Broken bonds update Thursday 23 March 2023

Broken bond 23 March 2023: Kuldeep drinks and recalls Shubhra with Harsh. The waiter says sir please, the bar is closed. Harsh comes there and says sorry you’re late. Kuldeep grasps his collar and realizes it’s the waiter. Kuldeep sees him everywhere.

Scene 2
Shubhra says to Harsh thank you for coming to our celebration. He says no thank you in friendship. She says I have seen the film as well but we aren’t friends. He says we aren’t enemies either. Thank you for letting me come. I thought you would have a bouncer. Felt happy to see you happy and be a part of your celebration and meet your family. Shubhra says I am glad. Shubhrasays will you raise a bill as a session for this party? He says after meeting your dad, I don’t wanna get beaten by him.

People don’t see what they have instead of what they don’t. You’re very lucky. You have amazing parents, kids like roses. What’s missing in your life? Shubhra says I didn’t know your family.. He says jumping to conclusions? We celebrated my parent’s 40th anniversary. Shubhra says I am sorry. He says no sorry. Rishi and Roli are very different but I see you in both of them.Shubrha says you become friends with the kids so easily. He says adults hide and lie, kids don’t. Shubhra says when are you introducing your kids? OR have you not planned a family yet? He says I have to plan a wedding before family. Shubhr says you’re still unmarried why? He says a wedding isn’t a ritual for me.

It’s a lifelong commitment for me. After lots of marriage counseling, I have figured that you should think before getting into marriage not being hasty. Shubhra says you’re right. A little bit of hurry ruins so many lives, so many days and nights. I have had nights like these hardly in the last few years. Where I have smiled without any strain. He says by strain do you mean your husband? He says relationships are supposed to be a bond, not a strain. If a relationship becomes a strain you should learn to live without it. Yoú are mastering that art so well. Shubhra smiles.

Scene 3
Kuldeep hits the pillars and says Shubhra you are a cheater. You called me a cheater but you are a cheater. You are wearing mangalsutra and sindur of my name and have someone else in your heart? He knicks at a door and says answer me. A woman opens. He says sorry. He says please call Shubhra. She says there’s no Shubhra here, get lost. Kuldeep says open the door. The manager comes there and says sir we will call the police if you disturb our guests. Harsh looks at the and says how can educated people to behave and drink irresponsibly like this? They don’t care about their families.Alcoholics are a burden on their familuies. Shubhra is silent. He says their kids struggle because of them. Shubhra nods.

Scene 4
Everyone is at the breakfast table. Rishi says I will go with Harsh for football practice. Shubhra says he must be busy. Rishi says he shares everything with me. He will come, we planned it. Shubhra says eat first. He says I want french toast. Rishi goes to get it. Narain says Harsh lightened up the party. Madhura says really. Naraina ays the kids are so happy. Chandrani says everyone is appreciating Harsh. Who is he? Rishi said he’s your friend. Shubhra says it’s a long story Biji. Harsh is Rishi’s doctor and therapist. I didn’t tell him that. We told him we are friends. I just met him during the treatment. Chandrani says you did right. Chandrani gets happy. She says I will tell Kuldeep Harsh is a doctor.

He thinks something else. He will know and will be all okay. But it makes me happy. He’s jealous, which means Shubhra is still in his heart. She leaves.Kuldeep comes to the table. He says good morning Gokles. They are shocked. Kuldeep says good morning Mrs. Chadha. Shubhra says you here? He says why? Was this chair for someone else? He says Gokle sahab you planned such a huge party for your daughter’s success yesterday and didn’t invite me? Not fair. You all enjoyed so much, especially you Shubhra. With your new friend, is he friend only or is he more than that? Playing in the arms. Shubhra smiles. He says wow you’re smiling. Should I congratulate you for your success or for having a new partner in life? Shubhra says you can do whatever you want.

Whi can stop you. Gokle says stay away from my daugther and my family. Get out of here. Kuldeep sits there and says why should I go? Your daughter found my replacement? My kids are playing papa papa with him and your daughter planned it. And I should get out? wow. I heard about your standards, not double standards. He says if you say a word against my daughter I will cut your tongue. Kuldeep says calm down. Your sugar and BP will shoot. What I did was wrong? Your daughter is doing the same and it’s correct. How is that fair? He says it’s not your worth to understand my daughter. Madhura says calm down. Shubhra says baba sit, please. You celebrated my new life yesterday.

So let me fight for my new life myself. Don’t say anything to him. He’s not worth it.Kuldeep says I am not worth it? Then why are you wearing this mangalsutra of my name? Why is your family so happy for having a new man in your life? I stepped ahead with a woman for two steps and I was abused and she can fall in arms, she’s celebrated? Madhura says enough. You’re still our SIL unfortunately but you can’t insult our daughter like this. She is your wife but our daughter and mother to our grandkids. Kuldeep says Shubhra’s aai. You’re right. The kids you are talking about are mine. I am their father. How can a father see his wife in another man’s arms? My blood would boil seeing their photographs being taken with another man. Before my kids start calling another man their father I have to question my wife.

