Ring of fire update Wednesday 24 February 2021

Ring of fire 24 February 2021: Shristi and Ragini discuss who must have done all this. They think Rajjo must have and walk to her room. Rajjo starts her drama. Ragini pins her down and warns to accept if she is behind all this drama.

Rajjo says no and shows Shisti face in a mirror and says she is trying to kill her husband. Shristi reverts back. Ragini warns she will trash her if she does not accept her crime. Rajjo continues her drama. Ragini twists her hand. Brij enters and rescues Rajjo and says even he is angry like them, but Rajjo was in room whole night.

Ragini and Anurag go to store room and discuss who must have done this. Ragini takes Rajjo;s name, then Dulari. Anurag says Dulari cannot be. Ragini says Revathi then. Anurag says mother cannot harm her child. Ragini apologizes. Anurag gets romantic. Revathi walks in doing pooja and throwing gangajal. They both hide. They both hide. Revathi sees lizard and yells at it. She hits lizard with broom and goes out to clean her hand. They both come out and get romantic again.

Shristi inflates balloons for Vishu reminiscing his fear. Vishu’s friends greet him. Shristi says they all will reminisce their fear and blow balloon. Vishu reminisces incidents and blows balloon hardly and it bursts. Children laugh. Shristi asks how is he feeling. He asks what if his fear is back. She asks to blow it away with balloon. Vishu says he is afraid that he may go away from her and hugs her emotionally.

Shristi says she will be with him always and asks him to come down while she gets his breakfast. Vishu says he is so lucky that god gave her as his wife. She smiles and leaves. Vishu thinks he will defeat his fear for her. Children run out and clashes with Rajjo. Rajjo yells at them, but walks in seeing Shristi. Shristi gives children balloons and sends them home.

Vidhvan tells Daadi seeing all the incidents happening, he is worried. Vishu brings fruits and feeds Daadi. Ragini serves tea to family. Dulari comes and asks to give her also tea as she did not have tea since morning. Vishu says he saw her having tea twice. She asks who what and picking Rajjo’s cup. Rajjo yells it is her cup. Their fight starts. Revathi shouts to stop fighting.

Sari seller man comes lifting cloth bundles. Revathi yells who called him here. Rajo says she called for her wedding shopping. Ragini scolds to go to shop and buy. Brij comes and stops Ragini. He asks Rajjo to select saris. Vishu says let others also select saris. Ragini selects a sari, but Rajjo snatches it. Ragini says she held it. Rajjo says so what, it is her marriage. Ragini says if it was not her marriage, she would not have given it. She walks to her room sadly.

Anurag walks behind Ragini disguised as sari seller and shows her saris in seller’s style. Ragini happily sees his drama. He shows Rajjo’s selected sari. Ragini excitedly asks how did he get it. He reminisces teling Rajjo that this sari is old fashioned like Kamla aunty wears. Rajjo throws sari on seler. Anurag jokes with Ragini not to inform her macho husband. Ragini says she likes her misterji. He removes turban and says here her misterji came back. Their nok jhok continues…

Vishu decorates his room with balloons and slips. Someone shoots all the balloons and Vishu sees frightening notes written on paper. He calls Shristi and Anurag for help. Anurag and others run to room and see notes. Rajjo shouts Shristi did it. Ragini warns to stop. Shristi walks in asking what happened. Rajjo holds her hand and warns not to wipe evidence, now she is exposed. Ragini warns to mind her tongue. Revathi yells to let Rajjo speak and asks Rajjo how can she tell that Shristi did all this.

Revathi asks Rajjo to explain how can she for sure that Shristi is trying to harm Vishu. Rajjo shows balloon pump and says she saw it in Shristi’s hand. Anurag warns not to talk rubbish. Vishu says he saw this pump with Shristi, but she cannot harm him.

Rajjo asks why Shristi always comes late when everyone arrive at once. Anurag asks Vishu how did he come here. Vishu says someone pushed him here and he could feel perfume smell in that person. Ragini holds Rajjo’s hand forcefully and asks if it is same smell. Vishu says it is same smell, then says even Ragini, Revathi, and Dulari’s hands. Anurag reminisces them all touching new saris and says it is sari smell. Revathi says whoever is doing this should be caught soon.

Ragini and Anurag think who must be behind all this. Shrsiti walks in. Anurag asks where is Vishu. She says he is with Daadi and papaji. Anurag says someone is staying in t his house and planning against them, they should catch culprit soon. Shristi says he is right, few people think she will harm Vishu, how can she.. Ragini asks her to sit and cry and clear her mind, she should remember one thing that whole family is with her. Anurag says they have to catch culprit red handed to expose him/her. Ragini asks how to. Anurag says he has an idea and should take him/her in confidence first.Ragini thinks plan should succed to clear allegations on Shrisit. Anurag asks her not to worry and they both watch hiding.

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