Ring Of Fire Update Saturday 13 February 2021


Ring Of Fire 13 February 2021: Vidhvan fumes seeing Rajjo’s drama and warns she cannot wear weird clothes at his home. Rajjo taunts him to get habituated to it. Vidhvan angrily says his sanskars are stopping him, else he would have slapped him. Brij says he cannot misbehave with his fiance and walks away with her.

Revathi follows him and asks how can he misbehave with his elder brother. Rajjo interferes and warns not to speak loudly with her fiance. Shristi scolds her dare not to misbehave with her sasuma, else she will repent and takes Revathi away. Revathi yells at Shristi not to take advantage of her family situation and try to get closer to her, get her rent on time this time.
Ragini consoles Shristi and says whatever she does, Revathi will be undeterred. Shristi says they troubled Sasumaa before, so Revathi’s anger is obvious.

Dulari sees police coming and calls Revathi. Family comes out. Inspector says they came to arrest Rajjo for forcefully staying in this house. Vishu says, Rajjo is forcefully staying in our house.
Rajjo comes and gives juice to constables and asks to give warrant now. She reads warrant rt hat she is staying forcefully in this house with already married Brij. She continues her drama and gives Brij and Kamla’s divorce papers. Vidhvan gets angry and scolds Brij how can he divorce Kamla and did not even tell him or maa. Brij says now Rajjo will be his wife. Rajjo asks inspector if she has to come along. Inspector says no and nobody can force her and Brij now. Rajjo tells family what problem they have if she stays with Brij, soon she and Brij are marrying. Family stands fuming.

Revathi serves dinner. Daadia asks where is Vidhvan. Vidhvan comes. Ragini coughs while having food. Anurag worriedly brings her water, then seeing Revathi realizes he is still acting as fight with Ragini and throws water on her face and fights with her. Revathi gets happy seeing that. Diya comes and tries to sit on chair. Rajjo rushes and tries to sit, but Dulari takes seat. Rajjo asks to give her a seat. Family fumes seeing her. She asks Brij that his family is insulting her, cant she see that, get her a chair. He says he will get her a special chair tomorrow. Vidhvan angrily walks away. Rajjo sits and says Brij’s family is so good. Vishu tries to get up, but Shristi stops him. Rajjo’s drama continues…


Shristi confronts Rajjo and says law may have spared her, but she will and make sure she is kicked out of this house. Rajjo laughs on her and says she knows about her and Shekhar’s affair and challenges to dare try and get her out of this house. Revathi says she will help Shristi and they both will kick her out, she will not tolerate any nonsense in this house. Rajjo leaves. Revathi yells at Shristi not to get happy and first give her rent. Shristi says she remembers and will pay her rent.

Anurag enters Dulari’s room to meet Ragini. Ragini panics seeing him and asks to go before Dulari sees him. Dulari wakes up, he wears blanket and sleeps next to Ragini in fear. Dulari wakes up and searches water glass. Glass falls on Anurag, but he silently gives it to her. Dulari thinks when Revathi has challenged Rajjo, she will kick Rajjo out for sure. She falls back asleep. Anurag insists Ragini to write a love letter for him and says I love you. Ragini sends him away and sleeps saying I love you too misterji. In Shristi’s room, Vishu sees Shristi studying till night and makes her sleep pampering her like a kid.

Next morning, Shristi and Ragini see Rajjo dancing on Munni Badnaam hui…song..brushing her teeth and scolds her. Rajjo warns not to mess with her, else she will be punished, her law will not work on her. Brij comes and takes her way.Shristi gets tensed thinking how to pay rent to Revathi. She does not find Vishu, calls him and asks where is he. He asks her to wait until he comes and brings neighbor parents and children and introduces Shristi as intelligent law student and their children will become intelligent under her guidance. Parents request Shristi to give tuition to their children. Shristi assures them and thanks Vishu for solving her problem. She teaches children. Dulari sees that and informs Revathi. Revathi fumes how dare Shristi is to open tuition at her house without her permission, what she can do when Vidhvan is so leniant on Shristi. Their drama and planning continues.

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