Chandrani comes there. Shubhra says you want an answer right? He says of course. Shubhra says I won’t answer you for any question ever. Do you whatever you want. You want to know the reason why? Because you don’t deserve to question me. Get out of here before I call the security. You can do whatever you want. Keep this filth in your mind and life, not in my life. There was a time when I cared what you think of me. But now, understand once and for all I don’t care what you think. She leaves. Rishi looks at Kuldeep in anger.

Scene 5
Rishi runs out in anger. He cries. Harsh sees Rishi. He comes to Rishi. Harsh says my friend is crying. Let me ask the RIshi in my heart. He’s saying he doesn’t want to play football. Rishi sobs. He says I am sorry Harsh. I don’t want to play football. Harsh says it’s okay. There’s no such rule. What do you want to do? Rishi cries loudly. Harsh says want to cry? There is no such rule that you can’t cry if you’re hurt. Rishi says yes I want to cry and shout. Harsh says you can cry on your friend’s shoulder. Cry, do whatever your heart says. Rishi hugs Harsh and cries. Harsh says what made you cry? Rishi says why does papa come? Why does he annoy us? He hurts aai a lot. I hate everyone who hurts aai. I won’t let papa hurt my aai. Harsh says I am your friend, so I promise you, we will both protect your aai. Will not let anyone hurt her. I promise.

Shubhra says I can’t cry or look back. Kuldeep stops Shubhra and says who are you running from? Me or your truth. I am your husband I have the right to question you. Shubhra says what husband? I retired you from that post logn ago. He says why are you wearing this mangalsutra then? Shubhra says or the kids. So they don’t feel they don’t have a dad. Once they realize their father doesn’t deserve to call a dad, I will throw it away. I won’t need it. Got your answer? Where was that husband when you ran away with that other woman and we were all alone? When there was silence in my house, who was having fun in the bed? When I was walking on the coals, who was sleeping on the money bed? You, Kuldeep, you. He says thank you for counting my mistakes.

Keep counting them. He says at least I accept my mistakes. You aren’t even accepting your mistakes nor have any regrets Ms. Shubhra Gokle. Harsh sees them fighting from the balcony. He recalls what Harsh said.Kuldeep says your parents judge me and call me characterless. Why not your then? who are you then? If I don’t have a right to be a husband or father? How do you have the right to be a wife and mother now? Shubhra says shut up. Harsh comes downstairs in anger. Shubhra says just shut up. Don’t say a word against my parents and kids. I am not the old Shubhra who would keep listening to your crap. That Shubhra is dead and this Shubhra won’t even answer. Go and clean the filth in your mind and then talk to me. Get lost.

He says why should I get lost? He grasps her hand and says answer me first what’s your relationship with that man? Shubhra shouts leave my hands. All people look at them. Kuldeep says tell me since when is this hppenign. Tell me. Shubhra says leave my hand. Harsh comes there and says didn’t you hear? She said lea the hand. Kuldeep is shocked to see him.Kuldeep says oh my friend. I am so happy to see you. The one you came here to save, let me introduce her. She is Mrs. Shubhra Kuldeep Chadha and I am Kuldeep Chadha. I am such a cruel husband, she would need someone to wipe her tears. Did you bring the napkin or should I give you one? But my wife isn’t even crying.

Why do you meet in secret? Meeting every day? even now you were hidden and came out? You have in-depth knowledge about relationships. Now I know why. she won’t tell so you tell me what’s going on between you two? Harsh says do you even hear yourself? Kuldeep says enough with your drama. You only got my wife to date? Tell me. She was in your arms. Kuldeep grasps Shubhra and says like this you were having her in your arms, in front of my kids.

Harsh says you are crossing your limit. Kuldeep says be honest and tell me since when is this happening? Harsh says stop it. I am just a doctor. Kuldeep and says she’s your patient? Harsh says no I am only treating Rishi. Kuldeep says wow, amazing. You both involved my son as well in your love story? Wow, Shubhra. You found a young dynamic and rich doctor. Harsh says you should think before you speak. You are talking about our wife. Kuldeep says yes exaxtky. I am talking about my wife. She’s still my wife. Harsh says and you are hurting her. Shubhra says one minute Harsh. You don’t have to give any clarification. You don’t have to explain anything. I won’t give you any clarification and won’t let anyone give it on my behalf. You can think whatever you want. Kuldeep says oh God. Is this a bad dream? She washes his face. Kuldeep says shit, this is real. Don’t give clarification. Just answer one question. Do you two have an affair? Just one word. Shubhra says no one word, no thousand words. I won’t answer any of your questions because you don’t have the right to question me. I am not the old Shubhra who used to answer your questions.

