Ring Of fire Update Wednesday 2 June 2021 – Season finale


Ring of Fire 2 June 2021: Agni informs Kishan that she does not love him and loves Sameer, so she married Sameer. Kishan shatters hearing that and pleads her to tell she loves him. Sameer stops him and warns to dare not touch his wife again. Devi asks Agni if she really married Sameer.

Vaishali yells Agni and Sakshi made joke out of marriage. Devi stops her and asks Agni if she married Sameer with her wish. Agni says yes. Kishan shouts this is not true and pours water in havan kund and walks away. Sakshi cries thinking Agni is doing all this for her. Agni tells sameer let us take elders’ blessings. Sameer says he does not have anyone. Agni takes Devi, Sanjay, Vasu’s blessings and then walks to Yashi. Yashi backs off and says she gave all her love to her but not anymore.

Vaishali tries to slap Agni, but Sameer warns to back off, tells Agni she wanted everyone’s blessings, let us go now and takes her from there. Once in room, he fumes that he will not let anyone misbehave with her, especially Kishan. Agni holds his collar and warns to be in his limits. Sameer fumes in anger and says she used him for her benefit and goes into flashback where Agni says she needs his help and wants to act as marrying her. He says he wanted just a coffee date with her, but she fell in his love. She says she can do anything for his help. He gets intimate.

She pushes him and says anything except this. Out of flashback, Sameer continues laughing. Sakshi walks out. Sameer asks to come back soon as their suhagraat is pending.Agni walks to Sakshi’s room and sees her crying murmuring why did Agni do this. Sakshi sees her and asks why did she marry Sameer. Agni says as she loves him now and not Kishan. Sakshi slaps her and says she knows she sacrificed Kishan for her, can’t she see Kishan’s pain. Agni asks if only Sakshi can sacrifice, she shows howmuch she loves Kishan and her concern for him. Sakshi says she was wrong, so she backed off. Agni says she realized Sakshi’s love for Kishan and only she can control him. Once she leaves, Sakshi continues crying.

Heart broken Kishen leaves home in his car, sees a few goons eve teasing a woman and trashes them. They overpower him and pin him to wall. One tries to stab him, but he kicks him and trashes brually. Other goons run away in fear. Woman pleads to stop, else goon will die. Family gets worried for Kishan. Sameer calls Agni as wife and asks to get his phone. Vasu says they searched everywhere and could not find him. Vaishali blames Agni. Kishan stops her and says let losers yell for their loser son, let us go from here. He holds her hand tightly, and she resists silently. Yashi walks to Agni next and yells at her. Devi asks her to stop as Agni and Sameer did what they felt right, Kishan is not a coward and will return home.Kishan returns injured and stands seeing Agni and Sameer holding hands. Agni gets worried seeing his condition, but does not react. Yashi and Vaishali rush to Kishan and ask what happened to him. He walks away. Devi says Kishan is heart broken and marriage will heal his broken heart. She asks Sakshi to go and check him. Sakshi walks to his room with first-aid box. He asks why did she come, go away. She says she will after nursing his wounds, applies antiseptic lotion and feels pain for him. Kishan throws first-aid box angrily and cries he is unable to understand why Agni betrayed him, both sisters reconciled and Agni must have told her something, he pleads to tell what she said. Sakshi unable to see his pain runs away. Devi stops her and says she knew from before that Agni is untrustable, she is very ruthless, etc.

Sakshi says she does not want to hear about Agni. Devi says Kishan needs her support, she should go back to him. Sakshi says Agni broke Kishan’s heart and now it is up to Kishan what he wants.Agni in her room sitting on her bed deletes her and Kishan’s pics reminiscing their love for each other. Sameer silently slips into her bed shirtless. She shouts. He shuts her mouth and says people will think they are celebrating suhagraat. She bites his hand and shouts to go and weaar shirt. He continues flirting with her, and she angrily sleeps on couch thinking it is better if she goes out Sameer says wheverer she goes, she will find him. Agni walks to balcony and sees Kishan drinking alcohol, scolds him to stop. He says why can’t he, show her right and throw it then. She warns to don’t be mad and throw away this bottle. Kishan says he always obeyed her as he loves her and wobbles. She asks where is Sakshi. He says he does not know, today is our suhagraat. Agni tries to leave. He holds her hand.

