Ring of fire update Tuesday 16 February 2021

Ring of February 16 February 2021: Vidhvan’s family continues partying. They play antakshari. Ragini’s turn comes. Revathi yells she knows only to hold gun and not sing. Ragini sings Dabang Dabang song.. and frightens Revathi. Vishu and Shristi praise her. Revathi’s turn comes.

Ring of fire 15 February 2021

She sings. Anurag and Vishu dance with him. Sitting at a distance Rajjo waits for her chance and tells Brij she will barge in once they call her. Shristi’s turn comes next. She sings Tujhme Rab Dikhta hai..song…. looking at Vishu. Revathi fumes seeing that. Everyone’s turn comes. Rajjo gets up to sing. Anurag says it is his turn now and standing on table sings Kaante Nahi Katte Ye Din Ye Raaath. I love you….looking at Ragini, reminiscing Vishu’s challenge. Ragini shies. Anurag sees Revathi fuming and scolds Ragini not to feel shy, he did not sing it for her. Ragini says he sang so badly. Daadi sings next and whole family joins. Brij says it is histurn now and signs Bhojpuri song for Rajjo.

Next morning, contractor comes to take pots. Ragini says Shristi made all these pots. Contractor pays Shristi and thanks for completing work on time. Shristi says credit goes to Ragini and her team also. Contractor asks if he can test pots before taking them. Ragini says of course, they prepare high quality products. Pots leak. Contractor says this is what they prepared using low quality mud for high profit.

Rajjo says this is inferior quality mud pot and she wanred them before, but they did not listen in superego. Anurag says Ragini trusted Narad blindly. Shristi returns his money and Anurag agrees to pay double and takes him along. Dulari praises Revathi that her enemies fail badly always. Revathi reminisces buying cheap quality soil and replacing it with Ragini’s brought soil. Rajjo thinks her jethani is a big snake.

Shristi feels really sad. Ragini brings food for her and tries to cheer her up. Shristi says she is feeling bad for them and not her, Anurag had to pay double for her mistake. Ragini says Shristi helped a lot in Anurag’s contract, so it is a return favor and asks her to have food to think how to pay Revathi’s rent. Vishu comes and says he will feed Shristi and feeds her with his consoling words.. Drama continues..

Ragini sees Shristi sad and asks her not to worry, they will find a way to pay Revath’s rent. Revathi yells as usual and asks them to do household chores properly. Rajjo comes and comments. Revathi yells. Villagers come and inform Revathi of annual competition where couple tie their leg to each other and walk on 3 legs instead of 4, asks who is participating from her house. Revathi shouts nobody from her house.

Rajjo says she and her sayayji will participate to prove t hey are the most youngest and romantic couple in this house, asks howmuch is price money. Villager says 10,000 rs. Ragini asks Shristi to nominate her participate as she can get 10,000 rs and pay Revathi’s rent. Shristi asks villager to enter Vishweshwar and Shristi Thakur’s names. Revathi fumes in anger and yells as usual.

Rajjo goes to Brij and asks him to start exercising as she has given their name in 3-legged running competition. Brij cries that he already did a lot of exercise. Shristi on the other side informs Vishu about the participation.

Revathi asks Dulari to press her legs and yells to be gentle. Ragini walks in and asks if she called her. Revathi shows her family necklace and says she wants to gift it to her, for that she has to regain her confidence by participating in competition with Anurag and winning it. Ragini agrees. She goes and informs Anruag. Shristi walks in and says she will back off then.

Ragini gives her money and insists to take it as she does not know Revathi, Revathi just wants her to defeat Shristi and dnoes not have any concern for her. Anurag also insists. Shristi says Ragini can regain Revathi’s confidence while she can win it and pay Revathi’s rent. Ragini and Anurag say they are with her. Shristi jokes let her go and practice to defeat them.

Dulari asks Revathi if she thinks Anurag will agree for this competition. Revathi says she knows her son well. Anurag comes and says Ragini is insisting to participate in competition, but he does not want to. Revathi says he should. Anurag says he will obey his mom then. Revathi gets happy.. Drama continues…


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