Ring of fire update Monday 15 February 2021

Ring of fire 15 February 2021: Dulari tells Ragini and Anurag that she has to go and prepare spices to make dry ginger ladoo for Revathi’s friend by 3 p.m. as Revath will leave home by 3 p.m. Anurag acts as scolding Ragini and asks her to go and help maa, Dulari didi will do her work. Ragini says she will do sasu maiya’s work and leaves. Dulari does Ragini’s work yelling.

Ragini grinds spices in kitchen and helps Revathi. Shristi comes and asks Ragini if she gave time for someone at 3 p.m. Ragini says yes to misterji, he wants to take her out. Revathi yells to stop murmuring and do work. Ragini grinds methi sitting on sofa. Anurag sings song Aaja Shaam Hone Aayi…song.. Ragini joins him and signs. Shristi and Vishu also sing and romance. Once they hear Revathi’s voice, they all run away.

Revathi packs ladoos. Dulari say she pities on Revathi that her friend became daadi, but she cannot. Dulari says she does not want to. She asks Vishu to accompany her as her friend insisted to bring him. He helplessly walks away with Revathi and Dulari. Shristi asks Anurag and Ragini to go now. They both leave.

Anurag and Ragini leave on bike singing song. They enjoy a long drive. Anruag says it feels really good going on a long drive with wife. Ragini sees a man fighting with potter and stops. Man asks potter to finish his 500 pot order on time. Potter says he cannot. Ragini accepts to finish order in 5 days for 10000 rs. Man agrees.

Anurag says if she knows to prepare pot. Ragini reaches home and gets mud to prepare pot. She informs Shristi whole situation. Revathi comes and yells. Ragini says it is Shristi’s idea. Once Revathi goes in, Vishu says he has seen potter making pots in childhood and will help. They all four start preparing pots. Shristi says she appreciates Ragini’s help, but she cannot prepare 500 pots. Ragini tries to cheer her up.

Shristi gets disappointed when she is unable to make pot and says she cannot do it. Ragini says once she does not try it well, she cannot give up, they all 4 will try their best. Vishu says yes, they will try hard. Anurag calls them excitedly. They see Vidhvan making pot and says it needs a lot of patience and asks Shristi if he passed or not. She smiles. Vishu says 10/10 marks. Vidhvan teaches Shristi how to make pot and says he knows what condition Revathi put on her to stay in this house.

He salutes Shristi’s parents for giving her such a good upbringing and blesses all four. Shristi prepares pot while Vishu tries wipe her tears and mut sticks her brows. He laughs. Ragini applies mud on Anurag’s brows. He runs behind her. Rajjjo watches them and hopes Shristi’s plan fails even this time. Revathi comes yelling and asks them to come and have food first. Anurag and Vishu joke and leave. Dulari comments and Revathi continues yelling.

Shristi speaks to her friend while cleaning plates and says good she rejoined law practice, even she wants to rejoin. Ragini asks her not to worry. Shristi says she will pay this month’s rent with pot money, what about next month. Ragini says let us see next month and insists her to go and rest now as she is very tired. Shristi leaves.

Next day, Shristi finishes household work and prepares pot. Ragnii comes and feeds her food from her hand. Revathi comes and yells Shristi is doing her work instead of house work and Ragini is feeding her. Shristi says she already finished house work. Revathi continues yelling. Rajjo comments. Vishu taunts her. Shristi finishes preparing 50 pots for the day.

Shristi finishes preparing all pots. Anruag tells stories and entertains them. Revathi comes and yells. Vishu says pots are made and let us party and tells Anurag they will cook potatao in fire like naani used to prepare it. They cook potato and calls whole family. Vidhvan signs song.. Yuhi katjayega safar saath chalne se. Youngsters join him and sing. Family enjoys.

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