Kishan confronts Agni that she loves him and cannot lie to herself. Agni nervously says she does not love him. He asks if she loves Sameer, what wrong did he do. Agni says he loved her immensely, but it was one-sided and he was behind her; she realized it when she met and she could not waste her life for him. Kishan stands shattered. Next morning, Sameer with Agni joins family for breakfast and says it is a beautiful day today. Agni says she will serve him breakfast near sofa. He says let us have breakfast with family. He makes her sit and asks her to feed him from her hand says he was not interested in marriage before, but now he is enjoying immensely. Kishan gets jealous and walks away. Sakshi takes his plate and walks behind him.


Kishan feels jealous imagining Agni and Sameer’s intimacy. Sakshi brings breakfast for him. He starts again why did Agni do this to him. Sakshi says she does not know. He says he will expose Agni’s truth in front of everyone and asks her to get out from his room. Sakshi thinks if he can reveal that Agni sacrificed her love for me.

Agni takes Sameer’s laptop and asks if he stores all his cases in it. He says yes. She says let her clean it and tries to put laptop in water. He panics and pleads to stop. She asks how dare he is to touch her waist and lips in front of everyone. He says it was acting. She asks to say sorry and will never repeat it. He nervously says sorry. She gives him rule note to never touch her, never act as romantic in front of everyone, etc. He agrees, but thinks he will teach her a lesson.After sometime, Agni gets Sameer’s message to meet him out. She walks fuming that she would throw him in jail if she can. She sees him dark and asks why did he call her. He hugs her. She pushes him and says she warned him that according to rules he cannot touch her.

He switches on light and she is shocked to see Kishan. Kishan says which wife does not let her husband touch her. Agni says it is her and Sameer’s problem, no one of his business and walks away. He thinks he will bring out truth in front of whole family.Vaishali in kitchen tells Yashi that she will never accept Agni as her bahu. Agni walks into kitchen. Vaishali yells at her. Sameer walks in and confronts her. After sometime, KD gathers family and says they have to accept Sameer and Agni’s relationship. Sameer says they should and asks Agni and Sameer to perform aarti together. They do hesitantly. Kishan asks Sameer to put mangalsutra in Agni’s neck. Agni stands tensed.

Kishan asks Sameer to apply sindhoor on Agni’s forehead and fix mangalsutra in her neck. Sameer extends his hand to apply sindoor when Sakshi acts as feeling drowsy and falling down diverting family’s attention. Agni hurriedly wears mangalsutra. Sakshi says she is fine now and got drowsy thinking of family tension. Kishan thinks he will expose truth at any cost and gives juice to Sameer. Sameer happily drinks it and collapses. Kishan also drinks it and even he collapses. Agni returns and is shocked to see Sameer and Kishan unconscious on floor. Sakshi also enters and says she spoke to her doctor friend who told antidote injection’s name, she will bring it. She returns with only 1 injection and says they can save either Kishan or Sameer. Agni walks to Sameer and injects him. Kishan wakes up and says he is fine, he gave mild sleeping pill to Sameer and was testing Agni if she loves him or not, he realized she loves Sameer now. Once he leaves, Sakshi asks why did she do this. Agni says she knows howmuch Sakshi loves Kishan and reminds her of Kishan’s electrocution incident where worried Sakshi expresses her love for him and gives him CPR, etc.

Agni and Sakshi go to Revathi’s room and see her get out of coma. Revathi reveals how Sanjay tried to kill Kishan repeatedly and kidnapped her when she tried to stop him and rest of the incident. Sanjay returns home and sees family looking at him angrily. He asks what happened.

Agni and Sakshi show Revathi. Sameer confronts Sanjay and asks why did he try to kill my brother for property, he tried to kill Kishan in childhood and blamed me, I am ashamed to be your son. He apologizes his mother for misbehaving with her and reconciles with her and whole family and says he will leave this house now as repentance. Sanjay apologizes Revathi and pleads KD to forgive him. She asks him to get out. Kishan requests KD to forgive Sanjay chachu as he forgave him and convinces her. He reconciles with Sameer and requests him not to leave family. Sameer says he has to as repentance to correct his father’s mistake.

Sakshi walks to Agni and says now that everything is sorted out and she got her daadi back, she should leave from here now. Agni gets tensed. Sakshi smiles and says she should go behind Sameer as she loves him now and reminds all the incidents. Agni walks to Sameer and showing gun says he knew 3 lives will be spoilt, so he did not let her marry Kishan, he is good hearted, so she wants to be his real life. Sameer is surprised hearing that and asks if she proposed him. She smilingly says yes and expresses her love for him. Sameer gets happy. Sakshi on the other side says Kishan she loves him and proposes to marry him. He also realizes his love for her and agrees to marry her. Both jodis unite and decide to marry.

The end.

These Streets replaces ring of fire in zee world



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