Ring Of Fire Update Sunday 14 February 2021


Ring Of Fire 14 February 2021: Shristi continues teaching students. Rajjo throws paint on black board and says it is her revenge for spoiling her morning. Ragini walks out asking how children are studying, seeing paint on board asks who dared to spoil it. Shristi says Rajjo. Ragini angrily walks to confront Rajjo, but Shristi stops her and asks not to punish Rajjo. Ragini agrees and walks in. She sees Rajjo walks and blocks her way. Rajjo blabbers in her usual style. Ragini pushes her and then holds and warns dare not to mess with her, else she will repent. Rajjo gets afraid and says she does not have any enemity with her, she just wants to trouble Shrisit. Ragini warns if she troubles Shristi, she will meet her god soon. Rajjo gets afraid.

Ragini then goes out and cleans black board while Shristi plays with children. Ragini asks children to get back to studies while she speaks to their teacher. Shristi asks what is the issue. Ragini says she wants her to teach her. Shristi says she cannot teach naughty students. Ragini asks how will she write love letter to misterji as he asked her to write love letter. Shristi says she is expert, then why she needs helps. Ragini says she is weak in spelling. Shristi agrees to help. A student says he needs to go to washroom and walks in.

Revathi sees student walkingin to washroom and tells Dulari wait and watch how she will shut Shristi’s school. She keeps choc in adjacent room and once student walks in, Revathi locks room from outside. Ragini walks in for some work. Parents come to pick students. Mother asks where is her son. Shristi says he went to washroom. Mother walks in and panics not seeing her son. Ragini sees student knocking door and opens it. Parents scolds Shristi she is very careless, so they will not send their children to tuition from hereon. Revathi smirks that Shristi’s tuition ended in single day. Ragini asks parents to listen to Shristi once. A student collapses. Ragini rushes and brings water. Shristi asks what did she eat. Mother says she came here empty stomach. Shristi scolds morning breakfast is essential for children. Mother says she takes care of children so well, so children will study under her and they will refer even other villagers to send their children here. Revathi fumes in anger. Her and Dulari’s drama continues.

Ragini writes love letter for Anruag and switches on fan. Letter flies and sticks to Revathi’s back. Revathi sees her and asks why she is following her. Their drama continues. Ragini somehow gets letter. Anurag pulls her aside, snatches letter and reads it. He laughs reading unique letter. Ragini feels shy. Anurag says her letter is unique like her and he liked it a lot, he gets romantic wand walks to kiss her. Revathi passes by and fumes seeing their romance.

Anurag reads Ragini’s love letter, holding her. Revathi walks in. Anurag hides under bed, and Ragini acts as cleaning bed. Revathi yells she wanted to massage her knees, what happened. Ragini says yes and picks hair oil. Revathi yells this is hair oil. Ragini says she massaged her mother’s knees and she felt good with this oil. Revathi yells whole family is mad and leaves. Anurag holds Ragini’s hand and says he did not read such an unique love letter and will keep it his whole life. He kisses Ragini’s cheek and walks away. Ragini feels shy.

Shristi serves dinner to daadi and says she did not have it whole day. Daadi says she is not hungry seeing Brij’s condition. Brij drinks alcohol sitting on terrace stairs. Rajjo searches and finds him there and what is he doing here.He says he is hiding from family and drinking. She picks liquor bottle and takes him to living room. She tells family that everyone think, she is spoiling Brij, but she is not. She prepares 2 glasses and says even she will drink with Brij and asks him to get snacks. Revathi scolds Brij if he is not ashamed to drink in front of Daadi. Brij tells Rajjo let us go to room and drink. She says she loves enjoying in front of everyone and plays music. Ragini switches off music.


Shristi snatches bottle and asks if she is not ashamed. Rajjo says like Shristi loves playing ludo in tent wit her husband, Ragini and Anurag love fighting, she loves drinking with her sayyanji Brij.Brij takes Rajjo to room while she insists to drink in front of whole family. She angrily throws pillows and throws tantrums. He consoles her and tries sleep on bed. She pushes him and says no romance before marriage. He says why can’t she break rule one day. She pushes him down the bed again and warns to sleep on floor.

Next morning, parents meet Shristi and pay her fees, say they want her to teach their children without any hesitation. Shristi thanks Vishu for helping her in every aspect of life. Revathi is outside home temple praying to solve her problems. Shristi calls her and asks where is she. Revathi asks if she has to take her permission to come out. Shristi say she got tuition fees and want s to pay her rent. Revathi prays god that Shristi is getting strong day by day, god is helping her enemies and not her. Shristi keeps money in book.

Ragini is busy washing clothes when Anurag comes and says she brought a gift for her. She asks to show it. He wipes her hand with his kerchief and asks to open it herself. She opens and gets happy seeing her love letter framed. He says he told he will keep it whole life and says he named it Anuragini. She asks what. He says Anurag and Ragini, Anuragini.Shristi thanks Ragini for helping her. Ragini says no need to thank, they both are in same team. Rajjo comes and asks Revathi to have laddoo. Revathi yells. Rajjo says she should learn from her bahus who live like sisters, it is a celebration sweet as Shristi earned money to pay Revathi’s rent. Revathi continues yelling while Rajjo continues pestering her.

Revathi asks Shristi to give rent now. Shristi goes to room to bring money and returns says she had kept money in book. Ragini while washing clothes finds money in Vishu’s pant. Shristi says it is her money. Ragini says she checked clothes thoroughly before washing them. Revath takes torn notes and laughs this is what Shristi earned, she will not accept this torn money, it is fit for nothing and warns Shristi to pay her rent in 3 days. Ragini tells Shristi she will lend money and Shristi can pay her when she get money. Shristi says she knows she wants to help her, but she will manage.Dulari takes Revathi to room and says she kept money in Vishu’s pant and gave it to Ragini for washing. Revathi praises her. Dulari asks reward. Revathi pays her huge money and asks to keep whole.Shristi goes to her room and tells Vishu that money was found in clothes torn.

Vishu says how did money go in clothes. Shristi says she does not know, how wills he pay sasuma’s rent now. Vishu says they have 3 days, it means 72 hours. He hugs and consoles her. She then part ways and feels shy. He says they are husband and wife and it is okay.Anurag walks to Ragini’s room and starts romance. Dulari walks in. Anurag says he is having h eadache and came to take balm. Dulari says she will apply balm. Ragini taunts she interferes in everyone’s rooms. Dulari yells.Ragini tells Shristi again to take her help. Shristi does not agree. Drama continues.

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