Ring Of Fire Update Thursday 13 May 2021

Ring of fire 13 May 2021: Sakshi realizes that real goons have attacked them and gets tensed.Goons attack Agni and she trashes a few. She then realizes they are Lucknow goons whom she arrested before. A few of them holds her and Kishan and take them to godown and tie them. Boss says Agni trashed him brutally, now it is her turn. He asks to get beetle cutter and says he will cut Agni’s each finger.

Revathi daadi walks in and asks Sakshi what happened. Sakshi says Senti’s cat ran away, so he needs help, but she is going to attend emergency case first. Family thinks Kishan would have dropped Agni by now. Mukhri enters and asks why did not Agni madam reach police station yet. He gets message on walkie that a car is found secluded, looks like kidnap case. Sakshi says she is getting late and leaves with Senti. Senti takes her to a spot where fake goons were to attack Agni and Kishan.Goon continues torturing Agni and asks which finger to cut first. Kishan asks to cut the other one and confuses goon. Agni realizes he is trying to divert goons’ attention. Kishan frees himself and trashes goons, but boss points gun on him. He confesses his love for Agni and says he is ready to die for her. Boss says he will fulfill his wish and is about to shoot when Sakshi enters and points gun on goon. Kishan closing his eyes continues his jokergiri, opens eyes and sees Sakshi pointing gun on goon. He takes gun from goon. Goons attack them. They all 3 trash goons. Kishan’s commentary continues.

Kishan, Agni, and Sakshi fight with goons. Mukhri reaches with police team and arrests goons and takes him to police station. Agni gets injured, asks what was all this and collapses. Kishan lifts her and takes her home with Sakshi. Family gets tensed for Kishan. Kishan says he is fine and praises Agni’s bravery. Agni says she is a trained police officer, but Kishan being a civilian fought bravely. Sakshi says good they understand each other. She then asks Kishan’s Daadi to relax and nicks her KD. Daadi jokes if she was there, she would have trashed goons.

Kishan’s father asks Agni to describe whole incident. Chachaji says it is proved Sakshi reached on time and rescued them, they want to know in detail how they all 3 fought against goons. Agni says he is right, Sakshi came on time and rescued them. She says she arrested those goons in Lucknow and they attacked her here, she arrested them again with Sakshi and Kishan’s help.

At night, Agni tries to bandage her sprain when Sakshi enters and helps. Agni says she is trained to find out truth, Sakshi was guilty, so she help her. Sakshi says she just did it for Daadi as Daadi would have been tensed seeing Agni in trouble. She confesses that she mixed sleeping pill in Agni’s juice to make Kishan look like a heron, else Agni would have trashed fake goons also. Agni reminds Kishan had saved Daadi a few days ago and says they both are sister and if Daaadi finds out their fight, she will feel bad. Agni says she saved Agni, but still hates her as she is her baba’s murderer’s daughter and will not rest till she take revenge from Agni.

Agni walks down and sees Kishan standing, asks him to go and rest, realizes it is her imagination. She then sees Kishan sitting in living room again and thinks it is her imagination again. She walks to him and cries what if something had happened to him. He asks not to cry and promises he will never let her cry. He then hugs her and asks if she really cares for him. She nods yes and says let us go and sleep now, walk to their respective rooms.

Next morning, Agni wakes up and opens door, finds Kishan standing, touches him and asks what is he doing in the morning. He says good morning loudly. She asks to tone down and asks if he has to say anything. Kishan shyingly say she wants to inform family about their love. Agni says she will not. Kishan says she broke alliance, so she should inform family. Agni says everyone must be sleeping, she does not want to disturb them. Sakshi wakes up and says she fixed their love story and will even get them married if they want. They both walk away. After getting ready, Kishan asks Agni to inform family. Daadis walk in. Agni stands nervous.

