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Broken Bonds 2 February 2023: Kuldeep says enough, you will leave from here tomorrow with kids. If you don’t you won’t be my responsibility. I won’t be responsible for anything that happens to you.

Shubhra says you couldn’t bend me today because a mother was standing in front of you and so would she tomorrow. Shubhra sees Rishi making Roli sleep. She hugs both her kids. Roli says papa is very upset? Shubhra says I told him Roli is sorry and she won’t do this again. You are his princess. Always tell me before doing something like this again. Roli says promise. Shubhra says I promise Roli she will get what she did all this for.

Kuldeep thinks about what Roli said. Samaira says I love you. You proved you love me. I am very happy. I know this is stressful. But we are made for each other. That marriage was a mistake and Shubhra has realized that too. And that you only love me. Forget everything. I will keep you very happy. You didn’t see the true colors of life. I will give you everything. Success, romance, love, dreams, ambitions. Look into my eyes and forget everything. She kisses him. Phirki comes. Samaira says what? Kuldeep goes to the room.

Shubhra imagines Chandrani. She says came finally. She puts her head on her shoulder. Shubhra says aai and I always used to be scared of papa. I could never take a stand. My aai couldn’t give me the courage to do all this. You did, you gave birth to a new Shubhra. She says a son like Kuldeep embarrassed me and a daughter like you made me proud. Shubhra says I fought today and it hurts.

He said he doesn’t need me. It feels like I have no self-respect left. Chandrani says what did Kuldeep say when he proposed to you? Did you say yes the first time? She says no. Chandrani says then why did you believe this the first time? he will always need you. Keep fighting. You will win.

Phirki says didi you consider me family but I can’t do this anymore. I am a maid here but don’t I have any respect here? That Shubhra keeps reminding me I am the maid here. She bosses me around. All workers think she is the owner of this house because she plans to kick you out of this house as well. Samaira says she is a dumb stupid housewife. She can’t even be my maid. I will teach her a lesson. You will be in your room when we do breakfast tomorrow. I have a game to play.

Scene 2
Kuldeep looks at the old photos. Samaira says brave people are the ones who move ahead. I am glad you know that already and don’t need to keep her memories. She says we must celebrate. I will take you on a lavish date. You always needed a woman who can let you fly in the wide sky. Kuldeep throws away Shubhra’s picture. He looks at the kid’s photo and recalls his moments with them. Samaira says they are a part of you. Don’t be mad at Roli. I want kids to consider you their role model. She says come on baby. In office I am your boss but here, you control my heart.

Scene 1
The inspector tells Shubhra to not act like a detective. Shubhra says it’s your duty to solve the case and do justice. If you think my baba died naturally then prove it. I will accept it. The inspector says you will tell me what to do? This is not the case for me. Shubhra says I will leave only when I know for sure that my baba was not killed. I am not asking you to prove that murder but just prove that a murder didn’t happen. I am requesting you. He says fine, I will talk to your mother and Vithal. Shubhra thanks him and leaves.

Rishi is sadly sitting in his house. Madhura asks where is Roli? He says she went to play. Madhura says come and eat something. She makes him eat with her hands. Rishi says Narayan used to cook the best food. Why did Sam do this with him? Madhura says only one person can answer that.

Your father brought Sam into our lives so only he can answer why Sam killed Narayan. Rishi shouts that Sam killed Narayan so why do you keep blaming my father? Madhura says because that’s the truth. Rishi says he did a mistake but he has changed, he is no longer friends with Sam. Why do you keep blaming him when he is repenting of his mistake? Madhura says but your father keeps doing the same mistake. Rishi says my papa loves his family now, papa didn’t do any mistake, he is very nice. He leaves from there.


Shubhra meets Harsh. Harsh asks her to not be stressed. You can talk to me. Shubhra says you are a friend so I want to tell you that I feel helpless, I don’t find a path now. Harsh says sometimes it’s better to wait and look for an opportunity. Shubhra says I can’t sit silently. Harsh says then try to shake the tree and you might find a fruit. At least you would feel that you are trying. Shubhra says thank you, I know what I have to do now. I don’t know what I would do without you. She leaves. Harsh sadly smiles and says what I would do without you Shubhra, I can’t be with you but I can take your side. I know you love Kuldeep but my heart.. I can’t stop it. You and Kuldeep love each other, you both want to stay together but Sam’s mind is twisted, she won’t remain silent. I have to shake the tree also.

Kuldeep and Sam are sitting together. Kuldeep says I am bored without Shubhra here. Sam says don’t try to act like a bad boy, you can’t be manipulative like me. Let’s see who you are and who Sam is. You are stupid and I am smart so don’t let the balance shift between us. Kuldeep says I am becoming like you because of our love. Sam says let’s play truth and dare. Kuldeep says let the game begin. Shubhra comes there and says Sam can never tell a truth. She asks Sam if she has the guts to play truth and dare? Sam says it will be fun now that you are here. I choose truth. The truth is that you might love Kuldeep but he is with me. She tells Shubhra that her dare is to try and take Kuldeep away from her.

Shubhra says I and Kuldeep can’t live without each other so why can’t you leave us alone? Sam says you think I am blindly in love with Kuldeep like you? This Kuldeep left you first for me and then he left me for you. A person would be fool enough to love him. Just accept the dare that your husband will be with me. Don’t waste your life. Shubhra says not my whole life as your remaining life will be in jail for killing my father. Sam angrily throws a bottle near her but Kuldeep covers Shubhra protectively. Sam says you think you can send me to jail so you can be with Kuldeep? Don’t make me angry as if I have to be jailed then why not kill more people before I go away? She leaves from there. Shubhra looks on.

Rishi is exercising. Roli asks him to not make a body but be smarter. Rishi says papa has muscles and is smart also. Madhura says you want to become like your father? I thought you would become like your mother because your father is not a nice man, he destroyed your Ayi and both of your lives. Rishi says don’t say anything about my father, you don’t live with him so you don’t know him. You don’t even live with our Ayi. Don’t say a word for my father. Madhura angrily slaps him. Rishi angrily pushes her away. Roli rushes to Madhura and says I will get him scolded by Ayi. Madhura looks on.

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