristi that she pushes Vishu. Vidhvan warns her to shut up. Revathi continues yelling at Shristi. Dulari supports her as usual. Rajjo checks stairs and says it h as a lot of oil. Dulari says Shristi purposefully dropped oil on stairs and tried to kill Vishu.

Ragini takes Shristi’s side. Revathi yells at her. Anurag asks Revathi if she really thinks Shirsti can harm Vishu. Revathi continues yelling. Vidhvan asks Revathi to stop now. Revathi yells he cannot see babaji’s forecasting coming true, now she will see how can she protect her son. Rajjo takes Brij from there. Shristi tells Anurag that she feels good when he supports her.

Shristi nurses Vishu’s wound. Vishu asks if she is feeling bad. Shristi says sasuma is worried about him and she can understand her condition. Vishu says maa yells at her often, but she cares for mom even then. Revatghi walks in and takes out suitcase. Vishu says Shristi will not go from here. Revathi yells how can she dare to send Shristi out, she is taking Vishu to her room to protect him. Vishu says he is fine and she should not worry. Revathi leaves yelling.

Rajjo sees Vishu seeing Brij tensed and asks what happened to him. Brij says he is worried about Vishu as Vishu is his son more than Vidhvan’s. She is shocked and asks what does he mean. He asks not to misunderstand him, his wife Kamla loved Vishu like her own son and he considers Vishu as his son, since Shrisit came into Vishu’s life, he is falling into trouble often. Rajjo says she know he would be sad, so she brought special thing for him.

Revathi asks Dulari to come and massage her headache. Ragini enters and applies balm to her forehead. Revathi hears her voice and fames her usual jealous face. Ragini says Shristi will never try to harm Vishu. Revathi yells to go from here. Ragini gives her water and says she does not want to irk her, she can have water and calm down. She leaves thinking her effort went in vain, Revathi will not listen to her.

Rajjo shows samples wedding cards to Brij and asks to choose one. He gets happy. Rajjo thinks she cheered up Sayyaji, but nobody can change babaji’s forecast. A masked person enters kitchen and picks knife and smashes tomato into pieces.

Anurag sees someone entering his room and worriedly shouts who is it. Ragini switches on light and says it is her. He asks where was she, he will punish her now. She asks what punishment. He gets romatic and says she has to spend whole night in lockup for her. She asks to leave her as Dulari must be waiting for her. He gets adamant. She runs away, leaving him disappointed.

In the morning, Vidhvan gets ready to go out. Shristi says she will prepare breakfast for him. He says he will have it outside and leaves. Ragini walks into kitchen to prepare breakfast and searches knife. Rajjo enters and says Shristi must have stolen it to attack Vishu and continues brainwashing Revathi, says Shristi brutually smashes tomato into pieces. Ragini angrily holds knife on her neck and warns if she should cut her neck into pieces. Rajjo shouts for help and calls sayyaji Brij.

Dulari tells Revathi that Ragini is in full form today, let her finish this Rajjo jaanleva and end their problem. Ragini leaves Rajjo and she runs away. Ragini tells Shristi that she is feeling good after a long time. Shristi says even she is. Ragini asks if she said I love you to devarji. Shristi says seeing tension at home, she did not. Ragini insists and encourages her. Their discussion continues.

Rajjo walks to her room fuming that she would have taken revenge form Shristi if Ragini had not interfered. She determines to take revenge from Shristi soon.

Revathi walks around home searching Vishu. Masked person walks in and angrily breaks family photo stabbing glass into pieces. In the morning, Revathi sees shattered items on floor and asks Dulari to clean them. Dulari cleans yelling and panics seeing broken family photo frame. She informs Revathi. Whole family gathers. Rajjo alleges Shristi as usual. Shristi reverts back and warns to be in her limits, else she will repent. Revathi starts yelling as usal. Anurag asks her to calm down as frame must have fallen down due to wind. Drama continues…

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