Agni tells KD she needs to say something. KD asks why she is blushing so much. Revathi asks her what happened to her today. Yashi gives her girls’ photos and asks her to choose one for Kishan. Kishan says disposed his proposal, so now he does not have any choice and she has to select a girl for her. Agni nervously tells Yashi sehe cannot select. They all laugh. KD says Kishan already informed that she accepted his proposal, tomorrow they will get her and Kishan;s real engagement. Agni shies, signals to call Kishan aside. Kishan pins her to wall. He says if he knows what she does if someone misbehaves with her. He says she may be policewoman, he is also her boyfriend.

They both then return back to family. Sakshi pulls Kishan’s leg that she is his saali and adhi gharwali, etc.. Later, Agni calls her foster mother/jailer and says she has good news for her. Mother says if she found a life partner. Agni asks how does she know. Mother says she got promotion 1 month ago, so it is obvious. Agni shies.

Agni then returns to her room and asks Sakshi to go to her side of room as she needs to sleep. Sakshi says she can take whole bed, she is going out. Agni is surprised and asks if she is alright. Revathi enters and says she got jewelry for them. She gifts Ragini’s earrings to Agni and Shristi’s necklace to Sakshi. Sakshi likes it. Revathi says Ragini sold her necklace to get Shristi admitted to a big hospital, so Agni does not have same necklace. Sakshi insists Agni to take her necklace, Agni says it is Shristi chachi’s blessings, so Sakshi should accept i t.

Badhi calls Yashi to her room and alleges that she brainwashed Agni to marry Kishan. Yashi says she did not. Badki gets adamant. Chachi grins seeing them thinking at last they are fighting.

Kishan walks to Agni and gets romantic with her. He ties her hand. She says he has become daring, someone will come. He says he does not care. Their romance continues..

Sakshi gets Agni ready for her engagement with her usual loud overacting. Agni says she wants her sister to be near her during engagement. Sakshi says she will check groom and goes to Kishen’s room. Kishen says he will get ready in 5 min. She helps him select his dress. He says it is perfect combination, how she know it is her favorite combination. Sakshi says just like that. He continues thanking her. Once she leaves Kishan’s room, KD stops her and asks her to get her ready first. Sakshi jokes if KD gets ready well, who will look at me. KD jokes she is right.

Revathi sees Agni not wearing her earrings and goes to her room to get earrings. She finds Sakshi’s FIR copy in cupboard. Sakshi enters containing her loud acting when Revathi showing file asks if she is not a doctor. Sakshi agrees. Revathi slaps her and says she spoilt her whole life’s hard work, she sacrificed so much to make Sakshi a doctor, but she shattered all her dreams; on the other side, Agni growing alone without any family became police officer and like Shristi, so Agni deserves Shristi’s necklace and not Sakshi, Sakshi is an insult to her parents.

Revathi gifts Shristi’s necklace to Agni. Yashi performs Agni and Kishan’s arti and says engagement muhurath is tomorrow evening. Everyone rejoice. Agni asks where is Sakshi. Sakshi returns to her room and cries that Agni purposefully kept FIR in cupboard and masterplanned everything, she is wicked like her mother, now she will punish Agni.

During Agni and Kishan’s engagement, KD asks where is Sakshi. Revathi says she is having headache. Sakshi enters and says she is here. Revathi thinks what she is up to. Sakshi continues acting and in ileu of taking pic with Agni silently burns her dupatta on lamp and shouts. Agni panics.

KD says it is abshagun and rituals have to be stopped. Agni returns to her room sadly. Krishan brings sewing machine to Agni’s room and says he brought solution for her problem, he knows she is sad after her dupatta burnt and rituals stopped. She asks if she knows to stitch. He says he can do anything in her love. After correcting dupatta, Kishan demands his reward and asks her to kiss him. She sends him out saying only after marriage.

Sakshi returns to her room and thinks Agni snatched her necklace from her, she will snatch it back from her. She opens locker and picks necklace box. Revathi enters with milk for Agni and seeing Sakshi holding necklace asks what she is up to and scolds her badly. Sakshi sleeps crying

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