Kuldeep says wow. Now I realize why you and your family wanted me to go from here. So your affair isn’t exposed to me. We stayed together for 12 years. I couldn’t imagine you can play such games. Shubhra says shut up Kuldeep. He says tell me what’s going on. Shubhra says just shut up. Stop talking about 12 years. Let’s do the calculation for 12 years, shall we? Before accusing me why don’t you question yourself how did you treat this marriage? Who left the house for Samaira? Me or you? Do you really think you can accuse me in front of everyone and shame me? You should be ashamed to even stand in front of me. Mr. Kuldeep, you want an answer? You don’t deserve it. Kuldeep says you are my wife. Shubhra says I WAS. It’s the only relation on paper for the kids.

Now I don’t care what you do or how many affairs you have. My mind and heart are neutral about it. Kuldeep says done? I had an affair with Samaira and you had one with him so it’s equal now? Shubhra says I don’t care what you think.Kuldeep laughs. He says people, see this is my wife. She has an affair and she doesn’t care. what should I do? Shubhra says yes call everyone. Let’s have a court there and do all the drama today and end this for one. Do you even know what marriage even means? It’s been 12 years and you don’t even know what marriage is. Go and educate yourself. What’s love and honesty. You don’t know. You are nill. Shubhra says the drama is over. Everyone can go now. Shubhra says you also go Mr. Chadha. It’s over. Kuldeep looks at Harsh and leaves.

Scene 2
Shubhra sits there on a bench. Harsh brings her water. Shubhra says I am really sorry. He says why? Shubhra says because of me you had to listen too much. My past.. Harsh says don’t say anything. Whatever happened didn’t have any of your faults. Shubhra says you are always there for Rishi. For the same kindness you had to hear so much. I am sorry on Kuldeep’s behalf. Please don’t away from Rishi. It isn’t this fault. Rishi loves his father. For him, his father was a superhero. Whatever happened today, please don’t tell Rishi. Harsh says we don’t judge anyone. You can trust me. And the man who was insulting you, don’t say sorry on his behalf to anyone. He doesn’t deserve it.And I know you don’t want support, I only want to stand with you. Whenever you ned me, I will be there. Please let me know.

Scene 3
Kuldeep comes angry to his room. He takes medicine. Chandrani looks at him in anger. Chandrani says my head also hurts. Can a medicine fix it when you’re the reason? I told you not to go. I try to fix the relations and you shatter them. Kuldeep says me? Are you with your DIL or son? She is always right? Do everything openly not secretly like this? Chandrani throws water on his face and says shut up. Lock your mouth. How can you even think that way about Shubhra? She leas in anger. He says she can do whatever she wants? no one sees things from my place. I am being sent away from my kids and wife. Should I just see? Shubhra can’t give my place to anyone else. He breaks his glass in anger.

Scene 4
Rishi throws pots in anger. Madhura says to Narian you should also. Or should I bring bigger ones for you? Narai says I don’t understand what would that do? Madhura says this is Rishi’s treatment. Harsh has asked him to bring out the deep-rooted anger. Narian says wow. Harsh is a magician. Looking at Rishi, it feels like he is relaxed. Madhura says his father took away his childhood. Narain says I never wanted Shubhra to marry that useless man. I wish we could stop our daughter at that time. Kuldeep and his fake love ruined Shubhra and her kids’ life. Madhura says I am happy Kuldeep is exposed. Shubhra will be done with the pressure of this marriage.

Chandrani says are you a 4-year-old kid or a 34-year-old man? You do the drama all the time. What do you know about the man? He is Rishi’s doctor. He’s treating Rishi for what you have done to him. He’s treating Rishi. Kuldeep says I did that right, what treatment is he doing then? Chandrani says he is a therapist. He plays with the kids. Kuldeep says with their mother too? He’s a doctor right? Why doesn’t he stay in the clinic? Why is the partying with everyone here? I won’t believe any of this. I can’t see Shubhra with anyone else. Chandarni says you see what you are in the rest of the world. You had a good wife and kids, you ran away with that witch. You are now lightening the burden of your sins by blaming the same on Shubhra? Don’t you see the improvement in Rishi?

Narain says there is an improvement in Rishi’s behavior. If Harsh continues with his therapy, Rishi will be perfect soon. Madhura says the man who wins the hearts of other people’s kids, how good would he be to his? Narain says not just kids. He wins the hearts of adults too. Madhura says the girl who marries him would be very lucky. Narain is about to say something but stops. Madhura says are you thinking what I am thinking? He smiles.



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